The biggest pornographic group in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

 The biggest pornographic group in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

Before Wang Zaiqings trial, Wang Dechen, former deputy director of Xuzhou public security bureau, Li Yongjun, former director of yunlonghu Scenic Area Branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, Ma Jingwei, former director of Quanshan branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, Cao Weimin, former deputy director of Quanshan branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, had been put on file for investigation for acting as protective umbrella.

The reporter from upstream news found that among the pornographic groups woven by Wang Zaiqing, senior police officials such as Li Yongjun and Cao Weimin are his strongest backing. With the blessing of shopping cards, cash and luxury goods, Wang Zaiqings Club became an illegal legal place. It is under such a network that Wang Zaiqing created a pornographic group in Xuzhou. [see upstream news for detailsu300a

The largest pornographic group in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province

According to judicial investigation, in order to seek illegal protection or obtain illegal interests, Wang Zaiqing successively offered bribes worth more than 2 million yuan to 11 public officials and 1.9 million yuan to 8 financial institutions. Cao Weimin, former deputy director of Quanshan branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, former political commissar of Yunlong sub Bureau and former director of Yunlong Lake Scenic Area sub Bureau, former deputy head of Xuzhou Peixian government and director of Public Security Bureau Cao Weimin, also lost their future due to Wang Zaiqing.

It has also been confirmed that Fang Zhenghua, former Secretary of the Yunlong District Committee of Xuzhou City, also has an unknown interest relationship with Wang Zaiqing. Fang Zhenghua lost 7.88 million yuan of state assets for helping Wang Zaiqing to seek profits. He was sentenced after serving as secretary of the District Committee for only three years.

The interior view of Seven Star Club, one of the prostitution places run by Wang Zaiqing. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

A person familiar with Cao Weimin, former deputy director of Quanzhan branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, revealed that Cao Weimin had a strong sense of river and lake spirit, and had a hot fight with Wang Zaiqing. As long as there was any advantage, he could speak for illegal and criminal acts and even intervene in law enforcement. Under the protection of Cao Weimin, Wang Zaiqings prostitution business flourished. For a long time, Wang Zaiqings address to Cao Weimin changed from director Cao to brother Cao. Cao Weimin likes this name very much. Its all his big brother should do.

On August 25, 2018, Cao Weimin, then the public security director of Pei County, was directly taken away by the staff of Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. At this time, Wang Zaiqing was arrested only in the past two months.

Why does the director of public security slip into the abyss of violating discipline and law in the law enforcer becomes umbrella issued by the Commission for Discipline Inspection in mid November 2019? u300bAt the end of 2018, the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a supervision letter to the Xuzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection, demanding that clues related to Party members, leading cadres and personnel in the financial system involved in the handling of two cases involving underworld organizations headed by Zhang Guangming and Wang Zaiqing were urgently verified. Under the supervision of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Cao Weimin, former deputy head of Peixian County, Xuzhou City, former party secretary and director of County Public Security Bureau, and Wang Rushi, deputy director of rural credit cooperative association in Tongshan County, Xuzhou City, have been investigated one after another.

On January 3, 2019, Cao Weimin was detained and reviewed by Xuzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection. At this time, he still does not forget his big brother identity. Facing the staff of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, he claimed: I am a big brother. When I need money, how can I have so much money? They are brothers. Since they call me big brother, they should help me out with this money, arent they?

Li Shitao, former director of Hubei Road police station of yunlonghu Scenic Area Branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, also mentioned that Wang Zaiqing had sent money and shopping cards to Kaiyuan in order to prevent the organization of prostitution from being investigated. Therefore, after receiving the 110 alarm about Kaiyuans bath prostitution and whoring, they sent people to go to the scene. In order to deal with the superior inspection, Wang Zaiqing arranged a pair of prostitutes for investigation and punishment.

After the fengjiang group controlled by the black boss Wang Zaiqing was checked and sealed, there was no one left. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

Provincial investigation can also be solved

Under the coordination of Cao Weimin, Wang Zaiqing gradually opened his network of relations in the public security system. Every time he encountered a surprise inspection, Wang Zaiqing could get information in advance.

