Forgive me to be frank, people to middle-aged do not go to these three kinds of classmate party, personal experience tells you: fried eyes

 Forgive me to be frank, people to middle-aged do not go to these three kinds of classmate party, personal experience tells you: fried eyes

Lao Luo is struggling, inadvertently opened the student group interface, suddenly found that there are 14 students quietly quit the group. Lao Luo recalled the unpleasant memory of the last Reunion: the reunion was still normal at the beginning. Everyone drank and chatted. After three rounds of drinking, it turned into a show for some good students. Lao Luo is suddenly relieved. It is estimated that the 14 students have the same idea as themselves. Since they dont want to go, they simply quit the group, out of sight and out of mind.

Lao Luo thought that when a man is middle-aged, it is more important to live his own small life than anything else. Why spend 3000 dollars to be a spectator? Lao Luo has figured it out, so he quit the group. Some students who retired from the group wrote to each other in private letters. They all felt that this so-called luxurious party was a show for the rich, so we didnt need to be fat. 3000 yuan to buy a coat for the wife, a mobile phone for the elderly, and some learning materials for the children. Isnt it fragrant?

Back group of students called: those students are angry, Lao Zhang in the group denounced you as poor thinking, reluctant to spend money, not with successful people, you deserve to be poor all your life. Fortunately, they didnt let go. Frankly: people to middle-aged, do not participate in these three kinds of student party, group message is too hot eyes.

u30101u3011 Bragging parties are not going.

u30102u3011 We wont go to the party.

After graduation, stepping into society is a watershed. Everyone went to the East and West, all over the world, and were busy with their own future. The students who had a good relationship with each other would still get together on a small scale, while those who had a general relationship would gradually forget about the river and lake. After a few years, there are always some students who have not been contacted for 800 years, and they have launched a party for the reason that they cant fight with each other. They want to die. Ive arranged it in a five-star hotel. Please get together. Ill treat you. This kind of party is usually organized by upstarts students. It turned out that he didnt get along well. He finally made a fortune, succeeded and was promoted. He paid his own money to set up a show. Instead of dying everyone, he performed a counter attack drama to let everyone appreciate how he puffed up his brow. This kind of student party, can not go, he is not to talk about friendship, but to stimulate students.

u30103u3011 We wont go to the super luxury party.

Whether the students get together or not depends on the level of organization. Excellent organizers will consider the affordability of all students, in line with the principle of equal treatment, with the purpose of recalling youth and communicating feelings, choose Hotels with convenient transportation, moderate conditions and appropriate standards. All the student gatherings arranged in five-star hotels with a per capita standard of 3000 yuan or 4000 yuan are for the rich students. Students who are good at mixing well show their self-respect and self-respect at luxurious parties. They hold the idea of why not eat minced meat for ordinary students, which actually hurts their hearts. General family background of students, out of thousands of yuan to accompany you to eat, drink, play, heart can be comfortable? Therefore, do not participate in any super luxurious party beyond the affordability of ordinary people, whether you have money or not.