White moonlight: marriage has a third party, common six kinds of psychology, each of which should be able to resolve

 White moonlight: marriage has a third party, common six kinds of psychology, each of which should be able to resolve

However, no matter how powerful a woman is, when she is faced with her husbands betrayal, she will also be unable to resist. All kinds of negative emotions interweave and all kinds of depression and despair appear.

Maybe some people will say: did not think that their partner will change heart will betray? If you think about it, if you know its not uncommon, why is it so hard to accept after it happens?

In fact, its like knowing that people will die some day, but its still hard to accept when relatives and friends die.

There is another reason, as Zhang Yi, the heroine of white moonlight, said: even if people know that love will disappear, promises will fail, and we will be separated, we will feel that we will be the exception.

Zhang Yi in white moonlight is also a typical woman strong man, and he is a clear woman in charge of external affairs and men in charge of internal affairs. The husband, as she said, is not tall, looks ordinary, even some ugly, very ordinary man.

At first, I thought that choosing him was nothing more than feeling that he could give himself a sense of security, that is, the mentality of low marriage. He felt that he was better than others and that they loved him more, so he was reluctant to betray himself and was afraid of losing himself.

The result learned that the other side betrayed themselves, there were other women outside, still sad to be unable to work and live normally, people questioned that she was not strong enough.

As a matter of fact, most women still attach great importance to marriage. No matter the people they love or those who love themselves, as long as they are happy together, one day the other party changes heart, she will not accept it.

Once betrayal occurs in marriage, the injured party will have a variety of complex psychological activities. Among these psychological activities, the most common six kinds are found in almost every person who encounters betrayal. If there is, we should know how to resolve it, so as to make ourselves a little better.

1u3001 Its hard to accept being cheated. I feel like a fool and feel sorry for myself

Being cheated will bring a sense of frustration, feel like a fool, feel that the love and intimacy expressed in the past have become a joke, and also feel that the pride generated by thinking that the other party loves him very much also collapses. At that moment, he who is regarded as a fool is very pitiful.

If the other party cheated you for a long time, you dont need to feel stupid or pitiful, because he is still deceiving you and concealing your kindness to you, which means that he doesnt want to lose you or even love you. Its just because of other psychology that he makes mistakes.

It can even be understood that betraying that person is more pitiful. For example, Zhang Yis husband, Zhang Xin, is mostly because his wife is too excellent and capable. However, he has been a housekeeper for many years, taking care of his wife and daughter, but no one cares about himself, worships himself, and takes care of himself.

2u3001 Compare your partners new love with yourself and wonder what kind of person he gave up for

In the white moonlight, Zhang Yi mistakenly thinks that her husband Zhang Xin has something to do with sun Wenwen, a kindergarten teacher. She is restless every day and wants to go east and West. Later, I got to know Yang Yan, a saleswoman in the book bar downstairs, and chatted with each other about these worries.

Once, Yang Yan said that she would check the phone, information and whereabouts of her husband after she found out that her husband had changed his mind and wanted to know who the woman was

Who is important? asked Zhang Yi

Yang Yan said: important, want to know what kind of woman let him abandon me.

Although Zhang Yi didnt know that Yang Yan was her husbands new love at that time, he didnt know that some of the things Yang Yan said to her had different meanings. She only thought that she said something very reasonable.

When many wives learn that their husbands have changed their minds, their first reaction is to find out the new lover and find out what she looks like, what she does, whats extraordinary, and where she is inferior to her.

If the other person is more beautiful and younger, he will feel more sad and frustrated. If the other side is worse than himself, he may feel better.

Think from another angle: no matter what his new love looks like, there is no need to compare. Because we cant compare time, many times, people looking for new lovers are just tired of the old love, but only the novelty.

Moreover, there is no perfect person. Even if that person is superior to others and stronger than yourself, it is also a very normal thing. There is no need to deny yourself because even if you are just a housewife, you will have your own brilliance.

Of course, if you are really worthless, you still need to reflect on the reasons for giving up and think about what changes should be made in the future.

3u3001 Not necessarily afraid of divorce, but afraid of losing children, also afraid of children reluctant to part with either of their parents

Although she has been working and has a career, and her daughter has been brought up by her husband, the pain she suffered when she gave birth to her daughter and her care for her daughter can not be ignored.

What she fears most is not necessarily the loss of her husband and marriage, but the fear of losing her daughter. In particular, my daughter was closer to her father, so she chose to live with her father.

At the same time, I was worried that the child could not bear such separation, because the child would certainly not give up his father or his mother. If you want to divorce, you have to bring some harm to the children.

This kind of psychology is indeed a lot, and it is not easy to do. Many peoples partners have a new love, but the other half choose to forgive, and choose not to divorce. In fact, most of the reasons are really for the children.

Therefore, even if the parents are not with their children, they will grow up healthily and smoothly. What they can do is to create some good economic conditions for them. Of course, when you can, give as much company as you can.

4u3001 Im afraid I dont have face in front of my family and friends, and Im afraid my parents cant explain it

This is the psychology that many people will have. In fact, these problems are very easy to solve, especially the face. There is no need to bear the burden.

Because there are so many changes in your partners heart these days, most of the time, its not your charm. There are many reasons why two people cant go on. How to guess and joke is ignored.

Their parents worry, so to be stronger, more calm, to live a better life, let them understand that even if you do not have that person, you will also live a happy life.

When many housewives learn that their husbands have changed their minds, they will really lose their sight because they have given up their work or career for their children and have been around their families. They have no savings, no skills and no idea of making money.

If a sudden divorce, the other party and no property with their own division, then they are reluctant to give up their children, if take away the children, how to take good care of the children? How to live? How to make money?

This is a very realistic problem, so when you have no financial ability, you can see his attitude, whether you want to divorce or not, and dont want to divorce. After that, he should give the family on time, slowly save some savings, and slowly find the direction of independent survival in the future, so as to give himself a buffer time.

If you really cant bear to get divorced, you should also arrange a new life before you make plans. If you have property division, or the other party is willing to give money for divorce, dont be angry. Dont think its chic and courageous to walk away. If you dont have love, you should take some money. In this way, you can start a new life more easily.

6u3001 Im afraid that I cant find a better object than him or her, and I cant find a person who is so good to himself

Although this is a bit one-sided, it is also reasonable to think about it carefully. Ive met many people who cant quit smoking. Most of them are lonely, lonely, poor, stressed, busy at work. Their lovers or partners make them upset and worried.

Those who quit smoking must have a considerate lover or partner around them. They are quiet, stable, and happy, so they can easily overcome the anxiety of smoking addiction.

Zhang Yi also thinks that he is happy. Even if his husband is not very good, he was married because he only married him in his eyes. What he wanted was a sense of security. Even if he changed his mind, she would not forget his meticulous care for himself.

In fact, sometimes a person who betrays his marriage may not mean that he doesnt love his partner. Just like Zhang Xin, he actually loves Zhang Yi, but a housewife and a man who has been working for a long time, he will be depressed and need to be cared about.

As for those who are afraid that they will never find a better person than their partner, in fact, if the other party doesnt love you, even if he is excellent, the excellence has nothing to do with you. Its better to change a person who is suitable for him or love him.

Whats more, if you dont stop working hard and making progress, and dont stop learning and getting better, you will always have the opportunity to meet better people. You should have such confidence and hope, or you can make yourself better, instead of focusing on who is good, you should hold on to who is good.

In a word, since those who cant stay, since they are broken marriages, since they are suffering feelings, we should know how to find an outlet for ourselves to ease the resentment or pain in our hearts. However, we can have a chance to come back again. After all, life is short. If the broken one cant be repaired, change it.