Guo Xuefu and sun Qijun were photographed overnight and insisted on communication despite the opposition of friends

 Guo Xuefu and sun Qijun were photographed overnight and insisted on communication despite the opposition of friends

At about 5:00 p.m. on August 16, Guo Xuefus old car appeared near the breeze square on Fuxing South Road in Taipei. Moreover, the car has a long history with her, which also shows her cherishing things and nostalgia for the past. I didnt expect that the more terrifying thing was in the back. At 7:00 p.m., a man came down from Guo Xuefus car. He was Sun Qijun, who was in service. So patient and not afraid of boredom, he even waited in the car for nearly 2 hours. His infatuation was quite puzzling: it was clear that sun Qijun was on holiday, but he was not sure of the precious time he spent with his girlfriend. His behavior was full of mystery.

Guo Xuefu

Sun Qijun entered the breeze square, swayed for a while, then came out at 8:00 p.m. and sat in the car again. After a while, Guo Xuefu also appeared and got on the bus, and the couple all the way back to Guo Xuefus new home on Minquan East Road. It can be seen that sun Qijun is just a good driver when Guo Xuefu goes shopping, and his service spirit is very full; moreover, sun Qijun finally runs to stay at Guo Xuefus house, just like he who was photographed with Guos gate card last year, they have a stable overnight relationship.

In addition, reliable information points out that Guo Xuefus friends dont like sun Qijun very much. They think that when boys fall in love, they dont seem to have much work in mind, which will indirectly affect the market of girls in the industry. According to the profile inquiry, Guo Xuefu suffered heavy losses after their love affair was exposed. Because sun Qijun failed to deal with the previous relationship, she was reduced to a junior three. Some activities and endorsements who came to visit her also gave her a heartless retreat. Now, Im sorry for the we cant be friends crew, because the heroine secretly put on a supporting role instead of a supporting actor Its the hero.

It is reported that on January 29, 2019, Taiwan media revealed that artists Guo Xuefu and sun Qijun acted as lovers in the TV drama we cant be friends. After they were killed, they were exposed to be fake and real, and their suspected love affair was exposed. In this regard, some media verified Guo Xuefus agent, and the other party responded: there is no dragon at all. We are just friends.

On September 4 of the same year, Guo Xuefu and sun Qijun were photographed to dress up and go shopping in the supermarket. Both of them dressed up at home and deliberately went back and forth. However, when they met the goods they liked, they would still talk to each other.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395