Netflix will produce the English TV series Santi with Liu Cixin as the production consultant

 Netflix will produce the English TV series Santi with Liu Cixin as the production consultant

First batch of core creators:

Core creators:

Screenwriter and producer

David Benioff & d.b.weiss and Alexander Woo (representative works: the game of power) and Alexander Woo (representative works: polar evil spirits and true love as?).

Production supervision

Ryan Johnson and ram Bergman (representative works: Star Wars VIII: the last Jedi warrior, blade out of sheath, and ring messenger) are good at making wonderful movies and always surprise fans.

production adviser

Liu Cixin, the author of the three body trilogy, is the first winner of the Hugo Award for best novel in Asia.

Liu Yukun, English translator of three body I and three body III - eternal life of death.

Comments from creative team:

Liu Cixin, author and production consultant of the original work:

I highly respect and trust the creative team of the English series of trisomy. I believe that they will bring a series of wonderful visual enjoyment to the fans of trisomy all over the world. What I want to tell is a story that transcends time, across national, cultural and ethnic boundaries, a story that forces us to think about the common destiny of mankind. As an author, I am honored to see this special science fiction work spread around the world and loved by many fans. Im also happy that new and old fans from all over the world will see this story on Netflix in the future

Producer Lin Qi:

The Youzu group and the three body universe have been committed to cooperating with creative talents and top artists who love the three bodies all over the world to carry out diversified content development and artistic exhibition of the three bodies, and build the three body universe . Eulogizing civilization with science and technology is a long-term mission of the yous, while the three body series written by Da Liu (the nickname of Liu Cixin by Chinese trisomy fans) may belong to the beautiful category of Ming. Netflix is a world-class creative and entertainment service company. It has continuously launched various wonderful films and TV festivals. We cant wait to embark on a new journey with Netflix and such an excellent creative team.

Screenwriter and producer David Benioff and d.b.weiss:

Liu Cixins trilogy is the largest science fiction series we have ever read. From our light blue dot to the far edge of the universe, the story takes readers on a journey from the 1960s to the end of time. We look forward to presenting this epic work to a global audience in the years to come.

Screenwriter and producer Ali Wu:

Its a great honor to be able to adapt one of the great masterpieces of Chinese science fiction. Three body trilogy combines many elements that I like: rich, multi-level? And real, life-related conflicts of interests, all of which are concentrated in a concise, sex telling apartment. Im very happy to join this great creative team and start working with Netflix.

Bernadette Caulfield:

After years of working closely with Benioff and Wes, Im very happy to join their company and start the next journey with them and with the Netflix team. We share the same vision and passion to bring the dynamic and magnificent works to the screen; the three bodies is unique and magnificent.

Peter Friedland, vice president of Netflixs original series Department:

David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Alexander woo, all of whom have experience in dealing with great works spanning time and space. Ryan Johnson and ram Bergman are good at making wonderful movies and always surprise their fans. These creators have long been fans of the original Peter Friedland said. As loyal fans of this book, we are honored to have the support of Liu Cixin, the author of the original trilogy of the three bodies. We all share a common goal: to pay tribute to this outstanding work and lead the audience on this unforgettable journey.

Attachment: memorabilia of three sports events in recent years

Since 2016, the three body stage play has started its national tour, with attendance rate of more than 90%; the stage play combines the cutting-edge technologies such as 3dmapping, screen imaging, virtual reality elements, UAV, etc., to create a unique visual experience. Won the 28th China science fiction Galaxy Award best adapted Literary Works Award, the national tour more than 100. So far, it has gained nearly 100 million yuan box office and market value.

In 2018, three body world outlook I: the age of the earth was completed. It first introduced the core of the world outlook and values of the original three body works, and systematically combed the core timeline in the book. At the same time, it makes some deduction on the future social and commercial forms under the original framework. The foundation of a sustained and unified world outlook and visual setting is established to ensure that the three body stories of different forms and periods can be related and verified with each other, so as to provide a collaborative basis for the subsequent content product development.

In May 2019, the three body art illustration collection was launched, bringing together nearly 100 outstanding painters paintings on the classic scenes of the three bodies, which has won the praise of numerous fans. So far, it has sold more than 30000 copies.

In June 2019, it announced the joint development of three body animation drama with station B. It took three years to build a top-level national science fiction animation giant, which is expected to be officially launched in 2021. So far, two PV announcements have been released, with more than 13 million playback and nearly 2 million chasing times.

In July 2019, the first three body theme science fiction essay competition was held. It took three months to collect nearly 3.2 million contributions from 23 provincial administrative regions in China, as well as overseas regions such as the United States and New Zealand. The authors of the competition are aged from 12 to 51. The winning works will be hatched by the three body universe joint reading group and young film and television animation creators from major universities. At present, the second solicitation is in the process of collection.

In December 2019, Santi radio drama, as the main product of Himalayan 123 Carnival, won the top 20 of the stations best-selling list among the 828 million Carnival content consumption, becoming the only cultural and entertainment content to enter the list, occupying the first place in the hot new product list for many days. Three body radio drama produced a total of six seasons, continued to update for a year and a half. Up to now, it has been updated to the third season with a total of nearly 40 million playback.

In December 2019, tmalls flagship store was launched. So far, it has paid more than 30000 fans and accumulated sales of more than 1.3 million.

In January 2020, Chinas first three body space-time immersion exhibition will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The exhibition will be faithful to the classic scenes and science fiction stories in the original works, and integrate the immersive experience of cutting-edge technology, presenting the famous scenes in the original works, such as water drops, three body world, three days in the air, and the vast universe. The exhibition will last for one year, with more than 43000 people attending the exhibition.

Since 2016, the animation series of my three sports has begun to be serialized in station B. by January 2020, my three body chapter of Beihai biography has received a total of more than 76 million broadcasts, with an average score of 9.51 for Douban, ranking the first in both domestic animation stations.

In 2018, Santi and Tencent video reached a cooperation, and will invest in shooting the super network TV series. In May 2019, the TV series was put on record. It took many years to start shooting on July 11, 2020, and is expected to go online in 2021.

In 2014, the Youzu announced the shooting of the three body film. In 2020, Santi officially promoted the film series project. At present, light and October culture have been identified as the first batch of important partners to participate in this series of projects. Tian Xiaopeng, director of October culture, will select important chapters and characters in the series of novels of three bodies to start the creation work.

In June 2020, Youzu announced that it would sign the right to adapt the game of three sports. Youzu will join hands with the worlds top industry partners to create multi platform and multi category products including PC / host / mobile terminal, so as to bring high-quality and multi-dimensional game experience to tri sports fans. At the issue level, based on the years of overseas distribution experience of Youzu, the distribution network in more than 200 countries and regions and more than 1000 global partners can better facilitate the global distribution of the game.

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