Because of his good relationship with Cao Weimin and others, Wang Zaiqing was spared many times during the police raids, even in the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Departments surprise inspection. In April 2011, when Kaiyuan Yihe club was investigated and dealt with by public security personnel from other places organized by Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, Wang Zaiqing sent money and things to Wang Dechen, former member of Xuzhou public security Party committee, director and deputy director of Political Department, and Zhang Wei of public security detachment to inquire about the case and coordinate relations, so that neither he nor his partner Liu was investigated for criminal responsibility.

Chen Shujun, the former captain and deputy leader of the public security detachment of Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, is still fresh in his memory when he was arrested. Chen Shujun said that in 2011, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department organized personnel to investigate and deal with Kaiyuan bathing center in different places. He discussed with the case handling police to determine four contents: first, handle the case, do not expand the scope; second, Sun Mou, who is under criminal detention, should sue as soon as possible; third, Liu Mou Zhengs Internet wanted time should be reported to the Municipal Bureau; fourth, Tongshan Public Security Bureau should coordinate the procuratorate and the court to prevent pursuit.

The main purpose is to control the scope, not to continue to dig deep behind Wang Zaiqing and other personnel, close the case as soon as possible, and leave time and space for Lius punishment. Chen Shujun said that in fact, in order to let him take care of the prostitution of Kaiyuan bathing organization, Wang Zaiqing, Liu Xuzheng and others have repeatedly sent gifts to him. In 2010, when he investigated and dealt with the masses report of prostitution and whoring in Xuzhou Kaiyuan bath center in accordance with the instructions of the leaders, he had informed Liu in advance to be ready and asked Liu to prepare two pairs of prostitutes and whores, but not too many. Because three pairs of prostitutes and prostitutes have to file criminal cases, too few and no results.

According to the local people in Xuzhou, Wang Zaiqing was able to engage in prostitution without fear, which was closely related to the strong public security network behind it. Wang Zaiqings subordinates all know that he has an eye for the sky, can be calm in case of trouble, has a close relationship with senior leaders of many public security organs, and has become a brother with Cao Weimin, making it safer to work under him.

Wang Zaiqings ex-wife, Wang Jing, recalled that before she and Wang Zaiqing got married in 2012, she heard that Wang Zaiqing had been involved in Lius organization of prostitution in Kaiyuan, Xuzhou. In order to coordinate Lius case, Wang Zaiqing spent nearly 20 million yuan to find a relationship. In 2012 alone, Wang Zaiqing spent 40 million yuan on coordination and entertainment, and 23 million yuan in 2013, mainly for coordinating and entertaining bank, public security and government personnel.

Wang Zaiqing coordinated the public security relations for the purpose of site operation, bribery to bank staff, and the smooth loan from the bank to the empty shell company. Wang Zaiqing was too bold to do things without considering the cost. He not only used money to corrupt government and bank personnel, but also used women to corrupt these officials. Wang Zaiqing has been successful in entertainment for many years. He cant extricate himself from it, and he gets deeper and deeper in the road of crime. Wang Jing said.

At the same time, several prostitutes mentioned that after being investigated and punished by the public security organs, they were released after paying a fine, and they could also get compensation from the company. However, the district police station rarely carries out routine inspection on the Four Seasons Hot Springs in Kaiyuan, and it is also a walk in the street.

Cao Weimin, former director of Yunlong Lake Scenic Area Branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, is one of Wang Zaiqings important umbrellas in Xuzhou. Photo source / website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Four directors have been defeated successively

Wang Zaiqings hard-working network has brought many conveniences to him. He not only received messages or phone messages before the public security organs inspection actions, but also was familiar with the investigation methods of the public security organs to investigate and deal with prostitution by checking hotel rooms. In order to avoid investigation and punishment, Wang Zaiqing repeatedly reminded the club leaders not to arrange prostitutes in guest rooms, but to have sex in rooms with security and early warning measures, which will not be detected.

In order to maintain a huge network of relationships, Wang Zaiqing was not stingy in giving gifts.

According to the investigation by the procuratorial organ, from the summer of 2007 to April of 2011, Wang Zaiqing sent Chen Shujun, the former leader and former deputy leader of the public security detachment of Xuzhou public security bureau nine times, in order to obtain illegal benefits such as organizing prostitution without being investigated and punished, with a total of 315000 yuan in cash.

