Is she the most beautiful sister in the past ten years? Netizen: all the beauties in Hong Kong have been selected

 Is she the most beautiful sister in the past ten years? Netizen: all the beauties in Hong Kong have been selected

Before the competition, Miss friendship and Miss photogenic had been selected by the beauties in advance, namely Kuang meixuan No. 5 and Xie Jiayi No. 8. Xie Jiayi also became the double winner of the draft because she won the title at the same time.

The champion Xie Jiayi is not difficult to see from her appearance that she is a mixed race. Her father is from Hong Kong, China, her mother is from Scotland, and her occupation is a nurse.

After watching this years draft, many netizens think that this is the most beautiful one in recent years.

Second runner up Guo Boyan, champion Xie Jiayi and runner up Chen Zhenyi

However, on the wane draft of the Hong Kong elder sisters draft, there have been many changes in recent years. Even some netizens have been tucking up the generation to generation. Lets make complaints about the recent ten years of the Hong Kong sister championship. Which do you think is better?

2010 Champion: Chen Tingxin

At that time, 22-year-old Chen Tingxin was a big black horse player at that time, and defeated Zhang Xiuwen, another No.15 player who was known as a replica of Wang Zuxian and won the championship.

2011 Champion: Zhu Chenli

In 2011, the champion Jiali came from mainland China. Chen Fala, who was known as a low match, was more changeable in style, sweet or cool, and her appearance was more recognized by everyone.

2012 Champion: Zhang Mingya

Champion in 2013: Chen Kailin

She is also the wife of Zheng Jiaying. She graduated from Simon Fraser University.

2014 Champion: Shao Peishi

2015 Champion: Mai Mingshi

He graduated from Newham college, Cambridge University, and played apostle 2.

2016 Champion: Feng yingying

Another term of Xueba was elected! Feng Yingying graduated from the University of Hong Kong and was also the school flower of the University at that time.

Lei Zhuanger, the champion of this year, was the most talked about one at that time.

Because of its obvious protrusion of the upper teeth, it was nicknamed bucktooth port sister by netizens at that time.

Champion in 2018: Chen Xiaohua

He graduated from the Department of nursing of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She had a perfect figure of 173cm and 49kg, which was called Xiao Zhang Zilin at that time.

Winner in 2019: Huang Jiawen

Huang Jiawen, known as a copy of Guo keying, not only won the Hong Kong sister Championship last year, but also won the most body beautiful beauty award, becoming the double champion of last year.

After watching so much, which Hong Kong sister do you remember the most?

Source: Netease fashion editor: CHEN Si_ NB12921