Fuqi, many enterprises, mountain and sea cooperation, great love and donation to poor students

 Fuqi, many enterprises, mountain and sea cooperation, great love and donation to poor students

As one of the new batch of green messengers, fuqiduo enterprises across time and space, echoing the call of love and transmitting the power of love to the mountains of Lishui. As a caring enterprise located in Jiaxing, where the red boat set sail, fuqiduo always remembers to fulfill its social responsibilities. Fuqiduo has its inherent contribution factor. It participated in this love study program for the first time, and jointly with Fuqi duohaining team, it funded the tuition fees of three excellent poor students for four years, and sent them sincere love and help. They are Chen Chu, Zou Lifang and ye Zifen, who were respectively admitted by Zhejiang University of technology, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology and Wenzhou Medical College.

Back in August, when Qu Yazhi, the general manager of fuqiduo enterprise, learned the inspirational stories and hard family background of many excellent poor students through the reporter of Nanhu evening news, she was worried about the childrens situation. Fuqiduo enterprise, which has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, contacted the staff of the evening news and hoped that she could have the opportunity to participate in subsidizing students this year As a member of the green Herald, I can feel the sunshine of life for these positive and positive children all the time.

Fuqiduo enterprises, Fuqi duohaining team and the caring enterprises and individuals of the same industry embarked on this love journey full of love and care from Jiaxing. On the morning after arriving in Songyang, they met the excellent students they funded. The students who were about to start a new journey also got strong support in the march out ceremony of their new life journey, and had strong backing from afar. The tacit understanding of the first time was born. The three students funded by fuqiduo enterprise and Haining team came from the same class of Songyang No.1 middle school. Although for various reasons, their families had different degrees of economic restrictions, which made them encounter some resistance on their way to school, but fuqiduos love helped them successfully realize their dream of studying and would also change their fate

We are lucky to come to Lishui together with Jiahe green action of Nanhu evening news. We hope that we can do our best to help the diligent students in Lishui area, support the diligent and progressive children, encourage them, never forget their original intention, do not forget their origin, do not forget the feelings of home and country, return to school as soon as possible, and make due contributions to the prosperity and development of the motherland. Qu Yazhi, the general manager of fuqiduo enterprise, who led the team to participate in the love study activity, said at the pairing ceremony that for such charity public welfare undertakings, not only fuqiduo enterprises are doing it, but also more enterprises and caring people in the society will help our poor students with love and trickle down to solve their practical difficulties on the way to study.

Since 2020, fuqiduo enterprises have a new love title green messenger. Under their care and protection, poor students have a harbor of love. This is a journey of love, and also a journey of caring for students learning path. Through the bond of love, benefiting from the support of caring enterprises and individuals, the story of two cities of mountain sea cooperation is written

Fuqi multi products can have their own place in the industry, relying on the core technology and product services of the brand itself. Mr. Qu also said that it is also the mission of Fuqi to repay the society and make more contributions to social welfare. If you benefit a little, you can take out some. It doesnt matter how much money an enterprise makes. Its important to send positive energy to the society. Mr. Qu not only does public welfare by herself, but also leads employees and agents to do public welfare together. She thinks this is also a manifestation of cohesion and the transmission of love. Yu Haitao, the principal of fuqiduo Haining dealer, also participated in the funding activity. As a dealer of fuqiduo for eight years, he has been influenced and influenced by the public welfare culture of the corporate headquarters. He actively participates in various forms of public welfare activities, undertakes social responsibility and dedication obligations, and participates in Jiahe green shade activities, so as to make students more confident and better team employees Purify the soul, so that the team has a better growth. In recent years, fuqiduo enterprises and its agencies have launched thousands of public welfare activities all over the country, and thousands of volunteers have participated in them. Every year, they spend hundreds of thousands of money on public welfare

If an enterprise wants to develop in the long run, it is necessary to undertake social responsibility, and to offer love is the mission of fuqiduo enterprises. Qu always keeps this in mind. Public welfare is not done because it has meaning, but because you have done it, it has become meaningful. Excellent enterprises not only perform well in the market, but also fulfill their social responsibilities. A strong sense of social responsibility can enhance the influence of enterprises. Since he was determined to be a century old enterprise and a century old product, Mr. Qu told every employee of the enterprise to have a heart of gratitude and make products with love. She said so and set an example

Since the formal establishment of many Fuqi enterprises, they have sent sympathy to various disaster areas. After the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Fuqi organized the earthquake relief team to go to the front line of the disaster area as soon as possible to give relief materials. In 2014, the love school funded by Fuqi duo was completed in Xiuyan. From multimedia classrooms to computer audio, every employee of fuqiduo has given his love to the school. Since the completion of the school, fuqiduo enterprises and agents across the country have spontaneously launched the love fund every year, and have extended a hand of friendship to the whole society by means of special funds. In 2017, the company again organized employees and dealers across the country to jointly donate money to build Taozhuang Fuqi multi caring nursing home. Over the years, the armed police officers and families, help the poor groups in society, carry out large-scale public welfare activities to lighten the future and subsidize poor students, etc. the great love of fortune has extended to every corner