Practical responsibility in the bag industry: fashionable Commuter Bag

 Practical responsibility in the bag industry: fashionable Commuter Bag

Especially the combination of canvas and leather makes the style of bag more changeable, no longer rigidly fixed in casual or formal style.

Did you watch the hit thirty some time ago? Wang manis generous, natural and easy-to-use wear and pieces is the best reference template for student party and office workers.

Among all the pieces, the most unforgettable thing for me is her several canvas bags, which can be easily changed from elegant to casual.

If you choose a good canvas bag, you will not be cheap, but you can also recite your own unique temperament. Today, Xiao Yi is transformed into a walking grass planting machine to give you a good look at how to choose canvas bags for commuting.

Unique large handbag

Fashion and practicality coexist

White and brown match classic atmosphere

Vintage Style

Bucket type canvas bag with lingering color

Its clean and refreshing

A kind of

The oversized bag has a full sense of presence

Canvas material with lightweight and fashionable attributes

The upper body is more dynamic than a bag made of pure leather

Style with suspenders

A kind of

The color matching of blue and black is mature and stylized

Perfect for commuting

A kind of

For you to recommend

Three kinds of canvas bags are worth starting this year

A kind of


The new design makes the bag more innovative, and this new bag adopts

The package is about 15470 yuan

Its about $5895 for a shirt

Both of them are Loewe / Loewe Japan service


There is an atmosphere of urbanization/

(left) this backpack with shoulder strap is about the size of A4 paper

It gives people a sense of proficiency

The package is about 7670 yuan

(right) black trim and front pocket are very stylish

The package is about 6825 yuan

All of them are jilsander / jilsander Japan


/Small and casual design

Eye catching fashion/

(left) smooth leather with full texture is suitable for working women.

The package is about 20605 yuan

(right) Wine Red Canvas Handbag gives a high-level impression.

The package is about 9750 yuan

Both are therow / therowjapa