To borrow a room

 To borrow a room

Cao said, if you cant do it, its just a house. The national development and Reform Commission will go to see the house in the afternoon. Dont delay me.

Curator Lu was in a dilemma. He thought it over and decided to free up the directors office and adjust himself to squeeze in. Such a toss caused a lot of peoples opinions, and his ears were almost worn out by complaints.

Sure enough, as soon as he went to work in the afternoon, the section chief of the economic information section of the national development and Reform Commission came to the cultural center. When curator Lu met this man, his heart was even more blocked.

Ning section chief looked at the room vacated for him and thought that the office lighting was not good and the area was small. Director Lu said patiently, chief Ning, look at my present office. Its far worse than this. Its difficult to turn around. If you dont like it, I cant help it.

Curator Lu stamped his feet and found a place to call director Cao. He said excitedly, director, the conference room cant be lent out! We have to use every week for our political and professional studies, as well as for training classes and lectures...

Director Cao interrupted director Lu: what you said is not important. The important thing is to have a good relationship with the national development and Reform Commission. You are also a leader. Can you have a sense of the overall situation?

Director Cao was also angry: what I promised you to stop? If the new project of the cultural center is stuck in the development and Reform Commission, are you fair?

Lu curator immediately stopped, Cao continued: since you dont have this ability, dont add trouble. Speaking of this, director Cao eased his tone, Lao Lu, it wont take two or three years, the building of the national development and Reform Commission will be repaired, and then section chief Ning will move away. Besides, dont you also hope to build the new building of the cultural center before you retire?

Director Lu couldnt say anything. Section chief Ning came over at this time and asked provocatively, Lao Lu, is my stuff moved in or out? Give me an explanation!

Move in! Director Lu put down this sentence and left in a huff.

One year later, curator Lu was in trouble. More than ten years ago, a student who liked to play flute in the county was trained in the cultural center. He didnt expect to become a famous flute player when he grew up. The provincial TV station is going to shoot a special film for him, in which he wants to restore some scenes in which he was tutored in the conference room of the cultural center. But now the meeting room is used by Ning section chief, and curator Lu is certainly in a dilemma.

Curator Lu had to go to find director Ning. After listening to director Lus intention, Ning said with a wave of his hand, dont say you cant spend an hour in the morning! Now that the conference room is mine, I has the final say, and I cant let you toss about. Well, now you get a flute player, and then you can get a piano player and erhu player. Its not intentional to run on me

Curator Lu said: we absolutely do not mean that, we are just for work, only this time, you can cooperate.

Ning section chief cross legged said: I said cant, you dont waste time.

Director Lu was so angry that he refused to make a feature film. Because of this, everyone complained about his incompetence. Director Lu was so angry that he got sick.

You dont go back and write a resignation report, but I tell you, the house cant be taken back without my permission, Cao said angrily

Curator Lu choked his neck and cried, the house was borrowed when I was in office. I must take it back before I step down! Dont you dare, chief? Ill go to see director Sun now

Lu curator was caught by a stream of evil fire, turned his head and left. Cao did not look back.

Director Lu came to the national development and Reform Commission. He went to the door of director Suns office in one breath. He was about to knock on the door and was suddenly discouraged. Just as he was in a dilemma, someone behind him said, do you want to see director Sun?? Hes at the meeting, not in. Director Lu looked back and found that it was a small cluster in the office of the national development and Reform Commission. Xiao Cong warmly greets Lu and asks him what he wants to do with director Sun. At last, he said, XiaoCong, I know its no use looking for director Sun, but if you have a chance, please help me speak in front of director Sun.

Small Cong Leng Leng Leng, suddenly said: you dont have to look for director Sun, I make the decision, you go back to the conference room back is. Curator Lu said with a bitter smile: XiaoCong, Im in a panic now. Dont make such a joke with me...

Curator Lu, Laoning retired at this time last year, or did I do the retirement procedures for him. After he retired, the Jing Xin Ke was withdrawn. Frankly speaking, the Jing Xin Ke was specially set up for him. Why is he still working with you now

On hearing this, curator Lu was so angry that he vomited blood and said with hatred: I said how can this guy come here only once every ten days and a half months...

Author: Li Xuetao