Chinese restaurants in the United States are required to wear masks, and a policeman was among the troublemakers

 Chinese restaurants in the United States are required to wear masks, and a policeman was among the troublemakers

The Ming Dynasty Chinese restaurant, located in Plymouth County, is located in Plymouth County, according to the Asian youth culture magazine, citing Boston WCVB television station on August 31. Surveillance cameras inside the restaurant showed that some guests not only did not comply with the requirements of wearing masks, but also made trouble in the restaurant. One of the 49 year old women knocked over the protective plexiglass in the store. According to owner Lei Yan, these customers did not wear masks when they entered the restaurant.

As part of the safety measures, the restaurant asked the staff to wear masks. Instead, they were angry because they didnt buy a drink and became violent. Lei Yans husband was even life-threatening in the smashing.

The woman pushed my husband and smashed my front desk, said Leiyan. It was later discovered that there was a policeman among the troublemakers. Im a policeman, I dont need a mask, said Tian, the restaurants co owner Mr. Tian also said the policeman even showed his police ID to the whole restaurant.

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On August 17, many media and netizens, including the Capitol Hill, found that trump, who had always disliked masks, began to sell masks to his campaign team and supporters. As a result, the US media found that the creative mask was actually the rest of the game by trump competitor Biden.

The picture is taken from the mask sales website

In an online store labeled trump team official, a single cotton mask costs about $25, while in another store owned by trump supporters, similar masks sell for nearly $20.

The product introduction of these masks has its own funny. This official flagship store put a special note at the beginning of the page: the masks in the store are not medical, and do not promise to have any anti-virus effect.

Compared with the official store, the introduction of the self owned shop of the supporters is more trump style. The introduction emphasizes that the masks of our shop are all made in the United States. Whats more, a small mask can help the trump team win the election in 2020, and keep the United States great.

Besides boasting, the shop has not forgotten to crack down on friends: patriots all like the masks in our shop. We are the best-selling masks in the whole website, which is much better than those made in China on Amazon shopping website!

Just as the trump team and its supporters are eager to sell goods with patriotism and support for trump, the Internet with memory constantly reminds us how much trump and his team hated masks at the beginning.

From the outbreak to the spread of the epidemic, Trumps no mask incident left a deep impression on netizens. Even after health authorities repeatedly stressed the importance of wearing masks, trump still went his own way, so that CNN published a special article to discuss why trump doesnt love wearing masks..

Source: CNN

For Trumps practice, the American people also expressed their dislike. In early June, when he led a team to visit a swab factory, trump turned a blind eye to the fact that masks are required to be worn when entering the workshop at several places in the factory. Afterwards, manufacturers said they would discard all swabs produced during Trumps visit.

Trump visits the factory without wearing a mask

Because, compared with the trump team, which was slow to respond to the issue of masks, Biden team not only emphasized the importance of wearing masks many times, but also put them on the official website as souvenirs at the end of May, which was three months earlier than the trump teams mask sales.

Ironically, trump used to joke about Biden with a mask.

Source: official page of Biden campaign

Biden and his wife wore black masks throughout the day on May 26. Trump, who didnt wear a mask, seized on the incident, calling Bidens move unusual and commenting on the picture of Biden wearing a mask: he looks better. the US media believe that Trumps words and expressions are implying that Biden is not a man enough and he doesnt look big..

At that time, Biden, who did not want to be outdone, changed the picture trump used to ridicule him into a head picture, and then sent an article put on a mask to fight back at trump. In addition, Biden also criticized trump on many occasions for not wearing a mask as reckless and misleading people..

I dont know how trump, who has always been proud of himself, managed to get through his heart when he put on his mask.

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