White moonlight: what happened to the man who abandoned his wife and son for a third party?

 White moonlight: what happened to the man who abandoned his wife and son for a third party?


The problem that can be solved with money is simply not a problem. Hundreds of thousands of people have lifted the crisis and returned Zhang Xin to his family. It seems like the best ending, but its not the real one. It is not sun Wenwen who threatens Zhang Xin and Zhang Yi, but Yang Yan is the big boss hiding behind her. Like Ling Ling Ling in the first half of my life, she is not surprising. It is often such a woman that she can approach men quietly and disintegrate your family quietly. Until the truth is discovered, it may be unbelievable: is it her? Did I make a mistake?


Ironically, Zhang Xin really divorced Zhang Yi. Of course, he wanted to keep Zhang Yis career and his future. That contract will make Zhang Yi infamous in this industry. This is forced to divorce, Zhang Xin heart toward Zhang Yi. Such a divorce, as if some great and some tragic.. Dont think about it, why did Yang Yan attack Zhang Xin? Fly does not bite seamless egg, you are that crack egg. Instantly, let your marriage go to the edge of the cliff. A little step further, it will be enough to fall into the abyss of eternal darkness.



In real life, there are people like Zhang Xin who are forced to divorce by a third party. After he abandoned his wife and son, the biggest possibility is to go out of the house. Because, he is sorry for this family, sorry for this wife and children. With nothing, will the third party follow him? Its a problem. Some third party see you do not have money, may want her to raise, the first time run without a trace. Of course, it will be like Zhang Xin. Forced to marry a third party, who knows whether the family members of the third party accept themselves? Like Wang Lu, how could Yang Yan marry Zhang Xin?


Even if the marriage with a third party is successful, such a family is inherently deficient. Youll have to pay it back sooner or later. Maybe its not the other way to imagine today, but not tomorrow. Maybe, you have to bear all kinds of pain before you enjoy the happiness. No wonder, see Zhang Xin in Zhang Yi photography exhibition tears - do you understand? A man who abandons his wife and son is more likely to repent. I regret that I made this decision. From then on, he lost his family and his wife and children.