Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying presides over a regular press conference on September 1, 2020

 Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying presides over a regular press conference on September 1, 2020

According to the changes in Chinas development stage, environment and conditions, China proposes to promote the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other. This is not a closed domestic cycle, but an open domestic and international dual cycle. China will further expand domestic demand, open wider to the outside world and promote common development of the world with its own development. With lower tariff level, shorter negative list, more convenient market access, more transparent market rules and more attractive business environment, China will create a higher level of open economy and create more opportunities for the world.

Global Times: on the 31st, US Secretary of state pompeio said in an interview with us radio program that the US side would prohibit the Communist Party of China from stealing information and prevent tiktok user information from falling into the hands of Chinese security agencies and the Communist Party of China. We have an obligation to ensure that the data of the American people will not appear in the wrong places, and we will do everything possible to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from obtaining data from hundreds of millions of American citizens. What is Chinas comment on this?

Hua Chunying: for some time, Secretary of state pompeio has been practicing the famous we lie, we cheat, we steal in his speech at the University of Texas. He is a good example. Hes lying every day about cyber security. Not to mention, we dont understand how tiktok, a popular social media software for young people, and videos of dancing and singing easily pose a threat to the national security of the United States? Take a look at the United States. On the issue that he stressed all over the world to guard against the so-called China threat and guard against Chinas stealing user data, how did the Americans themselves do it?

The United States has always been the worlds number one telecom larceny. The National Security Agency (NSA) has long forced operators such as at & T and Verizon to provide data to them. As early as more than a decade ago, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has used dirtbox as a pseudo base station in monitoring projects such as boundless informant to simulate cell phone base station signals, access mobile phones secretly and steal data. In this regard, the French Le Monde has reported that the United States has stolen at least 62.5 million mobile phone data in France through dirty box

As for applications, pompeio repeatedly slandered tiktok, wechat and other applications as penetration tools of the Chinese government, but he did not tell the world that the United States is the habitual criminal who manipulates mobile phone applications to steal secrets. According to the information disclosed in the prism gate incident, the director of national security of the United States regards the application as a data gold mine. Over the years, it has spent a lot of money in this field, mining data intelligence through applications. Twitter, Facebook, youtube, Skype, Google maps and even the mobile game angry birds have all been forced to cooperate.

One of the innovations of the US intelligence service is the use of mobile app stores to steal secrets. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the US National Security Agency and the intelligence agencies of other members of the five eye alliance have launched the so-called irritant horn, which is to use Googles playstore app store to implant spyware into mobile phones or solve program vulnerabilities. It is by this means that the five eyes alliance has successfully stolen a large amount of information.

There is also the so-called clean cloud problem. The real cloud stealing bandit is the United States. The Washington Post has disclosed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has cooperated with the British government communications headquarters to launch the robust program, which frequently invades the cloud servers of Google and Yahoo, and even directly drains the data to its own database, thus collecting hundreds of millions of private information.

In addition, according to the New Zealand Herald, the United States, together with New Zealands intelligence agencies, had carried out network theft on the data connection line of the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland. In order to spy on privacy, the United States has not let go of a network cable of the Chinese Embassy and consulate. How can it not touch the intelligence rich mine of submarine communication cable? In recent years, Der Spiegel has exposed the US National Security Agencys invasion of the largest submarine optical cable sme4 between Europe and Asia. The Washington Post disclosed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has launched a number of optical cable theft projects, codenamed oakstar, stormtree, blarney and Fairview. The associated press has reported that the U.S. Navy has spared no effort to upgrade the Jimmy Carter submarine, in order to facilitate the theft of optical cables.

People should have at least integrity and sense of shame. In the face of these ironclad facts, we hope that those high-ranking officials in the United States will immediately stop discrediting China.

CCTV: it has been reported that the University of North Texas announced on August 26 that it would cut off its cooperation with Chinas national foundation for study abroad, asking for the cancellation of the visa for public funded researchers receiving the foundations subsidies and requiring them to leave the country within one month. Whats your comment?

