Liu Tao and Li Guangmings views on parenting

 Liu Tao and Li Guangmings views on parenting

When four groups of different families are faced with the same start, their different views on parenting start a real collision. In this challenge of entering school age, parents and children hand in hand with small hand on the runway of life.

Four families face the starting challenge in the beginning of school season

Starting line takes four groups of different families as the starting point of the story, which shows in detail the life picture of the family facing young to small. Facing their respective educational topics, the eight parents have different views on parenting.

Full time mother Lin yunyun (Yinger) is like most parents who help their children run away. In order to give her daughter Gu linxinyue the confidence to choose her own life, she wants to advance the starting line earlier and earlier. But husband Gu Jiawei (Li Zonghan is acted the role of) is that he cant tolerate the second, and he must be the best strict tiger father. He not only requires himself in this way, but also makes the whole family enter the state of starting in preparation for the war.

The second child family formed by he Jinghua (Hu Ke) and Jiang Bo (Jia Jinghui) is even more troubled. The strategy of first child according to books, second child according to pig has long been invalid, and the doting of the next generation has caught people by surprise. He Jinghua, who only wants to save himself, has no choice but to accept the fact that the second child education has to start from scratch. Her husband, Jiang Bo, has to become the adhesive of family relations for harmony The parent-child relationship.

In order to make a living, Shen Xiaoyan (Tao Xinran) and Li Qiang (Zhang Ruihan) who are struggling to make a living have produced Niu WA Li Feifan, whom every family envies. However, the two legged gold gobbler gives them the most realistic problem: whether they should spend every cent for their children, or how many things they can do?

Every family is faced with the choice that follows. The starting line is interpreted from multiple perspectives, which shows the real challenges of parenting in a panoramic way. From the small perspective of from the young to the small, all living beings, it reveals the big topic of family education and parents growth.

Starting line gave a special killing gift at the beginning of the school season. Four groups of parents received special awards drawn by their children. In the childrens world, the company and appreciation of parents are invaluable treasure for them. The four families big hand in small hand completed this warm heart killing, moving towards the real starting line of life together.

The role of a mother awakens the fighting spirit of mothers. What she wants to become is a strong person and a mother with full marks in the workplace. She firmly believes that the realization of self-worth is as important as the education of children. As a full-time wife, Lin yunyun is also determined to find her independent self in the process of learning to be a mother who really sets an example for her daughter. He Jinghua no longer follows others Shen Xiaoyan, who is just for her mother, tries her best to fight for her children. Starting line depicts such a group of women who ride the wind and waves. Every high-energy mother is looking for her own life orientation and value significance in the process of child rearing.

Starting line focuses on the current situation of parenting, whether to let children win in the starting line, whether there is a difference between working mothers and full-time mothers, how to balance the two childrens families, whether they should pay everything for their children The story of every family reflects the care of reality. As the creators of the special series of youth killing said, what a happy family needs is mutual trust, understanding, tolerance, and recognition... Parents are the starting line of children. The growing process of parents and children in the drama expresses the efforts of the creators to return to the original intention of family education.

Return to the heart of education and grow up with children. I believe that the starting line can win the resonance of the audience through the reflection of real life.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Yang Ming_ NV5736