Byte jump sale of tiktok requires Chinese government approval, a White House spokesman said he would not comment

 Byte jump sale of tiktok requires Chinese government approval, a White House spokesman said he would not comment

Mcnani did not indicate the U.S. governments specific attitude to the matter. She said negotiations for the sale of tiktoks business were still ongoing and the White House would not comment on such issues to avoid affecting the negotiations.

White House spokesman McNeill

After evading this issue, mcnani made a statement of information security, claiming that the U.S. government is committed to protecting the American people from the cyber threats posed by these applications to infrastructure, public health and security. She also once again stigmatized tiktok, saying it collects a large number of user private data for Chinas access and use..

Mcnani is also vague about the length of the deal. The reporter mentioned that at present, the U.S. government has two administrative orders limiting the trading period, but one gives a time limit of 45 days, and the other is 90 days. He asked which time limit should prevail.

In response, mcnani said she did not know about it and needed to confirm with the U.S. government before giving a specific reply.

The official website of the White House

Since then, several American enterprises have entered the market to participate in the bidding. On August 18, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that Oracle joined the bidding list and started negotiations with byte jump. Wal Mart also announced on the 27th that it would cooperate with Microsoft to acquire tiktok, forming a two-party bidding situation. According to US media, Microsoft is the most likely company to complete the acquisition, but there are also reports that Oracle may join hands with other U.S. investors to compete.

Soon, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology of the peoples Republic of China adjusted and released the catalogue of Chinas export prohibited and restricted export technologies, limiting the export of personalized information push service technology based on data analysis, which was considered by some experts to be directly directed at tiktok.

Some US media said that the tiktok transaction could be announced as early as September 1 local time, but relevant companies including tiktok did not respond to this. On August 27, Reuters reported that byte hopping had informed of a shutdown plan for its U.S. business and had frozen the recruitment of most of the vacancies in the United States.

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