Foreign media: Zhang Yiming reconsiders the prospect of tiktok and may even refuse to sell it

 Foreign media: Zhang Yiming reconsiders the prospect of tiktok and may even refuse to sell it

However, as a result of the actions taken by the Chinese government, Zhang Yiming may continue to own tiktoks US business after the US deadline, or even choose not to sell the business. According to people familiar with the matter, due to the complexity of the negotiations, the final agreement may be delayed until after the US election in November.

From the beginning, Zhang Yiming wanted to build a global company, said Rebecca Fannin, author of Chinas technology giant and founder of silicon dragon venture capital. Without the US market, he would not have been able to achieve that ambition. He is an independent and independent entrepreneur. He may eventually decide not to go ahead with the deal.

People familiar with the matter said the talks were full of uncertainties and Zhang Yiming was still likely to continue selling tiktoks US business. He can also negotiate a deal with the purchaser, but may not be able to complete the deal for other reasons.

Zhang Yiming has several reasons to resist the sale of tiktok. First of all, he and byte hopping dont need the money at all. According to cbinsights, a venture tracker, private equity has a byte jump valuation of $140 billion, with revenue of more than $17 billion and net profit of more than $3 billion in 2019, according to cbinsights. Investment bankers have begun to lobby Zhangs team about the possibility of listing in mainland China or Hong Kong, which will increase Zhangs net worth by billions or even tens of billions of dollars.

But even if banned, American teenagers can still download tiktok, bypassing U.S. restrictions and obtaining software from abroad. At the same time, tiktok can continue to operate in other parts of the world (except India) and further develop its business. This also leaves the possibility of re entering the United States in the future.

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Shen Yi: the Chinese government has officially entered tiktok. Its not so easy to sell tiktok

Shen Yi: its not so easy for tiktok to sell since the Chinese government has officially entered

On August 28, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of science and technology adjusted and released the catalogue of Chinas export prohibited and restricted technologies, in which the personalized information push service technology based on data analysis in the export restriction part was interpreted as referring directly to tiktok, which was rumored to be completed in the near future. Byte skipping also indicates that the national regulations will be strictly followed.

The Chinese government officially entered the game around tiktok, which undoubtedly increased the uncertainty of the subsequent development of the event. Professor Shen Yi from Fudan Universitys Department of international politics added a video to analyze some certainty in the uncertainty, and gave three reminders to all Chinese enterprises preparing to go to sea like tiktok.

Today, everything has become clear: on the one hand, politicians from the United States, competitors, the U.S. government and capital regard tiktok as a chicken that can lay golden eggs, and are eager to grab their own interests in this acquisition. On the other hand, with the revision of the catalogue of Technologies Prohibited and restricted by China issued by the Ministry of Commerce, the Chinese government officially entered the WTO Into this game. The bottom line has been made clear, and the tools are in place. If extreme circumstances happen, this acquisition of vibration Internet industry is likely not to be approved at the government level.

Huaweis 6.6 billion yuan of inventory limits the overstock of Huaweis chip industry! Ali plans to buy 12% shares of Yuantong, with a total holding of 22.5%. Foreign media: Zhang Yiming reconsiders the plan for tiktok. Source: Netease technology report editor in charge: Wang Fengzhi_ NT2541