From the first half of 2007 to 2017, Wang Zaiqing sent Cao Weimin, former deputy director of Quanshan branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, former political commissar of Yunlong sub Bureau, former director of Yunlong Lake Scenic Area sub Bureau, former deputy head of Xuzhou Peixian peoples government and director of Public Security Bureau, with cash totaling 220000 yuan, shopping card of 30000 yuan and two jade pendants. After appraisal, the value of jade pendant is 68000 yuan.

In August 2010, Wang Zaiqing gave Zhang Wei 460000 yuan in cash for helping Zhang Wei, the former leader of the public security detachment of Xuzhou public security bureau, to advance the house payment.

From the Spring Festival of 2017 to the Spring Festival of 2018, Wang Zaiqing twice sent Li Yongjun, former director of yunlonghu Scenic Area Branch of Xuzhou public security bureau, with a total of 30000 yuan and one jadeite jewelry. After appraisal, the value of jadeite jewelry is 43000 yuan.

Wang Zaiqing once concealed his wife, Wang Jing, and set up his team in an ideal international office building to operate the porn industry. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

From April 2011 to the Mid Autumn Festival of 2013, Wang Zaiqing also sent to Wang Dechen, former member of the CPC Committee, director of the political department and deputy director of Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, during the investigation of prostitution case organized by Xuzhou Kaiyuan Yihe sauna and bath center from April 2011 to mid autumn festival in 2013. In order to evade legal responsibility, Wang Zaiqing gave cash totaling 150000 yuan, shopping card 150000 yuan, two iphone4s mobile phones, one radar watch (identified as counterfeit), and one Omega watch Block (identified as counterfeit).

In addition to offering bribes to the public security system, in the first half of 2012, Wang Zaiqing purchased the equity of Xuzhou branch of Shanghai Ruiyang Sancai investment management company with fengjiang group as guarantee in the first half of 2012. Later, due to disputes, fengjiang group assets were seized. In the second half of 2013, Wang Zaiqing filed a lawsuit to cancel the equity transfer contract with Shanghai Ruiyang Sancai Investment Management Co., Ltd. From the second half of 2013 to 2018, Wang Zaiqing sought illegitimate interests in the trial of this case and other cases involving the company. He used the funds of fengjiang group to send Dong Tao, former member of the trial committee of Xuzhou intermediate peoples court and President of the first peoples court, with cash totaling 400000 yuan and purchasing cards totaling 440000 yuan.

In addition, in April 2011, Xuzhou hongtongtong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., which was controlled by Wang Zaiqing, bid for a plot in the new urban area. Later, Wang Zaiqing was unable to develop due to lack of funds. In order to terminate the signed land transfer contract and seek other illegal interests, Wang Zaiqing used the funds of fengjiang group to give Li Gang, former director of Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of land and resources, HK $100000 and a shopping card of 50000 yuan from the end of 2011 to the first half of 2012.

After the trial, Pizhou City Court found out that the underworld organizations controlled by Wang Zaiqing offered bribes worth more than 2 million yuan to 11 public officials and 1.9 million yuan to 8 financial institutions in order to seek illegal protection or obtain illegal interests.

The former Secretary of Yunlong District Party committee, Fang Zhenghua, accepted a bribe from Wang Zaiqing, resulting in a loss of 7.88 million state assets. Photo source / Jiangsu prosecutors

Transaction of district party secretary

In Xuzhou, most people know that Wang Zaiqing has an ambiguous relationship with the public security system. Only a few people know that Wang Zaiqings rise and energy in Yunlong District are related to Fang Zhenghua, former Secretary of the Yunlong District Committee of Xuzhou City. They rarely met and did not meet in public. However, Fang Zhenghua once came forward to guarantee Wang in the Qing Dynasty, resulting in a loss of 7.88 million state-owned assets.

According to the public information, Fang Zhenghua, born in 1962, was appointed deputy director of Xuzhou Price Bureau in November 2001, and transferred to Deputy Secretary General and director of Research Office of Xuzhou Municipal Peoples Government in 2011. In November 2013, he was appointed Deputy Secretary, deputy district chief and acting district chief of Yunlong District Committee of Xuzhou City; he became the chief of Yunlong District two months later; he was promoted to Secretary of Yunlong District Committee of Xuzhou City in July 2016.

