The former commander of the Indian army advocated to show his determination at the border, and the target was directed at Ali airport, but his words were revealed

 The former commander of the Indian army advocated to show his determination at the border, and the target was directed at Ali airport, but his words were revealed

For the time being, we should take military action in dengmjuk or chumar sectors, bakhsh said. The other side is sensitive to both directions. If we can extend such operations to the central region, it will be a good choice to use the axis outside the liplerch passage to advance to Ali airport. The Indian army should increase its military investment, control key areas and make permanent deployment, he added. We should resume the deployment of the mountain strike army and propose to develop it into two branches, one of which can be stationed in Ladakh area, and the other can be stationed in Sikkim. Considering all this and the two front operations, we need to have a serious and firm determination to substantially increase defense spending.

In a speech on the border situation between China and India on August 31, senior colonel Zhang Shuiyuan, a spokesman for the Western Theater of war, pointed out that on August 31, the Indian army destroyed the consensus reached in the previous multi-level talks between the two sides and illegally crossed the border again on the South Bank of Bangong Lake and near the reqin mountain pass, openly provoked and caused tension in the border. Indias move has seriously violated Chinas territorial sovereignty, seriously damaged the peace and stability in the border areas between China and India, and betrayed its promise and betrayed its promise. China strongly opposes this. We solemnly demand that the Indian side immediately withdraw its forces illegally crossing the line, strictly control and restrict the front-line forces, earnestly abide by its commitments, and avoid further escalation of the situation. The Chinese army is taking necessary measures and will pay close attention to the development of the situation and resolutely safeguard Chinas territorial sovereignty and peace and stability in the border areas.

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India provokes global again: India should not misjudge that you are not our opponent

Chinas Western Theater of war said late Monday that Indian troops illegally crossed the border again on August 31 to occupy and control the South Bank of Bangong Lake and near the reqin mountain pass, openly provoking, seriously violating Chinas territorial sovereignty and seriously undermining peace and stability in the Sino Indian border area. Earlier in the day, Indian villains first filed a complaint, accusing the Chinese side of taking provocative military action, and said that India preempted the peoples Liberation Armys action..

India is now plagued with domestic problems, especially the new crown epidemic is seriously out of control. On Sunday, the number of newly diagnosed infections reached 78000, a global record, and the affected economy is very weak. New Delhi also has the intention of diverting domestic attention from the tense border between China and India, which is not only a manifestation of external hooliganism, but also a domestic political fraud.

But it must be pointed out that what new Germany is dealing with is a strong China. The PLA has sufficient strength to defend every inch of the countrys territory. All the Chinese people fully support the governments position that it will not take the initiative to offend India or allow it to encroach on Chinas territory. China is full of strategic determination in the southwest border area and has made various preparations. India wants peace, and we welcome it. If we want to play games, we have better tools and abilities. If we want to make a showdown in the form of war, the PLA will surely be able to make the Indian army suffer a more painful defeat than in 1962.

The Bangong Lake confrontation reflects that India has not learned a lesson from the conflict in the kalwan River Valley, and its will to entangle with China and take the initiative to take the initiative remains the same. Since the donglang crisis, the Indian army brazenly crossed the border to provoke China, the tension on the Sino Indian border has continued in accordance with the same logic. The border friction between China and India is likely to last for a long time. Various crises of various sizes will emerge one after another. We should be fully prepared for this.

China needs to do a good job in preparing for the military struggle in the border areas between China and India. We insist on resolving the friction by peaceful means. However, when the Indian side rashly attacks our bottom line, we must not be soft hearted. We should start when we should, and ensure that the war can be won. Every conflict that breaks out should be a lesson for India.

New Delhi should not misread our goodwill that China and India are not enemies. China is several times as powerful as India. It is not our opponent at all. We should resolutely put an end to Indias illusion that China will fight against the strong by colluding with the United States and other forces. The history of Asia and the world tells us that the forces that are keen on opportunism are deceptive and afraid of the hard, while India has a typical manifestation of opportunism on the Sino Indian border issue.