Praised by Zhang Ziyi for her acting skills, baby modestly responds: I still need to work hard

 Praised by Zhang Ziyi for her acting skills, baby modestly responds: I still need to work hard

It is reported that on the afternoon of September 1, Zhang Ziyi commented on skyscrapers on her micro blog, praising the director of the drama for picking out all kinds of cruel and realistic issues, without penetrating the point, but repeatedly touching the eyes.. Zhang Ziyi believes that compared with the previous Chinese TV series, its narrative technique is unique and clear. Although it is a multi line statement, it is not messy. The story is fascinating, and at the same time, it is moving and thoughtful. And affirmed angelababys performance in skyscrapers: we can put aside our doubts about angelababys performance for the time being. Her sincere and natural performance of Meibao makes me feel full. Her devotion and presentation of this role are worthy of recognition.

For Zhang Ziyi, who used to walk on the international stage and was also the tutor of I am an actor, she can give baby such a high evaluation this time, which shows that her acting skills have improved a lot. Although many netizens jokingly said in the comment area whether Zhang Ziyi had been kidnapped, many netizens also said that babys acting was not embarrassing.

It is reported that the new drama skyscraper, starring angelababy, has been on the air recently. Although Zhong Meibao, played by baby, only appeared for less than 10 minutes and received a lunch box, several crying scenes have aroused heated discussion among netizens about her acting skills. In an interview with the media, Chen Xue, the original author of skyscraper, talked about the role of Zhong Meibao played by baby. She said, seeing Yang Yings performance, I dont think its against her. Her image really conforms to the appearance of Zhong Meibao in the novel. in fact, Zhong Meibao is a very complicated (character) in her inner world. She can interpret this role to such an extent that I think I am Its quite certain.

Zhang Ziyi praises angelababys acting skills_ NBJS11395

Zhang Ziyi praises angelababys acting skills