Netease e-mail master app online new function: 1000 words English accurate translation within 1 second

 Netease e-mail master app online new function: 1000 words English accurate translation within 1 second

This is not the first time that Netease has launched the English mail translation function. As early as 2007, Netease mailbox has taken the lead in introducing the dictionary function in the mailbox to provide word translation for users. In 2009, it became the first mailbox supporting full text translation in China. In 2014, Netease e-mail master app was born, and the popular English mail translation function was also online.

After this version upgrade, when the number of English words in the body of the email received by users is about half of the text, the full-text translation function will automatically appear on the page.

As shown in the figure above, users can translate English paragraphs into Chinese by clicking the translate button at the top left of the email body for easy viewing.

The great improvement of the translation quality of the online translation function on Netease e-mail master app stems from the cooperation of Youdao team.

According to the person in charge of Netease Youdao translation products, Youdao has overcome many technical difficulties based on the accumulation of machine translation in the past ten years, and has also carried out large-scale optimization of various scenes. For different industries, a lot of corpus has been accumulated in vertical fields. Some fields have separate models. The system automatically judges the text fields and assigns different models for translation. In view of the business and trade negotiation scenarios frequently used by mailbox users, different industries will call different models to translate specific terms in some industries more accurately and appropriately. In addition, Youdao has accumulated more than ten years in the e-mail scene. According to the characteristics of English E-mail writing, Youdao has also made a lot of optimization.

From this point of view, the introduction of high-quality Youdao artificial intelligence translation technology into Netease mailbox master app will greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of translation. For Netease email master app users, read English mail, soeasy.

Neteases product system is interlinked and user experience is better

According to the person in charge of Netease mailbox master app, the one click translation function of Netease mailbox master app English mail is based on Netease Youdao translation data and strong accumulation of AI technology. For Netease mailbox master app users, international communication is smoother; for Netease Youdao, it is another breakthrough in the application field of artificial intelligence technology. It can be said that this is a technical breakthrough of great significance to users and product growth. It has always been Neteases strategy to make the products more powerful. This strategy is very effective to enhance the user stickiness of Netease products and enhance the user interaction among products. In the future, Netease mailbox master app will also plan to access Youdao excellent courses, strictly select good things and other new services and content in Netease system to bring more surprises to users. Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease technology channel_ NT2541