On February 1, 2019, the supervision commission of Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced that Fang Zhenghua, Secretary of Yunlong District Committee of Xuzhou City, was suspected of serious violation of discipline and law and was under disciplinary review and supervision and investigation. On November 12, 2019, Zhenjiang intermediate peoples Court of Jiangsu Province publicly declared that Fang Zhenghua, former Secretary of the District Committee of Yunlong District, Xuzhou City, was sentenced to six years imprisonment and fined 200000 yuan for bribery and abuse of power.

In the open details of the case, Wang Zaiqing was the main stakeholder of Fang Zhenghua, and Fang Zhenghuas fall was also closely related to Wangs making profits in Qing Dynasty.

Zhenjiang Municipal Intermediate Peoples court found that from 2004 to 2018, Fang Zhenghua, taking advantage of his position as deputy director of Xuzhou Municipal Price Bureau to Secretary of Yunlong District Party committee, sought benefits for relevant enterprises and individuals in the aspects of real estate leasing, project promotion, preferential Electricity Price Declaration, childrens enrollment, price adjustment and other aspects, and illegally received property from Wang Zaiqing and others, amounting to more than 1.18 million yuan.

During his tenure as director and Secretary of Yunlong District Party committee, Fang Zhenghua, knowing that Wang Zaiqings companys capital chain was broken and defaulted on house rent, still violated the decision-making procedures and relevant provisions, and decided to sublease the property originally leased by Wang Zaiqing company with the state-owned funds of Yunlong District, and hand it over to a company that does not have the conditions for investment promotion and operation Under the condition of signing the lease agreement, the company agreed that the subordinate investment company of Yunlong District would prepay the house rent to Wang Zaiqings company, and then pay part of the house rent on behalf of Wang Zaiqing. Later, Wang Zaiqing was put on file for investigation by the public security organ for suspected crimes, and Fang Zhenghua decided to terminate the sublease relationship with Wang Zaiqing. As of November 2018, more than 7.88 million yuan of state-owned assets have been lost due to excessive rent payment.

Previously reported:

As long as you are selected by the guests, the Commission will be at least 330 yuan. On the clock is not allowed to bring mobile phones, can not take private work, but also to the privacy of guests Xiao Li is a woman who has fallen behind in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. She is known as technician No. 99. When she was arrested, she was helping her guests take a bath. She had received guests an hour ago, earning more than 300 yuan.

In June 2018, Xiaoli was arrested in a police operation in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Together with Xiao Li, there are nearly a hundred women who have fallen behind. They come from different nightclubs, bath centers, hotels, clubs, and even a few small stars from the fourth and fifth tier. Although they dont know each other, they are all chessmen in the prostitution network woven by black boss Wang Zaiqing. According to the survey, Wang Zaiqing has made 120 million yuan in 10 years by organizing 160000 times of prostitution.

With the fall of Wang Zaiqing, an elaborate pornographic group collapsed. On June 3 this year, Wang Zaiqing was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for 16 crimes, including organizing and leading underworld organizations, organizing prostitution, and gathering people to commit adultery.

It is worth noting that behind the pornographic group built by Wang Zaiqing, there were four local police bureau directors and other police officials, which caused a huge shock in the local area.

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Haitian Yunyi palace and Haitian Jingchen private club were originally set up in the four-star hotel Haitian Holiday Hotel, but now it has been deserted. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

In the whole pornographic group construction project, Wang Zaiqing always flickered in between, although he repeatedly said that he did not know about prostitution in some places.

He likes to gamble, take drugs, and get money from the flesh and skin business. According to people familiar with the matter, Wang Zaiqings name is no stranger in Xuzhou. As famous as he is, there are 10 bathing centers, KTVs and clubs he controls.

Kaiyuan hotel is the starting point of Wang Zaiqings pornographic group.

