Love or not depends on his reaction to your circle of friends

 Love or not depends on his reaction to your circle of friends

But you cant wait, so you send a circle of friends, saying that they are boring, have no friends to chat. It seems that anyone can chat, but in fact, you can only see him.

May is like this.

The first one is that one day before his birthday, he didnt wait for Cheng Yis gift all day. May thought that maybe he was too busy to see it, so he sent it again on his birthday.

But Tencent sent a blessing, she did not even receive a greeting from Cheng Yi.

May turned off the light. It was dark in the room. Her eyes were hazy with tears. Its said that women are chasing men. May thinks its bullshit.

In the summer of 12, may was a sophomore. She rented a rental house at the school gate. One day, she was listening to a song, and the next door was pounding on the door: the music should be quiet, and there would be a lot of noise at noon.

May opened the door, a young man in the sun, short board inch head, height needs 45 degrees to look up, the color of his eyes is like a dark mountain.

She would dump Cheng Yis garbage, stuff a small note into his door, put her umbrella in Cheng Yis arms on rainy days, and run to Cheng Yis house to ask math problems and even help him wash his clothes.


Until one day, may went back in the evening and found that the light in Cheng Yis room didnt turn on as usual. She was wondering. The rude landlord came to her angrily and said, can you stop being a girl? Your neighbor has been annoyed by you, do you know?? Youre a big influence on my business

May clenched her fist, her fingernails pricked in her flesh, and her tears fell down. It turns out that Cheng Yi has been bored with her, and she is still looking forward to the day when Cheng Yi likes her like a clown.

Cheng Yi occasionally mentions that kittens are very cute. She changes the background and head portrait to the photos of kittens;

If you have a cold, you will make a fuss about it. Take pictures of the medicine and send it to the circle of friends. I hope you will care about me now?

The fence outside the house is covered with Parthenocissus, or emerald summer. Its next door that leaves, and may is cool in tea.

Later, in a few years of college, may didnt love anyone again.


But God will arrange two people for each youth: one lets you get a heavy rain; the other builds a city for you in the heavy rain, and the city is full of flowers.

The fat man took her to the hospital, she lay in the hospital bed, pursed and complained: life is really rough, the new rental house just lived for a few days, the landlord unreasonable sold the house, can not find a house in a day, can only sleep in the street; mobile phone still left on the bus; now even up a staircase can be hit into the hospital.

The fat man rubbed his hands and laughed: Im sorry, dont be angry, I make you laugh.

After coming out of the hospital, the fat man whispered, Im looking for a rent partner. If you can trust me, move to my place, two bedrooms..

May didnt want to sleep on the street, so she sat next to her with ice cream and instructed the fat man to help her move.

Later, may worked overtime, and the fat man turned on the light in the living room for her. May comes to have a holiday, the fat man buys her brown sugar and flushes the hot water. The fat man will also be very careful to change the water for Mays little turtle.

Its not that I havent tried it out. Once a fat man put a post it note on the refrigerator: May, can I like you?

May smiles and writes No.

Advanced animals are like this, the first time they encounter a fire, they are scalded, and the second time they see the flame, they will be careful to stay away from it.

Some bitter fruit, once in a lifetime is enough.


After the studio finished work, all the partners were taken away. May was stunned. She sent a circle of friends to complain that people without umbrellas or objects should try to run.

Then she put the bag on her head and rushed into the rain. As a result, when he ran home, he suddenly had an umbrella on his head, and the fat man came from behind.

Unfortunately, may was still caught cold.

Boring mobile phone in the hospital, bored and bored, she made a friend circle, Tucao make complaints about her arm watching TV with her mobile phone.

After a while, may saw the fat man from the window. He was bathed in golden light, with hot porridge in his hand, and rushed into the hospital.

She is the star Mark friend of the fat man. She is the person that the fat man likes at the first sight. She can finally put down her heart and love slowly.

My sweetheart is a hero. One day, he will turn over my circle of friends, hold my face in pain, and whisper, Im late. Ive made you suffer.