Recitation: the rise and fall, different results

 Recitation: the rise and fall, different results

The past of the world of mortals, memories in the fleeting years mottled light. Walking along the river of time, I gently pick up the petals of the years, dont enter the pages of time, like a folded bookmark. This page, in the endless life of the long river, has become a memory, recorded a touch of classic fragrance.

When I read about it, there are thousands of rivers and mountains.

A wisp of thoughts in my heart, like bees and butterflies flying quietly on the branches in spring, whining, bringing a touch of spring. We may be filled with joy of nature when it flies and lingers. Therefore, our eyes, because of this joy, will be full of smile, full of spring breeze, the whole person, seems to be gentle up, the whole heart, also with warm up: I see green hills more charming, I see blue water more soft;

Such joy, such poetic, is after reading, our hearts like a spring, in the ordinary life of a porridge and a meal, opened the beautiful appearance of poetry; from then on, the mountains and rivers are far away, the earth is thick and the sky is high. From then on, we waved goodbye to all the miscellaneous and fetters, full of Yuan Qi, high spirited, happy life, holding the sword to the end of the world!

A thought falls, vicissitudes of life!

The long river of life is always rolling forward. It never favors anyone, and never abandons anyone. Only when we think about it, we give up our destiny, but destiny never gives up on us.

If, because of a moment of laziness and decadence in our hearts, we still stand where we are after seeing other peoples thousands of mountains and rivers, and paint our own prison with various regrets and regrets. Others have experienced rich and colorful mountains and rivers, read all the prosperity of the world, but we, who are lazy and empty, can only gaze at the stars, and still have nothing.

The dark cloud said to the sun: your face and your eyes seem to have burned the whole universe, making the sky and the earth turn to ashes. Therefore, even before I incarnate into fragments, I will give the world one final prestige and announcement. Therefore, the thunder rumbles, the lightning flashes, and the dark clouds use the whole body to solve the problem. However, when the sun is still rising in the East, the dark clouds have already disappeared, and the situation has changed.

Like the sunset glow, when you read to the sun, you are full of tenderness and joy;

Heart with a thought, up and down, sad and happy. It seems that this is impermanent, but it can be traced back.

Things in the world, and to be read, everything can be smooth, everything can be expected!

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