Wang Zaiqings involvement in the sex industry dates back to 2004. In that year, Wang Zaiqing was 24 years old. At that time, I contracted the health and sports building of Kaiyuan hotel. There were nightclubs and saunas. There were prostitution services in the sauna. Wang Zaiqing claimed in the police record that in the second year of contracting Kaiyuan Hotel, he contracted the second phase of Kaiyuan hotel to welcome guests to luyihe bath, but the business was not very good because of the lack of women.

In the following years, Wang Zaiqing went to Beijing for development. But because of the problem of funds, Wang Zaiqing returned to Xuzhou again. With his previous experience in organizing prostitution, Wang Zaiqing is ready to make a big show in Xuzhou.

Around 2008, after struggling with his younger brother and confidants, Wang Zaiqing organized prostitution in Quanshan District, Yunlong District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, and Kaifeng City, Henan Province. After making profits, Wang Zaiqing successively operated the entertainment industries such as king Pharaoh GTV, seven star business club and Beijing rainbow, accumulating capital. In December 2009, Wang Zaiqing registered and established Jiangsu fengjiang Investment Co., Ltd., which was later changed into Jiangsu fengjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fengjiang group), putting the Yellow related industries, entertainment industries and internal insurance under the management of the group.

Wang Zaiqing has always been proud of fengjiang group. Fengjiang group, which mainly deals in coal business, has not only become a platform for Wang Zai to bleach his identity, but also a channel for him to get through the relationship between government and business and a capital transfer point.

In Wangs eyes, no industry can make money faster than prostitution. Relying on fengjiang group, by 2017, Wang Zaiqing has opened Xuzhou Kaiyuan Yihe sauna bath center, Xuzhou Kaiyuan dingxiu club, Xuzhou four seasons hot spring spa club, Xuzhou Haitian cloud palace, Xuzhou Haitian Jingchen private club, Kaiyuan parliament hot spring club, etc.

In Xuzhou peoples opinion, the prostitution service in these places is open and secret. At first, some residents and taxi drivers reported it, but in the end, it was all over.

In Xuzhou, there are many statements about Wang Zaiqings powerful forces. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

In the local area, there are many views about Wang Zaiqing, and he is also called expert by the local entertainment industry.

Wang Zaiqing played expert incisively and vividly. In order to cover up prostitution with regular massage, Wang Zaiqing went to Nanjing and Macao to inspect the decoration style before decorating the private club of Haitian Jingchen. In order to avoid the investigation and punishment of the public security organs, many security doors and password doors have been installed.

In order to avoid legal risks, Wang Zaiqing registered many companies with the names of his relatives. Among them, Amethyst company manages the financial affairs of the yellow industry and entertainment industry in the middle, and concentrates the prostitution income of Xuzhou area in the company to form a fund pool for the deployment and use of fengjiang group; after that, it sets up the finance of prostitution places separately from the other industrial finance of fengjiang group, which ostensibly cuts off the capital chain relationship between fengjiang group and prostitution places. At the same time, regular arrangements for personnel to destroy the accounts of prostitution places; through the allocation of cars, free housing and other means to feed internal security personnel to protect the venue.

There was a local rumor that people who mentioned Wang Zaiqing in the Tao could win some face. The women who said that Wang was in qingchangzi had more face than those in other places. Because Wang Zaiqing had a huge network of political and business relations, everything could be dealt with.

After the court hearing, it was found that from 2008 to 2018, a total of 100 stray women in Wang Zaiqings prostitution network made a total of 120 million yuan of illegal profits, which became the largest prostitution group in Jiangsu Province in recent years.

The king of Pharaoh KTV, Kaiyuan Yihe sauna bath center, Kaiyuan dingxiu club and four seasons spa club were all set in Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, a five-star hotel in Yunlong Lake scenic area. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

Xuzhou four seasons hot spring spa club and Xuzhou Haitian Jingchen private club are the most important part of Wang Zaiqings prostitution network, as well as the treasure pot and private reception place of Wang Zaiqing. People in the club know that Wang Zaiqing doesnt often appear here.

The four seasons spa club is located in Yunlong Lake scenic area, a famous scenic spot in Xuzhou. Its supporting Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel is a local luxury five-star hotel. This is also the main place for Wang to talk business and do reception. When they were most famous, many owners in Shandong, Anhui and other surrounding cities were members of the four seasons spa club and Haitian Jingchen private club, including many government officials. According to the prosecutions evidence, at least 160000 incomes were found to be related to prostitution in the books of the places involved.

