After a gym in Changsha charged nearly 2 million membership fees, the former boss still shows off his wealth in the circle of friends

 After a gym in Changsha charged nearly 2 million membership fees, the former boss still shows off his wealth in the circle of friends

Surging news learned from Changsha police that the police station where the gymnasium is located has been involved in the investigation.

The next day, the gym closes

Mr. Zhao is an owner of Hengda Jiangwan community, Yuanda Road, Furong district, Changsha City. On April 18, 2019, he held a membership card of 5000 yuan in the niuyue swimming fitness club (hereinafter referred to as nyue fitness) in the community to meet the needs of his own fitness and children learning to swim.

Since the delivery of Hengda Jiangwan house in 2015, nyue fitness has been operating in the original sales department of the community, which is familiar to the residents.

According to the materials obtained by surging news, in May 2015, Changsha Xinfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinfu real estate), which is 100% controlled by Evergrande real estate group, leased its real estate (formerly Hengda Jiangwan Sales Department) of Hengda Jiangwan Real Estate complex building to Hunan Huaya Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaya company) for the lease term until July 31, 2023. The property has three floors, and the contract stipulates that it shall not be sublet. However, in May of the same year, Huaya company transferred the first and second floors to Changsha newyue fitness and Beauty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as nyue company) for operation until May 31, 2023. Subsequently, two huge iron framed signboards Huaya art school and niuyue swimming and fitness club were erected on the original sales department of Evergrande Jiangwan.

Starting from April 2019, residents in Evergrande River Bay and its surrounding areas found that nyue fitness began to issue advertising leaflets to recruit members. Among the owners of surrounding communities, news of nyue fitness membership card also appeared.

Ms. Xiao did three cards at one go. In addition to giving herself a five-year comprehensive fitness card, Ms. Xiao also gave her two children a swimming card of 1600 yuan and 1800 yuan from the Baoxue society, with a total consumption of more than 7000 yuan. I read the contract (between the gym and Evergrande property) and said that there are still more than four years before the contract is signed, which proves that they are reliable and safe. I dont think youre responsible for Evergrande. Ms. Xiao said.

Later, according to the card information obtained from the front desk of the gym, from April 11, 2019 to November 6, 2019, at least 1229 consumers have applied for various types of membership cards, with a total amount of at least 1.93 million yuan. Among them, the peak of card handling was mainly before August. In September, the amount of membership card is getting smaller and smaller, and even a challenge monthly card of only 518 yuan appears.

Ms. Zhao, the owner of Evergrande Jiangwan, said that she had applied for an annual swimming card of 3000 yuan in nyue fitness. Under the promotion of the advertisement, on September 23, 2019, she issued a challenge card of 518 yuan in nyue fitness. The next day she went swimming, she found that the gym was closed and the boss has run away..

Many members introduced that at the end of September last year, nyue fitness fire inspection was closed directly.

Its very similar to a lot of fitness services on the road. After that, consumers called the police, called the mayors hotline, complained to 315, and so on. Then, the gym opened for a short time, so in October and November, four more people applied for cards. We really believe and hope that this gym will continue. One member said.

However, during the pretend business hours, there was no coach in the gym, the swimming pool was not changed and heated, and the tiles at the bottom of the pool fell off, causing injuries to many members. By November, the whole gym was completely quiet.

Members still remember that in September 2019, after calling the police and waiting for the police to come, the members surrounded Wang Zhongxin, the head of the gym. He looks rich with gold and jade on his hands and neck. But at that time, he said that he had no money and owed the coachs salary, so the gym couldnt be operated Introduction of several members.

In September 2019, Wang Zhongxin, who was surrounded by members for discussion.

The surging news combed the payment information of dozens of members and found that many members paid Wang Zhongxin.

After the gym was closed, some members who added a wechat friend named Wang Zhongxin, the boss of the gym, found that in January 2020, Wang Zhongxin, who was called survival of the fittest on wechat, wantonly flaunted wealth in the circle of friends after the storm of running away was quiet. Several videos showed him wearing a gold watch, driving a suspected Ferrari and racing with passionate music.

Screenshot of Wang Zhongxin circle of friends

In July this year, the gymnasium located in the comprehensive building of Evergrande Jiangwan began to open again. But the iron frame sign on the roof was changed from new jump swimming fitness club to national strength swimming fitness club. Before that, the membership card in the new leap is invalid and must be renewed in order to continue swimming in the national strength.

National strength fitness and swimming club will be changed into a signboard after running road in 2020.

For more than 1000 consumers in the New York company for nearly 2 million yuan of membership card, said to Yanhua, can only find the new Yue company that gave the membership card at that time.

What is the responsibility of Huaya Co., Ltd., which cooperates with nyue? In this regard, Xiang Yanhua is evasive. However, in the interview, she revealed that the new spring swimming gymnasium has not been operating well since its establishment. For this reason, Huaya company once spent more than 200000 yuan to buy a boiler to heat the swimming pool. After the coachs strike last September, Huaya paid the coach more than 100000 yuan in arrears. When the gym was about to go wrong, Huaya company found that Wang Zhongxin had issued a batch of new leaflets in the office, which they stopped.