Hua Chunying: I have noticed that the relevant reports, if true, will be another example of the destruction of the people to people and cultural exchanges between China and the United States. I also noticed that this news has aroused concern and criticism from some people in the United States.

In the 41 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, people to people exchanges, including the exchange of overseas students, have played an important and positive role in enhancing mutual understanding and understanding between the two peoples and promoting the stable development of Sino US relations. For a long time, Chinese students and scholars have made important contributions to the scientific and technological innovation and economic development of the United States. According to relevant data from the US side, Chinese students studying in the United States account for one third of the total number of students studying in the United States, contributing more than $15 billion to the United States every year.

It is a profound historical lesson that opening brings progress, while closure inevitably lags behind. It is hoped that the United States can look at Sino US relations more rationally and do more things conducive to mutual understanding, correct understanding and more friendly cooperation between the two peoples. If the U.S. side insists on its own way, the ultimate damage must be its own interests.

Beijing Youth Daily: it is reported that U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said that we do not trust China and want to verify that the goal is to urge the Communist Party of China to change its behavior. This is what the American people deserve, and its what Americas national security needs. What is Chinas comment on this?

Hua Chunying: todays U.S. diplomacy has been reduced to intimidation diplomacy, lies diplomacy and sanctions diplomacy. The chief diplomats of the United States lie every day to attack and discredit China. I think they have made a mistake and are on the wrong and dangerous road.

Pompeios ambition is great, but people have self-knowledge. China has 5000 years of splendid culture and splendid civilization. Next year, the Communist Party of China will usher in the 100th anniversary of its founding. As a 100 year old party, the Communist Party of China has 92 million members and nearly 20 million people are applying to join the Communist Party of China. According to the independent public opinion surveys conducted by Pew Research Center, Harvard University and other international well-known institutions, the support rate of the Chinese people for the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government has always been the highest in the world, with an average of more than 90%. Since this year, as you can see, under the strong and powerful leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people have achieved a strategic victory in fighting the epidemic with one mind and one mind. According to a Singapore poll, the Chinese peoples satisfaction and support rate for the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government have reached an all-time high.

On the contrary, I dont want to comment on the United States. The American media has already made a lot of reports. According to the public affairs research center jointly founded by the associated press and the University of Chicagos National Opinion Research Center, 80% of the respondents believe that the direction of the development of the United States is wrong, reaching the highest level in recent years. It also poses the greatest threat to the people of the United States in many countries, including its allies in the world. A well-known international scholar said that the idea that a country with less than 250 years of history can change a big country with more than 4000 years of political civilization is extremely absurd and arrogant.

South China Morning Post: Australian foreign minister said that Australian host Cheng Lei was arrested in Beijing. Can China confirm? In addition, Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong no longer holds the post of assistant minister. Can you disclose his new position?

Hua Chunying: I have no specific information to provide you. China is a country ruled by law, and relevant departments will handle affairs according to law.

On your second question, first of all, thank you for your attention to Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong. As a diplomat, jobs change frequently. I think you will soon know the new position of Assistant Minister Chen Xiaodong.

Kyodo News Agency: the president of the Czech Senate pointed out in his speech at the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan that it was right to visit Taiwan. What is Chinas comment on this?

Hua Chunying: Chinas position is very clear about the Czech Senate Presidents visit to Taiwan. Recently, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang met with the Czech ambassador to China and made solemn representations on the visit of the president of the Czech parliament Senate to Taiwan.

Ignoring Chinas resolute opposition and solemn negotiations, the president of the Senate of the Czech parliament, out of his own personal interests, under the inducement of the Taiwan authorities and the encouragement of Anti China forces, insisted on carrying out the so-called visit to Taiwan, openly supported the Taiwan independence separatist forces and separatist activities, seriously violated Chinas sovereignty and interfered in Chinas internal affairs. China strongly condemns this.

There is only one China in the world, and the government of the peoples Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing the whole of China, which is a fact recognized by the international community. The one China principle is the Czech national foreign policy and the political foundation of China Czech relations. As the leader of the Czech state, the president of the Senate of the Czech parliament openly defies the worlds public opinion, violates the one China policy consistently promised by the Czech government, and seriously violates international law and the basic norms of international relations. China will certainly make the necessary response to safeguard its legitimate interests.

