Betrayed the feeling, and do not want to divorce, is what psychology

 Betrayed the feeling, and do not want to divorce, is what psychology

However, there are also a large number of people who choose to betray their feelings and stick to their marriage at the same time - of course, they will treat the original match with different faces. Some people say that I really want to break it, but it is really too difficult; some people say, dont take it seriously, you are still the original match, I just play.

This attitude of not only ending the betrayal relationship but also maintaining the marriage relationship may cause a puzzle to those who encounter Betrayal: TA still has feelings for me, and she still cant give up on me and this family.

I once said: betrayed you, but also want to divorce you, not because of love you.

Of course, its for themselves.

In fact, when a person chooses to betray you, it means that they no longer love - because if they really love you, they wont betray you - do you love your children, you must love them; will you be willing to hurt your children, of course not, so real love, originally means not willing to hurt them.

Therefore, a lot of things, do not look at a persons mouth to say, the key is to see how to do in action.

Some people betrayed you and said that I love you. If you still believe such lies, you should reflect on such problems. After living for so many years, how can you not see this clearly. Of course, when the other party says this, Ta probably really thinks so - TA will also think that he is not willing to give up you, not willing to marry.

In fact, its not you that she really hates, but the marriage and the benefits that you can bring to ta.

People who encounter betrayal are usually afraid of divorce. In fact, those who betray their feelings are also afraid of divorce. However, they prefer to risk divorce and satisfy their selfish desires. When their betrayal is revealed, they will not choose divorce because they are also afraid of bearing the results to face, and they are also afraid of all the unpredictability and uncertainty after divorce u3002

Then, for those betrayed who are extremely afraid of divorce, they usually lose in the face of betrayal. Because they dare not face divorce, they can only choose to constantly compromise and endure. The final possible result is that they can only helplessly watch the other party possess the marriage and continue the extramarital relationship.

For betrayers, marriage and out of marriage meet their different needs. If there is not enough pressure, they are happy to enjoy such a state. Do not expect such people to reflect and repent. In fact, they will not think that there is any problem with their choice, but they will often be complacent because they can handle both sides. Therefore, if you expect her to take the initiative to end the extramarital relationship, how can it be? This is what she wants.

In the face of such a person who neither accepts divorce nor ends his betrayal, he does not need to analyze what kind of psychology TA is. This is a typical psychology of taking advantage of everything and not taking responsibility. Even if you cant see through this, dont take this attitude of TA as still loving you and reluctant to part with you.

When the relationship enters a constant triangle state, the Betrayer will not choose to take the initiative to end and return to the family; then, how to deal with it becomes a problem that the Betrayer must face and solve.