Skyscraper: men are more likely to succeed, so women should go home and have children?

 Skyscraper: men are more likely to succeed, so women should go home and have children?


The identity of Molly Li is the architects wife. But the real architect, shouldnt it be her? Her husband Lin Dasen is inferior to her. When I was a student in the Architecture Department of Manchester University, I won every design competition with the boys in the Department. Including her husband, Lin Dasen. He has always been the second. In Li Molis opinion, Lin Dasen has no talent at all. Lins works are actually the works of Molly Li. Lin Da Sen is happy to accept all this, although he will have to admit: he really does not have any talent, a lot of inspiration is Li Moli.


Why is that? Because Li Molis father acquiesced in all this. He believes that men are more likely to succeed than women, and there is a preference for men in every industry. And get the greatest protection. Including, Molly Lees father. What is a womans true happiness? A man who will take care of you, rely on you and love you. Dont think, this man can really give you rely on it? Love you, protect you, or just your wishful thinking. Take a look at Lin Dasen in skyscraper. He also depends on his wife for inspiration.


After graduating from University, Molly Li has been a lecturer in the Department of architecture at the University of Manchester City. She resigned because she wanted to go home and have a baby. She suffered trauma when she was a child, so Molly Li would habitually miscarry. This is the biggest physical and mental harm to women. After two miscarriages, Li Molis parents and Lin Dasen strongly urged her not to work any more. Having children is more important than being an architect. How ironic is this prejudice? But for Molly Li, it can only be so. Everyone told her that going back to have a baby is your best choice. result? As you can imagine.


Come on, its 2020 now, OK? Why are there such backward thoughts? Are we really standing talking without backache? I cant say that work is more important than family. But at least one should have such a sense: This is no longer the era when men are responsible for making money and supporting their families, and women are responsible for beautiful flowers. Both men and women have to work hard for this family. Its selfish of a man to let a woman give up her career to become a whole family! Li Moli asked, why do women work hard like men? it seems that women dont have to work hard?


Why is gender equality and gender discrimination ubiquitous? Even if, women will discriminate against women - is that really speechless? Lets see how the family counseled Li Moli: you and Dasen cant be indifferent to each other now. Mom means that you are as good as Dawson, but women should not be too strong. You dont have to fight with men. Its not appropriate for you to delay your birth in the future. Later, you will be yourself, and you and Dawson are married now, and you are a family. If he succeeds, you will succeed. Hehe, is it shameful to say that?


Women really have no status in the family and society. Can having children solve the problem?