Lovers chat record: one second before the girls emotional explosion, the next second apologized and confessed, too much

 Lovers chat record: one second before the girls emotional explosion, the next second apologized and confessed, too much

His parents also said that my parents should accompany me. Why didnt I let my parents answer the phone at that time, because I didnt let my parents tell them. I said my parents had a brother to take with me, so I didnt have time to accompany me.

His father said that his mother would accompany me. I heard him as an uncle and thought it was a man, so I didnt promise. So this is a misunderstanding. I told my boyfriend to explain it to his parents, but he didnt go. In this case, his parents told her boyfriend to break up with me.

My boyfriend quarreled with me on the phone last time. When his classmates heard about it, they also told him to break up with me and said that I was out of line. Because these two things add up, my boyfriend thinks Im not very good, he said, especially his classmates also advised him.

I cried when I went to his house this morning. Admit its my fault and tell him not to be influenced by others. He didnt say anything. He said that he had to consider whether to divide the phone or not. He didnt answer the phone or return the information for four days. I wanted to make up for it and bring him food. But what should he do if he didnt answer the phone.

He is that kind of introverted person, I cant eat and sleep every day, Im suffering from waiting, I dont want to hear him say goodbye, what to do.

Cold love reply:

Through this article today, we can build a safety guide for girls.

Before we begin todays discussion, lets make a few digressions that have nothing to do with safety.

The first thing that attracted me to this story was the chat record.

Through this chat record, we can see such a kind of people: whether boys or girls, there are people who like to please others. They will play coquettish with you and try to please you.

But its them who blame you when you dont satisfy them.

Flattery and blame are like two sides of the same coin.

This is fully reflected in this chat record.

Another chat record is the same, she said: you ignore me, do not respect me, break up, break up, after a period of time said, stomachache, husband, completely a flatter face.

Here, I would like to give a warning to all those who like to please others through this story

If you like to please others, you will always feel cold.

Its also a reminder to everyone else: when someone flatters you, be aware that they are likely to blame you in the future.

Next, lets move on to our topic today.

With this story, we want to discuss a common and widespread phenomenon: many people have deep fear of the world.

So we want to provide these readers with a safety guide to help them face a disturbing world.


Building cognitive differences

For the danger of the world, men feel different from women.

Through this observation, I realize that there are objective differences between men and women in this respect.

Just like the conflict in todays story, maybe girls feel that they need to be protected, while boys feel that there is no danger and there is no need to protect them.

In this case, a girl needs to express to the boy that she is really afraid of such a feeling.

Boys, on the other hand, have to understand that gender differences, cognitive differences and so on.


Distinguish between objective danger and imaginary fear

We will find that there are some dangers that exist objectively.

For example, on a trip to a small country, when I checked into a hotel, the front desk of the hotel said to me, Sir, please dont leave our hotel after six oclock in the afternoon.

I was shocked and I said, is there such a rule?

The front desk said, if you leave our hotel, we cant guarantee your safety.

Then I found out that there was a security machine at the door of the hotel, and everyone who entered the hotel was checked for weapons.

At that time, I looked at the armed security guards and realized that the security here was like this, that there were real dangers around, and that the front desk of the hotel had given very clear safety guidelines.

This is called objective danger..

Ive had this experience more than once. Once at home in Hong Kong, China, I closed my eyes and washed my hair when I took a bath at night. I felt a little uneasy in the process.

But reason told me that there was no one else in my family, and my residence was also in a very secure environment, without any danger.

Similar experience, as some readers said, Im afraid of the dark, even if a room is obviously safe, I need to turn on the light to sleep at night..

These are all imaginary fears that have something to do with our early experiences.

After building these basic common sense and consensus, lets talk about the operation method.


The operation method is divided into three parts

First, seek protection.

When we go out for the first time, we may need a guardian or a very reliable person as a good travel partner.

This is a necessary journey for one to become a hero facing the world alone.

So, just like many people who just went to college to report for duty, they all needed their parents company. Our first trip really needs to be protected.

In this process, we can imitate the actions of others in the protected actions.

For example: how to buy a ticket? How to choose a proper and safe place to stay? How to plan your actions properly? How to ensure their personal safety and financial security and a series of processes need to be observed and imitated.

These are all necessary.

In addition to seeking appropriate protection, individuals in daily life, such as late time to go out to take a car, record the license plate; when going out, try to be in a monitored environment; at certain times and places, observe safety guidelines, etc., all of which need us to learn.

If you have more needs in this regard, you can tell us through the comments that we can provide more in-depth action guidance at the practical level.

In a word, the first part is to reduce the risk of objective level as much as possible and ensure personal safety.

Second, how to deal with subjective fear?

It also needs a process, a process to be faced with for the first time.

For example, if you really go out on your own for the first time and then have a safe experience, you can cover up some bad experiences in the past.

Like this scene in the story, girls feel its dangerous to go to the exam, so find a girl who is going to take the exam together. This is also a way of partnership.

Or, if a person goes to bed at night and turns off the light, he will be afraid. If he turns off the light and feels afraid, he will turn on the light for a while and turn it off when he feels safe.

Its a kind of repeated practice, through which the experience of practice gradually covers those fears.

Because its possible that these fears come from some of our early experiences in infancy that are so deep in consciousness that we dont even notice.

Arrive first, and the awareness is very clear before leaving.

As I mentioned earlier, the fear of closing my eyes when I wash my hair must be that I am in that fear again and again. If I do not open my eyes or act, I will stay in that fear. If I really connect with that fear, it may be connected to an earlier experience, and then I can slowly come out.

To sum up, for the fear of experience level and emotional fear, we can only arrive first, then leave, and then create a new experience, and then cover it.

In this way, after the whole cycle is completed, the problem can be basically solved.

Finally, in addition to the above aspects, there is another key point: safety is always a cost-effective issue.

Whether it is objective security or subjective experience, it is a cost-effective issue.

Objectively speaking, the more expensive the place is, the better the security measures are generally.

All of us can work hard to create life counter attack and improve the safety factor of survival.

Subjectively, the security experience can also be obtained through consulting, attending some courses, or other forms of help.

For most of our needs, including security requirements, there are solutions, but these solutions need to be paid by us.

In addition, it is worth emphasizing that we should properly distinguish the subjects who help us.

For example, in this story, the parents of boys have no responsibility or obligation to protect the female owner.

People say, what are your parents doing?

Its understandable to find a boyfriend to help yourself, because its not only a security issue, but also an emotional need for company.

However, it is difficult for other people to accept that their parents have more important tasks to protect themselves, and that the safety of their younger brother is more important than their own.

Safety is a reason, but safety can not be used as an excuse for wanton behavior. It can be given to this girl and all other people.

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