Special first lesson

 Special first lesson

Its school season again. Nearly 300 million teachers and students across the country will return to school to the maximum extent.

In this special opening season, epidemic prevention and control has become a vivid teaching material for the first lesson of the school, so that children can learn to be brave, learn to take responsibility, harvest progress and harvest growth in the thinking and moving brought by the epidemic of the national war.

Growth: a lesson of learning prevention and control knowledge

Early in the morning of September 1, Wuhan intimate kindergarten in Hubei Province, located on the Bank of East Lake, opened the school gate to meet the children. Every child entering the kindergarten needs to go through 6 procedures, such as scanning the code, measuring the body temperature, checking the mouth and hands in the morning, disinfecting the hands, disinfecting the soles of shoes, and retesting the body temperature. Each childs health commitment also records the body temperature and going out in the past week.

The childrens first lesson is also related to epidemic prevention: small classes play I love washing hands cartoon to let children understand the transmission route of the new coronavirus and learn to wash hands correctly; the middle class takes the children to understand the correct way to wear masks; the large class tells the story of saluting the most beautiful rebel.

Wuhan has finally come from the epidemic, and every child is a witness. Hu Meng, an intimate kindergarten teacher, said that he hopes to share more knowledge and skills with children in the future and better cherish every period of time in the future.

At present, the global epidemic situation is not over, and the autumn and winter season is the high incidence season of influenza and other diseases, which is the key period of campus prevention and control. It is very important to guide children to master the basic knowledge of infectious disease prevention and control and develop good living habits.

To this end, the Ministry of education not only requires schools to make full preparations before the start of school and strictly prevent and control the epidemic situation, but also organizes teachers and students to give the first class of school, teach the knowledge of infectious disease prevention and control, train the protection skills, and improve the epidemic prevention awareness and self-protection ability of teachers and students.

On September 1, sixth graders watch the opening ceremony in the new culture street campus of Beijing No.2 experimental primary school. Photo by Ren Chao, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

After nearly eight months away from the campus, students in grades two, three and four of Beijings primary schools will return to school next week. Guangwai campus of Beijing primary school opened a special cloud class meeting for children. In the video link, the teacher explained to the children how to prepare protective articles, how to wear masks, wash hands and eat scientifically, and how to prevent infectious diseases in autumn and winter.

On September 1, grade 5 and grade 6 students attended the flag raising ceremony at the new culture street campus of Beijing No.2 experimental primary school. Photo by Ren Chao, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Zhang Boli, the winner of the national honorary title of peoples hero and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also sent the new semester message to the students of Beijing primary school. The students introduced his unique skills in the fight against epidemic diseases, and hoped to play a good role in the fight against Chinese medicine.

Gratitude: a lesson in learning the spirit of anti epidemic

Medical staff are racing to save lives at the front line, scientific researchers study vaccines day and night, and community workers provide meticulous services for residents Every one of them is our hero The content of the first lesson of the third class of grade six in Gezhi middle school, Dalian, Liaoning Province, is a hero of dialogue and epidemic, which inspires the youth of the new era.

On the Lantern Festival night, I rushed to Wuhan to fight the epidemic in Leishen mountain for more than 50 days and nights. I felt uneasy, afraid, sad, fresh flowers, applause, and honor. All of them will be dull, but this is an unforgettable and glorious experience in my doctors career. The words of Zhang Kuijun, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Dalian Central Hospital, reached the hearts of the people.

Peng Weixu, a student in class 3, grade 6, said: when I was a child, the heroes should be Altman and Superman. But this Spring Festival, when I saw the medical staff who rushed to Wuhan like Uncle Zhang on TV, I immediately felt that they were Superman and real heroes.

In the first lesson of Guangya primary school in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, doctors, police, PLA soldiers, and community workers on the front line of the anti epidemic line video link with the children to share the war epidemic story. The most beautiful soul of reverse Walker moved the children again and again. They said that they should carry forward the pioneering spirit of selfless dedication, mutual assistance and mutual love with their own practical actions.

Forge ahead: a lesson of patriotism

The national flag was flying high above the campus, and the breeze was blowing into the bright and clean classroom.

When we first arrived in Wuhan, we faced many difficulties Time is tight and supplies are scarce. Most of the time is pickled noodles and pickles. If you cant change your protective clothing for a days work, you should try not to drink water But when we evacuated, we were very happy to see that the ward was cleared and the patients went home!

Students take a temperature test at the entrance of the teaching building in Huacheng school, Yuhong District, Shenyang on September 1. Photo by Yang Qing, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Only by learning skills well can we stand up when the motherland and the people need it. I must study hard and serve the motherland in the future Huacheng school fifth grade three class students Yang Shuhan said.

On September 1, Zhang Rufeng, the leader of the second medical team of the first batch of Liaoning medical aid team in Hubei Province, gave a report to the students at the first class of the beginning of school held by Huacheng school in Yuhong District, Shenyang. Photo by Yang Qing, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Combined with the spirit of anti epidemic and the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, many schools take the story of epidemic of the national war as a vivid teaching material for patriotic education.

Yao Xunqi, President of the middle school affiliated to South China Normal University, the alma mater of academician Zhong Nanshan, told the children about the efforts and contributions made by Zhong Nanshan and other alumni in the war of epidemic disease in the first class of the school, and encouraged all of us, one generation has the responsibility of one generation, and the important task is shouldered at the right time. Talent, luck and atmosphere, in the final analysis, is to have the ambition to strive for national rejuvenation.

On September 1, Wuhan middle school held its opening ceremony. Photo by Xiao Yijiu, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Wuhan middle school combines the schools centennial celebration, opening ceremony and the first class to become a lively and warm ideological and political education course. Yang Dingcheng, the headmaster, said he hopes to strengthen childrens love for the party, the country and the nation.

As long as we can unite and face the difficulties, no matter how big the difficulties and hardships can be overcome by us. Zhang Dingyu, winner of the peoples hero national honorary title and President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, said at the first class of health of Wuhan, students, you are the future. In the near future, we will entrust this beautiful city and beautiful country to you. I hope you can study hard, grow healthily, and make our future better

On September 1, students from Wuhan Middle School entered the campus. Photo by Xiao Yijiu, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

The first lesson in 2020