Musk showed brain computer interface with pigs, and his military potential was immeasurable

 Musk showed brain computer interface with pigs, and his military potential was immeasurable

Brain computer interface technology has broad military prospect

Brain computer interface (BCI) technology is to build a direct interactive information path between human brain and external devices such as computers. According to research, the brain produces a voltage of 0.2 MV to 1 MV when thinking. This phenomenon is called EEG signal. There is a certain corresponding relationship between EEG signal and brain consciousness, and it shows the characteristics of regularity. Brain computer interface (BCI) is to collect EEG signals, analyze peoples intention, and finally convert peoples thinking activities to control external devices or external communication signals. Brain computer interface technology includes two modes: one-way transmission and two-way transmission. One way transmission only generates external control commands, while two-way transmission enables the brain to interact with external devices.

On the one hand, the military potential of this technology is immeasurable. It is reported that as early as the spring of 1998, Thomas, a famous information warfare expert of the US Department of defense, wrote an article entitled there is no firewall in the brain.. This paper makes a deep introspection on the 1997 joint military exercise of the US Army, and clearly points out that there are major hidden dangers in the information warfare of the US Army, that is, the hardware construction is sparing no effort and the facilities are complete, but the key factors of operating these facilities, namely, the attack and protection of human brain, consciousness and spirit, are ignored. It is precisely these soft things that leave a wide range of defenseless information attacks Vast space. Since then, western countries led by the United States have gradually carried out the research and application of brain computer technology in the military field. In 2009, a research report supported by the US Army clearly pointed out that the development of brain science, including brain computer interface technology, will provide a new cognition and direction for the traditional military field.

With the development of brain computer interface technology, brain controlled weapons will gradually appear.

From the present point of view, brain computer interface technology can be directly applied to the recovery of limb function of disabled soldiers. For example, at the 2014 Brazil football World Cup, a Brazilian youth with lower limb disability realized the first kick-off by controlling the mechanical exoskeleton with his own brain wave thanks to brain computer interface technology. In 2016, U.S. researchers used brain computer interface technology to make monkeys paralyzed by spinal injury start walking again. Whats more, analysts believe that it is possible to create semi mechanical super soldiers like those in science fiction movies in the future.

The maturity of BCI technology will be a revolutionary breakthrough for weapon equipment technology. At present, the weapon equipment is developing towards complexity, and the requirements for operators are also higher and higher. The multi interface, multi interface human-computer interaction, often make some operators in a hurry, in peacetime may appear operational errors, in wartime it is easy to cause extremely dangerous consequences. The application of brain computer control technology, to a large extent, can liberate the hands of the operator, make the operation of weapons and equipment easier, and even realize multiple operations at the same time, so as to achieve what you want, perception is decision-making, decision-making is attack, which greatly improves the fighting efficiency of equipment.

In fact, similar research has appeared. In 2012, the advanced research projects agency of the U.S. Department of defense carried out a scientific research program called Avatar, which aims to create a biological machine corps remotely controlled by the human brain as in the movie Avatar, so as to integrate the backstage human brain and the foreground machinery, so as to greatly improve the autonomy, adaptability and refinement of unmanned combat equipment Certainty. In March 2013, British researchers developed the first brain computer interface device for controlling the spacecraft simulator. After wearing it on the head, it can control the simulated flight of the spacecraft through the human mind. It is believed that brain controlled fighter, brain controlled armored vehicle and brain controlled gun will be realized in the future.

In terms of information transmission, ordinary soldiers can control the detectors and information terminals on the battlefield more conveniently through brain computer interface, so as to avoid delaying the fighter plane or causing danger due to missing important information. The commander can realize the seamless connection between himself and battlefield information system through brain computer interface, which can compress the command level and avoid mistakes in command information transmission.

At present, military UAV needs rear operation. After brain control technology matures, UAV may be controlled by brain.

The struggle for brain control power will become increasingly fierce

In the field of civil use, brain controlled prosthesis and brain controlled appliances can help many severely disabled people return to normal life. At the same time, brain computer interface technology can monitor the brain activity of children, so as to detect some psychological symptoms and even neurological diseases as soon as possible. Moreover, scientists can use brain computer interface to judge peoples movement intention, and apply electrical stimulation on corresponding muscles to help patients reconstruct neural information pathway between brain and target limb, so as to help stroke patients recover limb function.

The neuralink mentioned at the beginning of this paper was founded by musk et al. In 2016, its main research direction is brain computer interface, which aims to realize the interconnection between human brain and artificial intelligence software. In July 2019, neuralink announced for the first time a brain computer interface system developed by neuralink. In the report, the system uses a robot that looks like a sewing machine to implant ultra-fine flexible electrodes into the brain to monitor neuronal activity. The system consists of more than 3000 electrodes connected to flexible filaments thinner than hair.

Neuralink has also customized a microchip that can transmit data over a usb-c cable connection. The latest generation of neuralink devices on display are completely wireless, with inductive charging and a full day battery life, which can be directly connected to the wearers smartphone. The device is 23 mm in diameter and 8 mm in thickness, about the size of a coin, and has 1024 connections. Musk said the neuralink device, which can read brain activity without causing any lasting damage to the brain, could help solve many nervous system problems, such as memory loss, stroke and addiction.

However, the development of science is a double-edged sword. While brain computer interface technology benefits the people, it also exposes the cerebral cortex to radio waves, thus burying hidden worries. From the perspective of human rights, ideas are highly private and personal. Once brain computer interface technology is abused, it will greatly violate personal life and dignity. From the perspective of military struggle, the popularization of brain control is also facing the threat of being controlled by opponents. In future wars, both sides will not only carry out psychological warfare against human senses, but also implement more practical, more direct and more efficient cognitive confrontation against the brain, such as modifying memory, implanting ideas, disturbing thinking, manipulating emotions, paralyzing will, etc In the future, the fight for brain control power will become more intense and intuitive.

(the author is a researcher of Chahar Society)

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