University promotes safety strategy for girls school side: rules known to primary school students

 University promotes safety strategy for girls school side: rules known to primary school students

On the morning of September 1, a staff member of the Student Affairs Department of Guangxi University told the surging news that clean and tidy clothes and proper etiquette and dress were stipulated in the student code. Guangxi University will specially make this announcement mainly because the climate in Guangxi is very hot. Many girls, especially those with better family conditions, cant adapt to it. They follow the habit of middle school, they will wear suspenders and wear more exposed clothes. Its true that there are many problems. Girls should get used to it after entering school.

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Guangxi University responds to female safety strategy: wearing exposed is not in line with campus etiquette (source: original)

The above-mentioned staff stressed that such provisions are not specific to girls. But from the management of campus etiquette, boys dont have bare shoulders, but many girls usually wear suspenders, which is not allowed in schools.

Do boys have suspenders to wear? Can boys be exposed? The staff said.

In response to questions raised by some netizens about whether such regulations have a legal basis, the staff responded, you can go to see the student management regulations of the Ministry of education, as well as the student management standards of colleges and universities. After entering the campus, they are no longer ordinary citizens. Students with higher education should first learn how basic etiquette is.

The staff stressed, you cant wear too much exposure, which should have been known to primary school students, but in the University, I feel that students have forgotten some of the most basic etiquette, so I mention it again.

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Experts talk about girls safety strategy: there is a certain gender stereotype

On August 31, a safety strategy for girls published by Guangxi Universitys ideological and political education website silent rain attracted netizens attention. Among them, for girls, it is suggested that dont wear clothes and skirts that are exposed, not low chested, not revealing waist and back, so as to prevent temptation, causing hot discussion among netizens.

Some netizens pointed out that wearing is personal freedom, and it is not appropriate to restrict girls wearing to prevent temptation. If it is necessary to guard against people, it should be the meaning of the topic to educate male students to prevent being seduced. If it is necessary to release the corresponding girls safety strategy, then the boys safety strategy should not be absent.

On August 31, he Xia, director and associate professor of anti discrimination law research center of Law School of Southwest University of Finance and economics, said in an interview with surging news that, on the whole, the girls safety strategy released by Guangxi Universitys rain silent platform was formulated from the perspective of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of female students, but individual provisions have certain gender stereotypes, which is worth considering.

He Xia said that it is easy to misunderstand and the guidance of public opinion against female students if they are required to dress, especially do not produce temptation. He Xia believes that sexual harassment and sexual assault are the perpetrators illegal behavior, and the wrong thing is the perpetrator and the unsafe environment.

At the same time, he Xia believes that clothes are also a way of self-expression. Why use temptation to describe girls wearing clothes with bare shoulders, waist and back? Why is it not tempting for boys to wear this way? Does this kind of stipulation treat girls as aesthetic objects to some extent? In addition, it may deepen a tendency that, once sexual harassment or sexual assault occurs, they will even blame girls more, and accuse them of their clothes or behaviors, so that they will feel that it is their fault to be hurt. Shame and self blame make many female victims dare not to stand up.

Xiong Bingqi, President of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said that some universities had issued similar safety requirements to remind female students, which were considered to have a strong gender stereotype. Xiong Bingqi believes that the school should deal with the phenomenon of sexual harassment in schools, instead of accusing girls of it is you who dress like this that leads to harassment.

Xiong Bingqi said that the schools safety education for students, so that students pay attention to protect themselves, the starting point is no problem, but the dress requirements for girls, it is questionable.

Schools cant dictate to students how to dress normally in the name of safety. Xiong Bingqi thinks.