An 89 year old Chinese was set on fire in New York

 An 89 year old Chinese was set on fire in New York

According to Hong Kongs east net report, Brooklyn, New York, is a popular Chinese settlement, and crimes against Asian Americans have been reported from time to time. In July, an 89 year old Chinese woman left her home earlier when she was slapped and ignited by two masked men.

The Cantonese speaking old man, who was interviewed by ABC afterwards, said she was attacked by two men within minutes of leaving her home in Bensonhurst on July 14, and her back was quickly ignited. She ran away in a hurry and leaned against the wall to put out the fire. Fortunately, it was OK. The old man said she had never met the assailant and that the attacker had not tried to snatch her wallet or cell phone.

Wu Yanzu, a Chinese film actor born in San Francisco, said in an interview with local media that he was shocked when he saw that the 89 year old man was attacked and set on fire. He felt that everyone must oppose this abominable act and bring the perpetrators to justice. He decided to raise 15000 US dollars (about HK $120000) to arrest the murderer. The local singer MCJin has set up a $15000 reward fund, so the reward has been increased to $30000 (about HK $232000).

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