Why are you so concerned about the private life of stars?

 Why are you so concerned about the private life of stars?

If a star doesnt have such a problem as what should I do if my fans love me too much, then he would be embarrassed to say that he is a star.

Non flow artists will be blocked by irrational fans to collapse.

Watching fans chasing stars more and more irrational and rampant, Zhang Ziyi stood up and spoke.

The reason for this is as follows:

In 2019, Ni Ni Ni was in line for security check at the airport when she was hit by the person who took the photo.

Seeing the dispute, the security personnel jumped out, not only did not stop the shooting, but also accused Ni Ni Ni of bad attitude, let her speak well.

If you dont speak well, dont line up.

You can poke the video and feel it. From the beginning to the end, the star who is the victim of the substitute shooting is helpless. After being hit, there is no crowd on the scene to stop the shooting. Instead, the click of the shutter sound comes and goes.

After this incident attracted attention on the Internet, Ni Ni Ni studio responded:

Zhang Ziyi, who was surfing the Internet, saw the event of acting as a photographer and supported Ni Ni Ni and reprimanded her.

It should be noted that Zhang Ziyi knew what acting was until after Ni Ni Ni incident. Otherwise, she would not have the question of when is the emerging industry of daipai.

Before that, there were many people like Zhang Ziyi who didnt know what acting was.

Why did Zhang Ziyi say, something will happen sooner or later if it goes on like this?

Acting is a new Internet word in the era of fan economy.

It literally means: instead of taking pictures.

In other words, some people take pictures of stars where they appear and sell them to people who need them, such as fans.

There are many occasions for star shooting, usually at the airport.

When the star leaves, the acting photographer takes a picture of the stars posture. If the star sees the camera, he can gesture to the camera to respond, which is called business.

This is a complete industrial chain.

In this industry chain, producers are agents.

Products are photos.

Consumers are people who need photos.

The protagonists who are forced to participate are stars.

In the online shopping platform to search for star acting auction, you can see the services of various agents.

They will also provide customized services for buyers to take photos of designated stars, and even post revision after taking photos.

As for pricing, we should consider the quality of photos and the popularity of stars.

The threshold of work is photographic equipment, and the risk of work is that no star is photographed.

But this risk is not big. Since they regard acting as an online booking service, at most, they dont get a star and give a refund to the buyer.

For those who make a living by acting for a living, this job is simply a big profit. They can not only make a fortune at the time of acting, but also increase the value of the film retained as the stars value rises.

As long as someone needs photos, these photos will be worthless.

For those who buy photos, this acting photo service saves themselves a lot of trouble and satisfies a lot of selfish desires.

In this way, acting auction is very friendly to both the buyer and the seller.

Because it ignores the idea of the protagonist.

Violation of the privacy of the protagonist.

The buyer and the seller are indeed satisfied with their own interests.

As a matter of fact, if you search for it, you will find that too many stars are troubled by this matter.

Take the recent events, there are just a few.

In June, Li was surrounded by a series of surrogate photos at the airport. Finally, he cried out:

Looking ahead, Wang Yibo has been filmed for a long time because of the big fire of petition. He has already had experience.

This year, when shooting you Fei in Hengdian, he has developed the ability to accurately identify where the surrogate is, and then ask the security guard to catch people.

Also like to mention the nickname: Hengdian eagle eye.

I dont think the nickname is funny. On the contrary, its sad.

Male stars are not immune, so are female stars.

When Yang Mi worked before, he was photographed secretly from the angle of back shot.

Its not just taking pictures, its sexual harassment.

And Zheng Shuang, who was photographed running around the airport.

Not only traffic stars, acting shot once in the airport shooting Wu Jing, knocked down children, Wu Jing accused of acting video is still circulating.

There are also Hu Ge, Hu Yanbin and many other people who have publicly denounced the acting shooting.

The naked eye can see that stars have been shooting for a long time.

But even if the stars denounced it more than once, the industry is still rampant.

Dont they know that this kind of work bothers the stars?

But driven by profit, they run faster than anyone else.

Its not other people who benefit them. Its the fans who want to know idols life so badly that they lose their sense.

This is not groundless.

There is an interesting comment under the hot comment of Zhang Ziyis reprimand on behalf of the photographer:

It is not difficult to see from the dogs head that the netizen is joking.

Irrational fans like idols and want to know more about him than his public life.

Want to see what idols private life is like.

Want to see a lot of idols, many dynamic.

In this way, its like knowing more about your idol.