According to some account books of fengjiang group, only four seasons spa club and Haitian Jingchen private club can bring Wang Zaiqing at least 20000 yuan of net income every day. Yang Mou, Wang Zaiqings right-hand assistant, explained that the four seasons hot spring spa club and Haitian Jingchen private club are membership places. Guests must recharge more than 10000 yuan to become members, and only cardholders can receive them. On the one hand, the implementation of membership system is to recover the cost as soon as possible, on the other hand, it is also to stabilize the source of customers.

It is understood that these clubs have made clear regulations on the appearance, training standing posture, polite language, service process and working hours of waiters and miss girls. Wear grey short sleeve shirt and black trousers during work. Women who fail to keep their feet clean and clean, and work from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. every day. Among them, the first floor and the second floor of the clubhouse are ordinary bathing centers, and the first floor is only equipped with male bathrooms. If the guest has special needs, the first floor attendant will send him to the elevator, and the second floor attendant will give it to the third floor attendant for arrangement; the third floor attendant will take the guest to the room, and arrange prostitutes and internal security personnel to watch.

A customer who once went to the club for whoring said that the most popular bath center is the private room system, where guests can ask a woman to take a bath with them. According to different packages, the services available are also different.

At the same time, Wang Zaiqing also registered to handle multiple POS machines, and implemented the system of separate management of the failed women and financial work, so as to avoid risks.

In the brochures of fengjiang group under the control of Wang Zaiqing, bath center and KTV are the key propaganda contents. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

Number management

In Wangs opinion, the huge network needs strict management. After inspection in various places, Wang Zaiqing made strict regulations on attendance, on-site service process and health process. Each of them is numbered and has to learn the management system; each place has its own management system.

In addition to the rules and regulations, Wang Zaiqing also made clear provisions on the Commission of the women who had fallen behind. With 680 yuan as the starting point, women who have broken feet can get 40% to 60% of the commission fee, but they are not allowed to take private jobs. In the summer of 2010, Huang and Wen, manager of the hot spring Department of Kaiyuan parliament hot spring clubhouse in Kaifeng, contacted a woman who had fallen out of the club to provide sexual service to the guest room department of Kaiyuan. Chen Malong, the person in charge of the club, reported to Wang Zaiqing after learning about it. Wang Zaiqing and Chen Malong cheated Huang and Wen to the headquarters of fengjiang group for the reason of meeting. They forcibly detained them in the office and were not allowed to leave. They were interrogated by beating, abusing and intimidating. It was not until the next day that Huang and Wen promised to turn in the illegal income before they left.

Miss female Xiaoli confessed that almost everyone receives more than 3 guests every day, with more than 78 people, and the average monthly income is 230000 yuan. On the other hand, it is also the basic means to corrupt the status of the clients

Drug use and promiscuity

The prosecution found that on June 15, 2017, in the 888 imperial room of the private club of Haitian Jingchen in Xuzhou, Wang Zaiqing and Jiang took drugs. Wang Zaiqing also arranged for the missing daughters Zhou and Yan to arrive at the scene, and the last four carried out promiscuous activities. After Zhou Yiyi left, Wang Zaiqing arranged for his daughter Xu to be present. Wang Zaiqing lured Xu and Yan to take drugs with money. After that, Wang Zaiqing and Jiang, Xu and Yan engaged in promiscuous activities.

One day in the middle of October 2017, Wang Zaiqing contacted Zhang (handled separately) to buy drugs. In the room reserved by Xuzhou Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Wang Zaiqing and Jiang had sexual intercourse with Zhang and another one in the room. During this period, Wang Zaiqing allowed Zhang to take drugs. On December 5 of the same year, Wang Zaiqing made a reservation in Xuzhou Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel and purchased drugs. After that, he arranged for the women Xu, Liu and Liu to come to the reserved room to provide sexual services. Wang Zaiqing, Zhou Yiyi and Wang Yiyi first took drugs in the room. In the process, Wang Zaiqing and other six people engaged in promiscuous activities.

However, Wang Zaiqing did not agree with the accusation of mass promiscuity.

