Loneliness is a cup of wine, drinking alone will hurt your throat

 Loneliness is a cup of wine, drinking alone will hurt your throat

Perhaps the biggest loneliness in life is to get used to loneliness. Zhang Ailing said that lonely people have their own quagmire, and it is difficult to extricate themselves from it. So sometimes I think, loneliness may be a kind of disease, I planted the root of the disease, and then pushed myself into the abyss. In the dead of night, the curtain is up, the beam is quiet, and you can drink sorrow and sorrow alone.

In fact, loneliness is not terrible. Whats terrible is that you cant extricate yourself from your own script, and forget about the flower, tree, grass, and person around you. Its really terminally ill.

Perhaps everyones life is a lonely journey, but looking back on this road, there are still countless experiences, surprises, and warmth, which have been delicate embellishment of the heart, driving away the lonely lamp in the heart. Deer in the forest, whales in the blue sea, and you when you wake up.

Sincere company, if not forever, even if day and night, can be drunk to the bone.

Late at night to go home just to eat warm food; when lost, pat the shoulder and soft words; when sad, a long hug, always touch the softest heart.

The best friend is around, and the most loved one is opposite. Because of company, there is a color of joy in life. And those who pass by in life are also different scenery to drive away loneliness, which is also indispensable in forming colorful life emotions.

I think of a story I saw in a forum. A girl wrote on the anniversary of the opening of a game:

To be a model has always been my dream when I was young. At that time, the fashion show of Vimy was very popular. The angels with giant wings on their back walked leisurely on the stage. It was a scene that I would spend several times in my dream when I woke up. It was my pursuit, my yearning, and the sun in my life.

But at the age of 17, a car crash completely shattered my dream. My legs lost their power. It was very dog blood. I never thought that the plot of those people who make complaints about the TV play would happen to me.

Although it is just a game, it has become a light in my life. I put all my energy and enthusiasm into exploring this unknown and vast world. Although I failed to realize my dream in real life, I saw a different scenery in the game

As the names in the list of friends in the game gradually increased, I joined the gang. I often worked together to kill demons and do various interesting tasks with my school. I watched the moon in the moon city and went to the challenge arena to compete.

During that time, I was really happy. I became more and more familiar with you. I tapped the keyboard on the screen and shared each others stories. But I finally carefully told my own story to them. My teammates called me that night and said, you cant shed tears because you miss the sun, or you will miss the stars.. I think I get it.

On my birthday, the whole gang gave me a blessing on the world channel. Everyone was really like a family. With their company, I felt that I was not fighting alone in my life.

Later, we also went from online to offline, occasionally met, there are always endless topics to talk about. We made an appointment to see the sea, listen to the sound of waves patting on the beach, and see the fireworks blooming. Even if it was only for a moment, it was enough to shine.

Its so close to the end of the world. Although the old dream has never blossomed, it can smell the fragrance of flowers, and its born to the sun and move forward with warmth.

Just shared with you is a players story, ten years of attentive company, moving stories emerge at the fingertips, all the encounters may be just a small game character, inadvertently, it is time to shape a heart stirring story.

And Im thinking, since Ive been a radio station for more than ten years, maybe its also because of your existence that Ive been working hard to find my own story and feel your story.

I dont want to regard your as a stranger, because we are all the same. We have been frustrated and laughed. We are all the meaning of each others existence. In this dream world beyond the reality, we wish you and I can warm and accompany each other. It is our greatest luck to meet each other.