Australian media: Chinese Australian and former cgtn host Cheng Lei was arrested in mainland China, but the Chinese side has not responded

 Australian media: Chinese Australian and former cgtn host Cheng Lei was arrested in mainland China, but the Chinese side has not responded

In order to let the world understand the real China and break all kinds of vilification of China, our country should make efforts. However, up to now, most of the initial reports on the friction between China and foreign countries are first issued by foreign media. Many of those reports have implanted values and positions different from those of China, which have a negative impact on Chinas image.

Therefore, our public opinion system should fundamentally reverse the preference of low-key reports when things happen. In the event of external friction, we must not use the idea of pacifying people to dominate the report planning. Instead, we should seize every minute to rush the news, spread the Chinese perspective and attitude to the world at the first time, and seize the first spot of news. This is more important than the number of articles published after the event.

As the saying goes, facts speak louder than eloquence, but in the field of international public opinion, we cant just deal with all parties with this kind idea. The facts should also be said that they can not be copied by false plots. We should not only stand firm in fact, but also be good at eloquence.

Therefore, if foreign law breakers are arrested in all parts of China, they must inform the media at the first time. When there are disagreements in diplomacy, they should not hide it from the media. As the Chinese media get more exclusive news and dare to speak up, they will naturally become more and more powerful in the international public opinion field. Therefore, the success of foreign publicity depends not only on the media, but also on the joint efforts of our entire system.

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Robert OBrien, assistant to the US president for national security affairs, said Friday local time that the United States intends to hold high-level talks with India, Australia and Japan on security partners of the alliance of four in September and October, foreign media said.

Washington, Aug. 28 (Reuters) - OBrien said at the Atlantic Council that he may meet with his counterparts from three partner countries in October in Hawaii, while U.S. Secretary of state Mike pompeio will hold talks with foreign ministers of the so-called alliance of four in September and October.

OBrien once again played up the so-called free navigation.. The United States will firmly uphold the principle it has always adhered to, that is, the freedom of navigation in the worlds maritime channels and international waters, as well as in space and the right of way in international airspace, he said

The alliance of four deserves its name Is one of the most exciting diplomatic initiatives Its one of the areas that are most likely to succeed and achieve significant results in the future, he said, so Ill meet with partners in the alliance of four, probably in Hawaii in October.

I think [Secretary of state pompeio] will also meet with the foreign ministers of those countries in September and October, he added. We strongly support those allies.

Reuters pointed out that the alliance of four contacts were revived in 2017, with the aim of strengthening security cooperation and working together to replace the regional infrastructure financing scheme provided by China.

The two Australian Chinese authors who compiled the textbook had to be forced to prove their innocence.

Whats more, the appearance of this map is not the work of the two Chinese American authors of the textbook. It is because the publishers can not find the authorized map, they misuse the map. Publishers have apologized for this.