Cut your wrist

In 2012, Wang Zaiqing met his wife Wang Jing. In Wang Jings eyes, Wang Zaiqing is gentle, emotional quotient is high, considerate, is the ideal husband candidate. In October 2013, after marriage with Wang Zaiqing, Wang Jing entered fengjiang group and took charge of financial work at Wang Zaiqings request.

In the wages of employees, a commission on the technicians expenses attracted Wang Jings attention. After several inquiries, she learned that the main purpose of the expenses was to pay the wages of the women who had failed. As a result, they had several conflicts, which were well known in fengjiang group. Wang Jing even tried to stop Wang Zaiqing by cutting his wrist, but it had no effect.

In order to appease his wifes emotion, Wang Zaiqing once wrote in a letter of guarantee to Wang Jing: we should change the way we behave and do things, and no longer cheat Wang Jing. In case of any accident, he should bear all legal responsibilities and never drag Wang Jing and his children down. But in fact, Wang Zaiqing wrote a letter of guarantee to his wife, telling his younger brothers to start a new life.

In his statement, Wang Zhiqing said that in order not to let his wife Wang Jing find out, he also opened another account to be the boss behind the scenes. But drug use and whoring are still common.

In November 2015, Wang Zaiqing wrote a letter of guarantee to his wife Wang Jing. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

16 crimes

Without the shackles of marriage, Wang Zaiqing is more like a fish in the water in the local entertainment industry.

With the continuous breakthrough of the bottom line, rumors of Wang Zaiqings ruthless means and powerful background spread widely in the local area. He also arranged relatives and trusted people to the club and fengjiang group to hold important positions in order to destroy evidence at any time and ensure his safety.

In the summer of 2018, Wang Zaiqings pornographic group collapsed.

On June 3, 2018, during a raid inspection by the local public security organ, nearly 100 women who had lost their feet in several clubs run by Wang Zaiqing were arrested, and Wang Zaiqing was arrested. Wang Zaiqings ex-wife, Wang Jing, was also listed as the No.2 person for investigation because of her involvement in the companys operation.

In the 247 page (2019) Su 0382 criminal judgment No. 627, the prosecution mentioned that only Kaiyuan Yihe sauna had 35895 prostitution clocks in 2009, 1857 in night service, 52865 in 2010, and 15648 from February 1 to April 21, 2011, accounting for 98.46% of the total Club income, reaching 80.2986 million yuan. From July 23, 2011 to January 31, 2013, the number of prostitution clocks was 22576, including 328 night packages; from May to December 2017, the number of prostitution clocks was 8028, accounting for 79.82% of the total Club income, reaching about 45 million yuan.

According to the verdict, more than 160000 prostitutes were organized by Wang Zaiqing in the past decade. From July 2016 to September 2017, the number of times local people reported prostitution and whoring in Kaiyuan Siji hot spring reached dozens of times.

On June 3 this year, he committed the crime of organizing and leading underworld organizations, organizing prostitution, gathering people to fight, causing trouble, illegal detention, extortion, forced trading, defrauding loans (units), defrauding loans, offering bribes to non-state personnel, bribery, unit bribery, gathering people to commit adultery, inducing others to take drugs, tolerating others to take drugs, and harboring Wang Zaiqing was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment, confiscation of all personal property and deprivation of political rights for four years.

Wang Zaiqings ex-wife, Wang Jing, was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and confiscation of all her personal property for the crime of participating in underworld like organizations, organizing prostitution, illegal detention, defrauding loans and transferring loans with high profits.

After the sentence was pronounced in the first instance, several defendants, including Wang Zaiqing and Wang Jing, appealed. Wang Jing said that he repeatedly stopped Wang Zaiqings activities of organizing prostitution, but did not participate in it. In the later stage, he did not know that he still organized prostitution.

Yin Qingli, Wang Jings defender and lawyer of Beijing Fuli law firm, disclosed that he had submitted six new evidences, including Wang Jings wrist cutting suicide treatment medical record and Wang Zaiqings letter of commitment, to Xuzhou Municipal Intermediate Peoples court at the end of August, and 16 applications for obtaining evidence, auditing appraisal, witnesses appearing in court and hearing in court were submitted.

At present, the case is being tried in the second instance.

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