Women must be thin? Zhang Wei and Yang Tiantian tell you: there is no standardized beauty and ugliness

 Women must be thin? Zhang Wei and Yang Tiantian tell you: there is no standardized beauty and ugliness

It is rare to hear the discussion of womens fat and thin in public occasions, but Yue Yunpeng said that Lis legs are thick? Is there a mistake? In the program, listani said: my parents have opposed to dancing since I was a child. I cant help it. My family doesnt allow me. The traditional educational concept cant keep up with it. I always think its wrong to dance and sing. But with my unremitting efforts, I finally embarked on this road, although the dancing is not very good. Li stani teased herself, while Yue Yunpeng took the words: mm-hmm, yes, I dont think you are suitable for dancing. Your legs are a little thick.


Well, is Yue Yunpeng talking about cross talk? Again, its a talk show. Finally, a contestant is talking about humiliating womens bodies. They said: the biggest feature of a certain online store is that their clothes are only small in size. I dont think its a good idea to leave this shop if you cant wear it? Cant your door be redesigned? You change the door into a high-voltage grid that only BM girls can drill, and the mesh is small, so that we ordinary girls can have a long memory. Discrimination against the body is everywhere. Is this aesthetic normal?


Women must be thin? Zhang Wei expressed strong opposition: women must be thin. Who said that? Is it because the magazine says that girls must be thin. The men who run magazines and Design Womens clothes first dont like women. Do you understand that As soon as this was said, the audience stood up and applauded. It suddenly dawned on people that we, who had always believed in the beauty of being thin, were cheated by a group of men who didnt like girls. I think, they not only dont like girls, they are just torturing girls. Girls for their own body anxiety, it is the fault of the outside world!


A long time ago, Da Zhang Wei has made it clear that if the peoples aesthetic standards of the whole country are increased by 10 jin, no one will embarrass anyone. If everyone grows 10 jin, no one will feel fat. How comfortable and how to live? Is this just a talk? After all, in order to evaluate others eyes, we have become cautious. In fact, what does your fat and thin have to do with other people? For the sake of others, you have to lose weight. I dont dare to eat well, even if Im hungry!


Yang Tiantian also expressed her views. She thinks: girls should not be defined by standards. There is no standardized beauty and ugliness. You can just like yourself. The most important thing is: you dont need them to like you. Who are they? Zhang Wei is very cute. He points to Yang Tiantian and says, I like this kind of girl best. I like this fluffy girl best. Hey, how can you hear the compliment so comfortable from the big mouth?


The beauty and ugliness of women really dont need to be defined by others. Who are they, you say?