It is undeniable that stars of course need fans, need to be liked by the public, and need to enhance business value through popularity.

But it needs to be clear that stars are stars. Whether they attend activities, act in movies and TV series, participate in variety shows or perform, these are just their jobs.

Stars are only a kind of relatively special occupation. After taking off their professional coat, they should have the right to be ordinary people and not to live in the camera and not be paid attention to.

But a very sad thing is that for stars, there is no clear line of what should be reported and when they should be photographed.

They are known, concerned and liked by many people because of their fame and enjoying dividends.

Their private lives are unprotected and even exposed indefinitely.

Whenever a star calls for a boycott of paparazzi, someone will kidnap the star morally and say:

When the stars do not cooperate with the acting shooting, there will always be some moral kidnapping stars, saying that they play big names.

But before a person is a star, he is a man first.

It should be clear that stars have human rights first.

Normal people have commuting time, so should stars.

Normal people have the right to privacy, so should stars.

The professional attribute of stars is to live under the camera, but should they be photographed all the time?

In the past, when social media was not so developed, the biggest nightmare of stars was paparazzi.

Because paparazzi are everywhere.

They track, secretly shoot, take pictures of the private lives of the stars that they dont want to tell others, and sell them to the media, so that the private affairs of the stars can become the talk material for people after dinner.

Now, in the stars nightmare, there is another substitute.

Voyeurism is unlimited among fans.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon.

First of all, with the development of social media, fans who like a certain star can easily find fans on the Internet.

In the collective exchange and discussion of star things, a group of people like superposition, will become more fanatical than one person.

Some irrational fans will blur the boundary between love and snooping in this atmosphere of love.

An irrational person likes stars. Thats called zihi.

A group of irrational people like stars, exchange stars and generate electricity for love. If they dont grasp the limits, they will become tigers and hurt in the name of love.

Then I will go further. If I want to know more about stars, the boundary will be blurred as soon as the scope is increased.

Once fans are crazy, they will naturally forget that they have no right to know all aspects of idols life and ask stars to show themselves outside their work.

More no right, because of the so-called love, to use their own this kind of improper demand, breeding a whole abnormal acting industry chain.

They think that they are generating electricity for love in a real sense, but their boundless, can not be moved, can only increase the burden of trouble for others.

However, fans should not be allowed to carry all the dishes on behalf of the industry chain.

Idols themselves have a lot of bugs. They are the victims of surrogate shooting and also an important reason for the rampancy of surrogate shooting.

It is an undeniable fact that there are fewer and fewer idols with hard power. After many idols become popular by means of beauty bonus and topic speculation, their status is unstable.

They dont have hard core works and excellent professional quality, but they get a group of fans because of their appearance or sex (human) style (setting). These fans will buy the products they speak for, support the activities they participate in and make lists for them.

It can be said that fans have become an embodiment of the commercial value of idols.

In this case, the strength of the idol is not enough, can only use constant exposure to stabilize the image, appease fans, fans retreat.

Therefore, there will be such an abnormal industrial chain.

And this, of course, is unhealthy.

To crack down on this kind of industrial chain, we must start from the root.

With hard core works, the public can return to the works from the private lives of stars.

In this way, the stars have the confidence to keep their fans, so they dont have to flatter them blindly.

We dont have to sigh about the flourishing age of Chinese music ten years ago and twenty years ago in an era when idols collectively encircle money but do not produce good works.

When idols have enough good works for fans to appreciate and interpret, fans interest in peeping into idols private life will not be as strong as it is now.

The so-called use of love, with improper demand, breeding a whole abnormal agent shooting industry chain tragedy, the possibility of occurrence will become smaller.

But if the idols themselves do not wake up, on the one hand, they enjoy the dividends brought by the fans economy, and do not think of making progress, and on the other hand, they complain that fans are irrational in chasing stars.

Then, irrational fans will be more and more boundless in the power generation of true feelings for love.

And this will form an endless circle, in which we will enter the cultural desert in the endless circle of the game between stars and fansu2014u2014

When peeping into the private life of stars has become a common practice, the business ability of stars will no longer be the core factor of commercial value. There will be more and more business models selling stars private lives for traffic.

As the audience, the actors and singers we see are bound to be more and more unprofessional.

Then our whole cultural and entertainment environment will get worse and worse.

There will be fewer and fewer high-quality idols.

The whole entertainment industry is bound to be more and more deformed.

And this, its not supposed to be, isnt it?