We urge those who openly challenge Chinas sovereignty out of their own interests to face up to Chinas solemn position and serious concern, and not to underestimate the firm will of 1.4 billion Chinese people to safeguard their own sovereignty and security. We also call on all walks of life in the Czech Republic to make joint efforts to avoid further damage to Sino Czech relations caused by such malicious and short-sighted acts of invensteil.

CCTV reporter: on the 31st, assistant secretary of state of the United States, stavey, said at a video forum hosted by the heritage foundation, a us think tank, that in the past 40 years, US policy has been guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the three Sino US joint communiques and President Reagans six guarantees to Taiwan. The United States has declassified the Reagan era six guarantees to Taiwan, which are still valid today. The latest US move is not a policy change, but one of a series of major adjustments within the framework of the one China policy. The purpose of the dialogue is to establish a new economic history with Taiwan and support China. What is Chinas comment on this?

Hua Chunying: there is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an integral part of Chinas territory. The one China principle is the political basis and fundamental premise for the establishment and development of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. The so-called law on relations with Taiwan formulated unilaterally by the United States at that time and the so-called six guarantees of the United States to Taiwan seriously violate the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, seriously violate the basic norms of international relations and interfere in Chinas internal affairs. They are totally wrong, illegal and invalid. The Chinese government has firmly opposed it from the beginning. The United States should abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, rather than the Taiwan Relations Law or the six guarantees.

I would like to emphasize that the Taiwan issue is related to Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as Chinas core interests. No one can underestimate Chinas firm determination and will to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We urge the US side to abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, stop promoting substantive relations between the United States and Taiwan, stop carrying out any form of official exchanges with Taiwan, and stop going further and further along the wrong and dangerous road.

Special news agency of the United States

Hua Chunying: as I said just now, I dont know the specific situation of Chenglei. Please contact the competent department. China attaches great importance to Sino Australian relations, and the development of bilateral relations requires joint efforts of both sides. I would also like to stress that China has always acted in accordance with the law and will not do illegal things in the name of law like some countries.

Hua Chunying: China has taken note of the relevant news from the world bank and urges the world bank to carry out internal investigations in accordance with the rules and procedures of multilateral institutions in accordance with the principles of impartiality, objectivity and transparency, so as to effectively safeguard the reputation of the world bank and its Member States, and to maintain the professionalism and credibility of the global business environment report.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to optimizing the business environment, actively benchmarking the world-class level, and constantly deepening the reform of release, management and service, so as to stimulate the vitality of market players and social creativity. Last year, the number of Chinese enterprises increased by more than 10000 per day, attracting foreign direct investment of 138.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 2.4% over the same period of last year. These achievements are real, and the international community has made positive comments on them. China will unswervingly deepen reform, continue to work to create a market-oriented, rule of law, and international business environment, so as to create a good environment for high-quality economic development.

Indian Broadcasting Corporation: both India and China have said that the two sides have maintained communication through diplomatic and military channels. However, three months have passed and the two sides have not yet fully achieved their disengagement. India has been demanding the restoration of the status quo in April this year. Whats your comment?

Hua Chunying: with regard to the border and other issues left over from history, China has always advocated peaceful and friendly consultations to find a fair and reasonable solution acceptable to both sides. For some time, indeed, the two sides have held many contacts and talks at all levels, striving to find a peaceful solution to the border issue and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the Sino Indian border region.

However, on August 31, the Indian army violated the consensus reached in the previous multi-level talks between the two sides, illegally crossed the line again in the area south of Bangong Lake in the western section of the Sino Indian border and near the reqin mountain pass, openly provoked, causing the border situation to tense again. Indias actions have seriously violated Chinas territorial sovereignty, relevant agreements and important consensus between the two countries, and seriously damaged peace and tranquility in the border areas. This is contrary to the efforts of both sides to promote the relaxation and cooling of the local situation for some time. China firmly opposes this and has made solemn representations to India, demanding that India immediately stop all provocative acts, immediately withdraw illegal personnel crossing the line, and immediately stop any actions that lead to the escalation and complexity of the situation.

