The girl was beaten by many people, but there were still others clapping their hands: is it difficult to admit the evil of children?

 The girl was beaten by many people, but there were still others clapping their hands: is it difficult to admit the evil of children?

Heres the thing.

After school on the evening of July 4, Xiao Yang, a junior high school student, walked out of the campus and prepared to go home.

Walking on the road, he was suddenly touched by Wang.

Xiao Yang looks at Wang subconsciously.

Wang was very upset, then two people quarreled.

After the trouble is over, it will soon be reconciled.

But its not as simple as we think.

Just as Xiao Yang continued to walk forward, Wang ran over with a knife.

In an instant, Xiao Yangs neck and clothes were all soaked in blood.

He had his neck cut and he was seriously injured.

Local hospitals are afraid to accept them.

Xiao Yang was sent to the provincial hospital at night.

The doctor said, if you go deeper, it could be life-threatening.

Just because he looked at Wang one more time, he attracted bloody disaster.

It was not until the punishment came out that we all underestimated the crime.

On July 5, the decision on administrative punishment showed that:

Wang was detained for 10 days and fined 500 yuan.

Eating and drinking as usual is like nothing happened.

Only Wangs uncle went to the hospital once and gave him 1000 yuan.

Is Xiaoyangs family rich when your family is in trouble?

During the treatment, Xiao Yang has spent 30000 yuan and still owes thousands of yuan.

Xiao Yangs father said: no matter how much money is spent for his sons treatment, its really difficult at home.

30000 yuan, almost emptied all the property.

Less than a few words a week, always back to family.

Poverty is not the reason for evil, and minors are not the umbrella of crime.

Such a simple truth, but many people do not understand.

Or pretend not to understand.

On the afternoon of August 26, the video of a girl being bullied by many people spread wildly on the Internet.

In the video, the girl in a yellow dress (hereinafter referred to as a) is surrounded by seven people in the corner.

And said a sentence: XX, hit it. (it should be a dialect

In terms of body size, the boy may be only 7 or 8 years old.

A was beaten to have nosebleed.

The group did not stop.

Keep playing. One by one.

Whats more, a woman is still clapping???

At the end of the video, others are laughing, and the little boy says, be a low-key person, and do something high-profile.

Is that whats called high profile?

According to the preliminary investigation, the reason why a was bullied is that he had a conflict with the perpetrator before.

They are all minors.

At present, the final results of the investigation have not come out.

A sentence of minors has become a nightmare for many victims.

Lu Xun once said: the brave are angry and draw the edge to the stronger; the timid are angry, but they draw the edge to the weaker.

Some peoples justice has always been reflected in the suppression of the weak.

Campus violence in which one person is bullied by more than one person is the best example.

The weak are their targets to vent their emotions,

Or the product of a sense of achievement.

This ethos has gradually normalized.

On May 27, there was another school violence.

One of the boys kicked the girl in the face.

The girl was sitting and was kicked back.

Another boy kicked a big foot from the back.

The third boy kicked back in the head.

The girl dodged several times, but she couldnt.

The girl sat on the stone mound, and the devil continued to kick.

Several times, girls were kicked out.

Whats more cool is that there are bursts of laughter from the video.

According to the report, the four boys were 14 or 15 years old, and the girl who was beaten was 12 years old.

Nothing is more chilling than dealing with the results.

Four boys and guardians have apologized to the girls.

At the same time, the school punished and severely criticized them.

Apology, punishment, criticism, for the perpetrators, deterrence is almost zero.

Only law can block this vicious circle.

However, their name is minors.

The law has little effect on them.

Remember the case of a 13-year-old boy killing a 10-year-old girl?

Later, he was found dead in the community.

According to the victims lawyer, the boy committed the crime within six minutes.

Is this really just a 13-year-old boy?

The parents of the perpetrators publicly apologized to the families of the victims and compensated more than 1.28 million yuan.

One life, in exchange for an apology and 1.28 million compensation.

The boy did not reach the legal age of criminal responsibility,

No criminal responsibility shall be investigated,

They were only put into custody for three years.

For boys, it may be possible to make a new man..

But a 10-year-old girl will never come back.

On July 18, 2016, three brothers and sisters of Cenxi were killed.

The oldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 4 years old.

The perpetrator Shen, 13.

The reason why he committed the murder was that he wanted to steal and was afraid of exposing things, so he killed people.

And the punishment of the perpetrators it s a long story.

Some children are children, but some children are demons.

Minors, children, these words should be connected with hope and warmth.

Why is it replaced by cruelty and coldness step by step?

Is there a gap in our law?

Some time ago, peoples Daily published juvenile crime data.

The data show that: from 2015 to 2017, the number of crimes decreased.

But after 2018, the number of crimes is on the rise.

This is a bad warning.

If you look at the children around us, they may also be perpetrators or victims.

Imagine how many 12-3-year-old children are holding mobile phones and paying attention to this case through various network platforms. How many potential demons are there among these children? Who doesnt have a few envious objects and obnoxious people at this age? If you are a little bit extreme, you can teach them a lesson before you are 14 years old I cant imagine!

We all know that childrens ability to imitate.

Now, almost everyone has a cell phone.

Will they see this kind of news? Can you imitate?

There is a word in the film confession that the ugliness of human nature sometimes really has nothing to do with age.

I believe that there are more good children than demons in the world.

But there is no denying that ugliness has always existed.

The topic of juvenile delinquency may be numb to everyone.

Even my colleagues said: this kind of rotten Street topic has no flow, and it is futile to write it.

But even in vain, I will let it happen!

Age should not be a roadblock.

Every family, every person, may have children.

For the safety of children, in order to make the tragedy no longer repeat, we can only appeal to the law to achieve fairness and justice.

All they want is a loud response.

We need to protect the children and speak for them!