Push group immunity? The U.S. government may be doing something big!

 Push group immunity? The U.S. government may be doing something big!

Passengers wear masks at a commuter train station in Westchester County, New York, on August 31, local time. Johns Hopkins University released the latest statistics of the new crown epidemic on the 31st, showing that the total number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 6 million.

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Should the US government promote mass immunization?

Could kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans

The Washington Post reported on September 1 that Scott atlas, who joined the White House as an epidemic consultant in August, is urging the White House to adopt a group immunization strategy similar to Sweden, that is, to allow the new coronavirus to spread among people in order to establish group immunity.

U.S. officials and experts say the government has begun to implement some policies along these lines, especially in testing. A few days ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States has updated the new guidelines for crown testing. The new guidelines suggest that if close contacts do not have symptoms, they do not have to be tested. The change sparked controversy, and US media said the CDC was obviously under pressure from the White House.

Although the White House denies that policies are being formulated - White House officials say trump has asked questions about mass immunization but has not formally accepted the strategy - it has aroused concerns from experts inside and outside the government.

Experts point out that this strategy may lead to the death of hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans. At present, more than 183000 people have died of the new coronavirus in the United States.

On July 11, local time, trump was photographed wearing a mask while visiting a military medical center.

The report reveals the truth of the US governments double sided anti epidemic campaign

The president and his supporters are not honest with the American people.

The controversy over the US governments response to the new outbreak goes far beyond this. The report from the White Houses new coronavirus working group revealed the truth of the governments Two-sided fight against the epidemic.

The reports of the White House Working Group on new coronavirus are usually closed to the public, but eight reports in June and July were requested by the new coronavirus sub committee of the house of Representatives oversight committee at the end of August.

The report analyzes in detail the spread of the new coronavirus in the States. In the past few months, trump administration officials have been warning privately about the severity of the epidemic in many states, but have played down the situation in public, according to the report.

In its August 31 report, Capitol Hill gave several examples.

u2014u2014On June 16, vice president burns in a column accused the media of inciting peoples worries about the return of the new coronavirus, saying that panic was exaggerated. But just a week later, the working group noted that seven states had entered the red zone of the epidemic. Among them, Oklahoma increased by 93% and Idaho by 134%.

u2014u2014Burns, who has stressed the benefits of reopening States, said: all 50 states are opening up safely and responsibly. But the fact is, by mid July, the working group said that 20 states were in the red zone of the epidemic and recommended that more testing be carried out. Among them, as the first state in the United States to fully restart its economy, Georgia was accused of the epidemic trend is moving in the wrong direction, with record numbers of new cases in urban, suburban and rural areas..

u2014u2014As early as more than two months ago, the working group had put forward suggestions such as wearing masks, closing bars and banning large gatherings, but the White House had little interest in implementing or publicly discussing any of the working groups guidelines and recommendations. In addition, since June 23, all 14 states in the red zone have refused to make face masks mandatory across the state.

The president and his supporters have not been frank with the American people, nor have they developed a national plan to solve this problem. Instead, they have kept these worrying reports secret and publicly downplayed the threat to millions of Americans. Said Congressman kleiborne, a democratic representative who leads the new coronavirus sub committee.

On August 30th, novel coronavirus pneumonia in North Carolina, USA, continued to expand due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill students had to obey the requirements of moving out of the dormitory and pack their bags out of the campus.

More than 440000 children in the United States are infected

No country can pretend that the new crown pandemic is over

What is more worrisome is that, while all circles in the United States are still arguing over the anti epidemic measures, the spread of new coronavirus has not stopped, and the infection situation of children and adolescents is particularly serious.

According to the latest report released jointly by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the association of childrens hospitals, more than 440000 children in the United States have been infected with the new coronavirus since the outbreak. Among them, since the beginning of August, more than 70000 childrens infections have been reported all over the United States.

In addition, according to the New York Times on August 31, the American Academy of Pediatrics statistics also show that the growth rate of new confirmed cases, hospitalized cases and deaths is far higher than the average of American people.

With the arrival of the school season, the campus epidemic is more worrying. At present, at least 36 states in the United States have reported new crown infections in Colleges and universities. More than 1200 people have been diagnosed at the University of Alabama alone. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Notre Dame also reported a surge in infections among students and staff.

We want to see children go back to school and people back to work, but it has to be done safely. Who director general tamdesai has pointed out.

He called on all countries to take seriously the restart of economy and society, opening without control (virus) will only lead to disaster. No country can pretend that the new crown pandemic is over. The reality is that the virus is very easy to spread. (end)

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