Yi Jianlian went to the United States in the face of the epidemic, and the gap between China and the United States in rehabilitation treatment is so big?

 Yi Jianlian went to the United States in the face of the epidemic, and the gap between China and the United States in rehabilitation treatment is so big?

Orthopedics in China and the United States are comparable, and the real gap lies in rehabilitation treatment

This sentence is right and wrong. After Yi Jianlian was injured, it was the first time to complete the operation in China, and achieved success. Because the operation of Achilles tendon rupture is a very routine project, which can be completed by a resident doctor in the emergency department, it is not complicated. This is the same reason that there is little difference between China and the United States in the effect of appendectomy.

Schematic diagram of Achilles tendon rupture (photo from Internet)

Simulated surgical treatment (picture from Internet)

Three points of surgery, seven points of recovery, if you really want to return to the court, a successful operation is only the first step in the long march. After the surgery, there is also a need for a complete rehabilitation system to really help him return to the field. This is exactly where there is a huge gap between China and the United States.

Comparison of existing sports rehabilitation systems between China and the United States: traditional doctor PK modern rehabilitation team

The gap of rehabilitation treatment in China lies in the difference of practitioners identity. Most of the team doctors in China come from hospitals, and many of them are doctors. When considering rehabilitation treatment, we often look for pathological etiology as the breakthrough point. The treatment methods include physical therapy, anti-inflammatory, acupuncture and moxibustion for pain relief. The purpose is to treat from the etiology.

American rehabilitation system: Modern team scientific collaboration (photo from Internet)

In contrast, the existing sports rehabilitation system in the United States includes not only doctors (mainly orthopedics doctors, supplemented by dentists, neurologists, and physicians), but also a whole team of rehabilitators, sports injury protectors, and professional physical fitness coaches.

After the completion of the surgery and the assessment of dysfunction by the rehabilitator, the sports injury protection specialist will start the follow-up rehabilitation training based on functional training to help the patients recover their former athletic ability.

Rehabilitation treatment


The consensus in the field of rehabilitation treatment in the United States holds that physical dysfunction mainly includes limited range of motion of joints, insufficient muscle strength and coordinated control of movement. These ideas make their main work of exercise rehabilitation focus on the assessment and treatment of related dysfunction. In other words: Chinese doctors focus on treatment, while American teams focus on recovery.

Rehabilitation program. The picture comes from the Internet

In the United States, sports medicine doctors work in hospitals and clinics, while rehabilitation professionals usually have their own rehabilitation clinics or centers. In order to recover, the players need to travel back and forth between the two places. The sports injury protection division will accompany them to the hospitals and rehabilitation centers to stick, massage, pull and help warm-up activities and rehabilitation training for the players at any time. In the middle and late stage, the physical fitness coach will intervene to let the players find the rhythm of the game.

Successful examples of rehabilitation in the United States

If we just look at textbooks, we may not really realize the gap. Or to combine with specific cases, in order to make people convinced.

In the 2016-17 season, Ding yanyuhang was nicknamed Ding foreign aid by fans. But in the CBA semi-final and Guangxia snatch seven decisive battle, with injury play closed field, let Ding Yanyu airlines in the following two years suffered from injury problems. In China, intermittent treatment effect has been poor, right knee due to long-term accumulation of chronic patellar tendinitis, which led to the talent of Xiaoding finally missed the NBA.

Ding Yanyus undoubted talent: trapped in injury

In Chinas sports field, there are too many stories about hurting Zhongyong in basketball or football. Zhang Xiaorui is a famous example.

Once famous as a teenager, Jianlibao, who studied in Brazil, is generally recognized as the best player with the best skills. Zhang Xiaoruis ball style is elegant and his dribbling skills are gorgeous. He often has imaginative passing and passing. Even Brazilians praise him as a Chinese player who can jump Samba. But because of the knee injury caused by the violent tackle of his teammates in training, Zhang Xiaorui has never been able to recover his former self. Because of the long-term water accumulation in his knees, he couldnt perform his steering movements when he passed. He retired at the age of 31.

Zhang Xiaorui, who can jump Samba

But more serious injuries, in the United States, there has been a miracle of recovery. On February 26, 2007, 22-year-old Sean Livingston suffered a lifelong pain: three of the four main ligaments on the knee were torn, including ACL, PCL and MCL. At the same time, the meniscus was also torn, and the patella and tibiofibular joint were dislocated!

A few days after the operation, Livingston entered the physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation mode. During the 5-year recovery period, he overcame multiple difficulties such as infection, scar tissue adhesion, obvious muscle atrophy and limited range of motion. In 2013, he returned to the court and won the NBA championship in 2014-15 season and 2016-17 season as a rotation player in Golden State Warriors (21 playoffs, 18 minutes per game).

From serious injury to winning the Championship: Livingston, a miracle maker (photo from the Internet)

Another convincing example is George. In the American team game in the summer of 2014, Paul George, in the process of chasing and blocking James Harden, hit the basket with his right leg when landing, and directly twisted and fell, resulting in open fracture of tibia and fibula. At the time, George was thought to take six to twelve weeks to recover from surgery, and six to ten weeks later to relearn his normal gait.

It is not easy to cultivate a talented athlete. In the pursuit of higher, faster and stronger Road, injury is inevitable. Modern scientific rehabilitation treatment system is exerting more and more influence on sports. The right way is: injury is not terrible, fear is small injury into big injury. We also hope that Yi Jianlian can recover his health and return to the game as soon as possible through his rehabilitation treatment in the United States.

Yi Jianlian goes to the United States for treatment under the epidemic situation