British politicians say they have received a letter from the Chinese Embassy: to mislead the public and apologize!

 British politicians say they have received a letter from the Chinese Embassy: to mislead the public and apologize!

Embassy spokesman: we have noticed that Tugenhart falsely claimed to be threatened by the Chinese government without any evidence. This is purely a case of speculation and rumors, full of prejudice and malice towards China. We express our strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this, and ask for an apology for such blandishment.

China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in other countries internal affairs. Infiltration, threat and interference in other countries internal affairs have never been the gene and tradition of Chinas diplomacy. On the contrary, some British politicians hold a colonial mentality and Cold War mentality, violate the basic norms of international law and international relations, and frequently criticize and criticize the affairs of other countries, including China. It is clear at a glance who is engaged in interference, infiltration and threat, and justice is in the hearts of the people. Only those who are used to threatening others always worry about being threatened.

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Luo Guancong, a Hong Kong rioter, wants to join British Anti China politicians to tell Hong Kong police that they are actually crowdfunding, August 11 (Xinhua) Luo Guancong, a former Hong Kong Independence Organization member of Hong Kong peoples will, is wanted by the Hong Kong police at present. However, he is still disordering Hong Kong when he fled to London. Recently, he has been linked with British Anti China politicians.

Luo Guancong, who is wanted by the National Security Department of the Hong Kong police force, has contacted British Anti China politicians, members of the Conservative Partys Human Rights Committee, and Luke de pulford, a researcher of Hong Kong Watch, and others. He plans to file a so-called private prosecution against the British Hong Kong Police in the UK, according to Hong Kong media. They hyped the polices abuse of force in the past year, claiming that the police had used torture in police stations and on the streets, especially in the incident at CITIC Building in June last year (2019).

However, the ultimate goal of Luo Guancong and others is still inseparable from the word money. Once again, they launched crowdfunding under the pretext of looking for materials, aiming at 200000 pounds (about 1817000 yuan), claiming to be used to cover the costs of investigation and litigation. Hong Kong media have also commented that Luo Guancongs voice and voice have been playing international line. This time, they have not collected US dollars but collected pounds. Their real purpose is self-evident.

In fact, this is not the first time that Luo Guancongs words and deeds are inconsistent. On July 3 this year, Luo Guancong admitted that he had left Hong Kong before the Hong Kong national security law came into force, but he did not explain his whereabouts at that time. When Luo Guancong left Hong Kong, Huang Zhifeng and Zhou Ting, who had previously withdrawn from the Hong Kong consensus organization, were unable to leave Hong Kong because of a case in hand. At that time, Luo Guancong also published articles and clamored that he would continue to carry out the so-called international line work and had been interviewed by the media. Recently, he intends to make a relatively low-key assessment, and then he calls himself a low-key.

However, Luo Guancongs performance after that was not low-key. On the one hand, he frequently interviewed British media, discredited Hong Kongs national security law, and at the same time issued so-called open letters to encourage western countries to suspend the implementation of bilateral extradition treaties and other agreements signed with the Hong Kong government.

In August of last year (2019), Luo Guancong abandoned his partner and went to the United States for further study. During his schooling, he continued to demand violence in Hong Kong. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia spread in the end of March this year, and he fled to Hongkong. Some netizens pointed out that this is the flesh and blood of others, adding luster to his life.

Chen Yong, deputy to the National Peoples Congress of Hong Kong, previously pointed out that Luo Guancong obviously challenged the effectiveness of the law and openly colluded with external forces. Who on earth is so cruel, colluding with foreign forces to sanction China and Hong Kong? These people will eventually be rejected.

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