Never care about your toes to love someone

 Never care about your toes to love someone

This is a passage from Im just sad I cant accompany you to the old age.

In this world, how many people care about their toes in love with a person, for this so-called love, wishful thinking to pay their own all, pain and happiness.

Humble love cannot blossom

Many people, when deeply in a relationship, will always place all their love on each other, humbly compromise, repeatedly lower themselves.

However, in the emotional world, it is not that the more sacrifice, the more you get, too much is more than enough, and the extreme will reverse, which is also applicable in love.

The events of Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu last year are still fresh in my memory.

How much does Jia Nailiang love Li Xiaolu? It can be said that love to make people look heartache.

Li Xiaolu likes to make ear holes, so he has to bear the pain to make a string of ear holes for himself.

Li Xiaolu likes hip-hop. She learns hip-hop, wears hip-hop clothes, dances hip-hop, and even spends a lot of money for her favorite hip-hop singer.

Li Xiaolu likes shopping. Jia Nailiang rents a house on the next floor only to put the things she bought back.

In order to make Li Xiaolu happy and satisfied, Jia Nailiang finally became a male nerve from a male god.

In the feelings, there should be many people like Jia Nailiang. Because they are afraid of losing, they are cautious. Because they dont want the other party to be disappointed, they just give in.

In the unequal feelings, he always exists as a victim and enjoys it.

But in fact, the more you lower yourself, the less you can get the love and treasure you want.

Zhang Ailing once said:

Seeing him, she became very low and low, all the way down to the dust, but the heart was happy, and there a flower came out.

But in fact, humble to the dust of love, has long lost its vitality and vitality, is unable to bloom.

The feelings maintained by sacrificing self-esteem can not go too far. Too humble love is doomed to be a tragedy.

Seeing such a picture, a girl kneels down in front of a man in the downtown street praying, while the man is playing with his mobile phone calmly, even lazy to look at the girl.

Someone once said: love is not asking whether it is worth it.

Therefore, many people choose to use all their strength to please a person, just to let the other side stay for another second.

Therefore, in a humble and sad one-man play, in order to love completely occupied, finally lost themselves.

As Yi Shu once said, love yourself, be calm, and then love..

Do not stand on tiptoe to love a person, even the center of gravity is not stable, no one can support too long, blindly pay and please, will only make yourself more tired.

Before you give your heart to a relationship, you should know how to please yourself and take care of your feelings.

Only by equal strength can we rely on each other

Isakovsky said that love is not one heart beating the other, but the spark of two hearts hitting together.

Indeed, love is never one-way giving or receiving, but a two-way tacit understanding. Two people shine and warm each other, and then reflect better each other.

You are very good, but I am not bad such love can be firm and permanent existence.

Mr. Darcy, the hero of pride and prejudice, is handsome and has many women in love with him. Why did he choose Elizabeth, who is not surprising in appearance and has an ordinary family background?

Darcy was flattered by others, but she was not. She was graceful and witty. She was tit for tat with Darcy.

In the discussion of friendship, life and country, Elizabeth talked about it.

This personality left a deep impression on the man and began to pay attention to the second daughter of this ordinary gentleman family.

When they got married, Elizabeth said that I was not only for the woman who won the mens approval, but I was myself.

In reality, it is the same: one side blindly pay, the other side blindly take, are not the appearance of a relationship should have.

The meaning of love is to make you feel happy and valuable for what you give.

In the final analysis, love is like a chess game between masters. Only when you find a match can you enjoy it.

The best love does not need to cater to, do not need to compromise, do not need you to stand on tiptoe.

In the world, some things can be achieved by hard work, only love cant, the love of both sides can only be dependent on each other, and only if the heart has a soul can we help each other.

Finally, a paragraph of Beauvoir as the closing remarks, I hope to love you too tired useful.

I long to see you, but remember that I will not ask to see you, it is not because of pride, you know I have no pride in front of you. Its because its only when you want to see me that it makes sense for us to meet

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