Reporter from Indian Broadcasting Corporation: China and India accuse each other of taking provocative actions. We are not quite sure. Can you make it clear to us?

Over the past 70 years since the founding of the peoples Republic of China, China has never initiated any war or conflict and has never occupied an inch of land of other countries. In fact, Chinas border defense forces have always strictly followed the actual line of control and never crossed the line. In line with the principle of good faith, China and India should take joint actions to safeguard peace in the region.

We have noticed that in recent years, Indian media have reported a lot about the Indian armys increasing troops to the Sino Indian border areas. If it is true, Indias move is inconsistent with the desire of the Chinese and Indian people to live in peace and maintain good, stable and healthy development of China India relations. It is hoped that India will pay attention to Chinas concerns and make practical efforts to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas and the healthy development of China India relations.

Beijing Daily: we have noticed that, yesterday, US Assistant Secretary of state David stavey said at a video forum hosted by the heritage foundation, a us think tank, that the US policy has been adjusted recently, mainly because of the growing threat from Beijing. We have also noted that the Washington Post yesterday criticized US Secretary of state pompeio for manipulating US foreign policy in order to realize his political ambitions. As a result, US diplomacy has suffered the most serious damage in decades and is the worst Secretary of state in the history of the United States. What is Chinas comment on this?

Hua Chunying: the remarks made by Shi Dawei are totally black and white. In fact, diplomats are committed to promoting mutual understanding and friendly cooperation among countries. However, it is very regrettable that todays U.S. diplomacy has degenerated into coercion diplomacy, sanctions diplomacy, lies diplomacy and pot throwing diplomacy.

Some senior U.S. diplomats live by lying, spreading rumors and slandering and attacking China all day. They are keen on creating lies, spreading hatred, interfering in other countries internal affairs, and even openly associating with some separatists and terrorists in order to suppress and contain other countries. They ignore international rules, trample on fairness and justice, and often break the contract and withdraw from the group, which makes the United States the biggest destroyer of the current international order. This is not only a misfortune for the United States, but also a threat to the world.

To be a man, one should have at least honesty, and a country should also have at least responsibilities and responsibilities. We hope that the US side will show its due appearance as a big country and earnestly shoulder its due responsibilities. If we cant play a more active role in world peace and stability, we should at least add less chaos.

Hua Chunying: this proves once again that American diplomacy has degenerated into sanctions diplomacy. Besides lying and deceiving, blaming and attacking China day after day, the US diplomacy is threatening or declaring sanctions. Its really sad.

China has repeatedly expressed its solemn stand on the issue of the US sides groundless crackdown on Chinese enterprises. The US sides identification of 11 Chinese enterprises as military controlled companies is a matter of fact, which is neither in line with legal principles nor based on. China firmly opposes it. The US side has repeatedly generalized the concept of national security, abused state power and suppressed specific Chinese enterprises, which seriously violated the market competition principle and international economic and trade rules that the United States has always boasted.

I would like to emphasize that Chinese enterprises always adhere to the law and compliance operation, and strictly abide by the laws and regulations of various countries, including the United States, in their international operations. Chinese enterprises have always adhered to the principle of marketization and legalization. Chinese enterprises will continue to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries on the basis of respecting market rules and relevant laws. It is hoped that the US side will stop the misbehavior of generalizing the concept of national security to suppress specific foreign enterprises, which will not bring us any benefits.

China Daily: on the 31st, former Indian president Mukherjee died at the age of 85. How does China evaluate its role in Promoting Sino Indian Relations during his term of office? Will you express sympathy to the Indian side?

Hua Chunying: Mr. Mukherjee, a senior Indian Politician and leader, has visited China many times and has made positive contributions to promoting the development of China India relations. We remember that in 2014, it was he and Chinese leaders who jointly announced a closer partnership for development. The unfortunate death of former president Mukherjee is the loss of the Indian people and the cause of China India friendship. We mourn the tragic death of former president Mukherjee and express our sympathy to his relatives and family.

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