On August 27, surging news contacted Wei Mou, the person in charge of the company. Wei said that the new leap company has transferred the gym to Wang Zhongxin on April 7, 2019, so the company is not responsible for its membership rights and interests.

However, when members apply for the card, the official seal on the service contract and the receipt for payment clearly covers the special financial seal for swimming and fitness of new leap. In this regard, Wei said, thats the radish Chapter carved by Wang Zhongxin himself, which has nothing to do with Niu Yue.

Contract signed between members and new spring swimming fitness club

Liu Jiahui, a member of 315 law group of China Consumer Association and lawyer of Beijing Derun law firm, told surging news that it is easy to run away in prepaid consumption. After the rights and interests of consumers are infringed, it is difficult to protect their rights, because it is very difficult for individual consumers to spend time and energy in litigation for their losses of one or two thousand yuan, and seek help from 12315 and Consumer Association, but they can only mediate Mandatory, which creates opportunities for businesses.

Liu Jiahui introduced that in many runaway incidents, there are fraud, no service to take the money away, this is a kind of contract fraud. One party to a contract has no intention to perform its obligations at all, or knows clearly that it is unable to perform its obligations under the contract, but it swindles one partys property by signing a contract and fails to perform or perform a small part of its contractual obligations, which is a typical feature of contract fraud.

In addition, Liu Jiahui told the surging news that when consumers buy the fitness card of newyue company, they have formed a contractual relationship with neuyue company. The rights and obligations of newyue company to transfer the contract must be approved by the consumer. If the transfer is not made without the consent of the consumer, the company still bears full responsibility. If the company does not announce the transfer to consumers, whether the company knows about Wang Zhongxins card handling in its name, nyue will be held responsible. Because for consumers, Wang Zhongxins behavior is regarded as the behavior of new leap company. Huaya company, as the entrusting party of New York company, is fully responsible for the breach of contract of nyue company.

The surging news noted that in December last year, the Guangdong Maoming intermediate peoples Court upheld the contract fraud judgment against two gym shareholders. The judgment found that from November 2017 to September 2018, the weilman fitness club in Maoming City had difficulties in operation and could not make ends meet. The companys shareholders Zuo Mou Dong and Li Mou Feng still sold membership cards to the public in the name of the company at an ultra-low price to raise funds in the name of the company. In the end, there were more than 12000 people and the amount of money was more than 5.34 million yuan. However, the funds raised are used for club operation or other expenses, which results in the members being unable to get the promised return on fitness services, and they still owe more than 400000 yuan in arrears of workers wages, rent, water and electricity, which has a great adverse impact.

Many members also reported to the Mapoling police station of Furong Public Security Bureau of Changsha City for the behavior of Xinyue gymnasium and Wang Zhongxin. On August 27, the surging news learned that Mapoling police station had accepted the case and intervened in the investigation. The relevant person in charge of the Institute said that at present, Hunan is vigorously cracking down on prepaid consumption, and the public security organs will actively crack down on such suspected crimes.

Mapoling police station accepts member reports

Wu Wei, Secretary General of Hunan Consumer Council, said there were a large number of prepaid card disputes in the field of consumer services. In March this year, the Commission issued the Hunan Province prepaid consumption rights survey report.. 43.6% of the respondents have handled prepaid cards, and 14% of the cardholders have had rights protection experience. Among all the consumption problems, the proportion of operators running away is as high as 48.2%.

To this end, Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau carried out a special rectification action. By the end of July, a total of 41289 market entities were inspected, covering shopping malls, catering and other industries. Nine cases were filed and eight were banned according to law. Hunan will impose joint punishment and credit constraints on the blacklist enterprises, investors and senior executives who close their doors and run away residences abnormally in accordance with the law and regulations, strengthen the careful review of market access, and achieve one dishonest place and limited everywhere. We should maintain a high pressure on the illegal activities of prepaid consumption, and resolutely crack down on illegal behaviors such as concealment with money, malicious infringement and fraud.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });})(); According to Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of commercial law of Renmin University of China and vice president of China Consumer Association, on the one hand, it is necessary to improve the system design, such as the establishment of prepaid card prepayment amount, record approval, and third-party custody system. On the other hand, market supervision departments and public security organs should cooperate to eliminate the blind spot and vacuum of supervision Joint rectification. Liu Junhai told surging news that business running should not become the IQ tax paid by consumers. The negative effect of the road running incident is very big, because a piece of rat excrement spoils a pot of soup, which affects the integrity system construction of the whole market economy. The level of integrity depends on the lowest piece of wood. At present, there are failures in the market supervision departments, but the regulators should not fail. Instead, they should stand up and act on behalf of heaven and make good use of the authority given by law. (this article is from surging news, for more original information, please download surging news app) source: surging news editor: Hua Chengyu_ NBJ11143

According to Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of commercial law of Renmin University of China and vice president of China Consumer Association, on the one hand, it is necessary to improve the system design, such as the establishment of prepaid card prepayment amount, record approval, and third-party custody system. On the other hand, market supervision departments and public security organs should cooperate to eliminate the blind spot and vacuum of supervision Joint rectification.

(this article is from surging news. For more original information, please download the surging news app)