Zhong Nanshan: we have saved so many lives, which is the greatest manifestation of our human rights

 Zhong Nanshan: we have saved so many lives, which is the greatest manifestation of our human rights

In this special first lesson, you will see the most important role models and heroic representatives in the anti epidemic campaign. Among them, Zhong Nanshan, winner of the Medal of the Republic, Zhang Boli, Zhang Dingyu and Chen Wei, winners of the national honorary title of peoples hero, Mao Qing, director of the Department of infectious diseases of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Military Medical University, and Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Zhang Wenhong, director of infectious diseases department, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiology expert of China CDC, and Xie Jun, chief designer of beidou-3 navigation satellite of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and technology group. You will also see young medical and health representatives fighting in the front line of anti epidemic, ordinary heroes who stick to different posts, and young student representatives who have gained growth.

In 2020, the first lesson of school opening is jointly sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of education, the National Health Commission and the Central Radio and television station. Focusing on the theme of strong youth, strong China, the program vividly narrates the three chapters of unity, science and responsibility, highlighting the lofty concept of people first, life supreme, carrying forward the national spirit of continuous self-improvement, and showing the growth and spiritual outlook of Chinese children in this epidemic situation.

This years the first lesson of the beginning of school innovates to open the cloud classroom mode, which enables primary and secondary school students from many places across the country to have synchronous and interactive exchanges with each other through real-time connection. Classes were set up in Beijing and Wuhan respectively. Kang Hui and niegmati were the hosts in Beijing class, and SA bening and Zhu Guangquan were the hosts in Wuhan class. Wuhan classroom is located in Hongshan gymnasium, which used to be Wuchang shelter hospital. A student representative is set up in each class of the two places. They will lead everyone to listen to this special first lesson.

Zhong Nanshan: human life is the most important human right!

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was signed in August 11th by President Xi Jinping. He awarded the 84 year old academician Zhong Nanshan the Republic Medal to his outstanding contributions in the fight against the new crown pneumonia. In the class of the first class of the beginning of school in 2020, Zhong Nanshan will combine his personal growth experience and true feelings to tell about his birth in the war, his learning and practicing medicine under the influence of his parents, his standing up in the event of SARS, and going to the front line of Wuhan in the event of the new epidemic, so as to encourage the younger generation to love life and dare to take responsibility.

At 10:00 a.m. on January 23, Wuhan closed the passageway for leaving the Han Dynasty. This heroic city experienced 76 days of blockade and 1814 hours of blockade, resulting in at least 700000 people infected in China. This is our country. It is the first precious thing to grasp human life first. In the program, Zhong Nanshan said: human life is the most important human rights! We have saved so many peoples lives, which is a manifestation of our greatest human rights

Wang Rui, a student from Hubei, paid tribute to Zhong Nanshan through the way of cloud classroom connection, and determined to become a doctor with the same responsibility as him. Zhong Nanshan also expressed his encouragement and expectation to him in the program. He said that Chinese doctors are always good, because the more difficult and difficult it is, they can see the true qualities of a doctor. He hoped that the younger generation represented by Wang Rui would dare to treat, practice and speak. On August 24, Wang Rui received the admission notice from the medical department of Peking University and became Zhong Nanshans University Alumni, officially opening his own medical road.

Among the 42600 medical personnel in Hubei Province, about 70% of them are born in 1980s and 1990s. In the program, the party members of Peking University National Aid Hubei medical team after 90 as young medical representatives show the inheritance of medical ethics and spiritual continuity between the older generation of medical workers and the younger generation of medical workers. During the fight against epidemic diseases, they wrote to Xi Jinping, general secretary of letters, to report their growth and their work. In his reply, the general secretary affirmed that they demonstrated the vigorous power of youth and handed over qualified answers, and praised that Chinese youth in the new era are good and worthy of great responsibilities! After listening to their stories, Zhong Nanshan wrote down one person cant be less as a message, urging the younger generation to shoulder the burden bravely and stand up when the country needs to.

Zhang Dingyu: we must build a great wall of life for our country!

Although he is suffering from progressive frostbite, his back is straight and his hope is bright. Class representative Chen Qifang introduced him in the program. His name is Zhang Dingyu. He is the winner of the peoples hero national honorary title, President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, and also a patient with progressive frostbite. From the moment that the epidemic prevention war in Wuhan started, Zhang Dingyu dragged his feet and fought hard day and night in the front line. Because of this, he was called iron man president. His wife, who is also a medical worker, was in isolation at another hospital for new coronavirus infection. Zhang Dingyu recalled that on New Years Eve, when he was preparing to video with his wife, he suddenly received an emergency notice: the three medical teams of the PLA, consisting of 450 people from land, sea and air, have assembled and will arrive in Wuhan in three hours by military plane. At that moment, Zhang Dingyu used four words to describe his own mood: God soldiers come from heaven! He made up his mind: I must build a great wall of life for our patients, for our city and for our country.

In the first lesson of the beginning of school, Zhang Dingyu also shared many touching stories about the outbreak of the epidemic, which fully demonstrated the united strength of the people of the whole country to help each other in the same boat under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee. When it comes to the meaning of life, Zhang Dingyu, suffering from progressive frostbite, said with a strong, optimistic and indomitable attitude: life is that we should cherish every moment, every minute and every second. His one class made Sabine choked and hugged him tightly.

Wuhan classroom was once novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuchang, which was used as a ward for the third grade students in Wuhan thirty-ninth middle school to pay for the treatment of new crown pneumonia. During the epidemic period, primary and secondary school students throughout the country stopped classes and stayed at home to study, showing a good mental outlook. As a representative of them, Fu Qiao let people see the positive and optimistic attitude of contemporary young students and the pursuit of progress. In this dream beginning classroom, Fu Qiao spent 14 unforgettable days and nights, received care and help from all over the country, met many special teachers, and deeply felt the warmth and moving of the people of the whole country helping each other.

Chen Wei: there is no choice but to win

Vaccine is the ultimate weapon to overcome the epidemic situation and one of the most effective scientific means. At present, the new crown vaccine developed by the team led by academician Chen Wei, director of the Bioengineering Institute of the Academy of military medicine, Academy of Military Sciences, has entered the phase III international clinical trial stage, and won the first patent of new crown vaccine in China on August 11. Academician Chen Wei is the winner of the national honorary title of peoples hero. In the program, she shares the story and knowledge about the birth of vaccine, as well as her experience of fighting virus in the front line with her team. The day when the first batch of vaccines came off the production line, it was Chen Weis birthday. After receiving the birthday message from her superiors, she replied with eight words: there is no choice but to win!

Zhang Boli: we Chinese nation is a heroic nation, it grew up in tribulation.

Academician Zhang Boli, winner of the national honorary title of peoples hero and President of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, tells us the history of the Chinese nations struggle against the epidemic situation for thousands of years. Since the oracle bone inscriptions, there have been more than 300 large-scale epidemics recorded in Chinese history. The Chinese nation in line with the adherence to life and health, in the ordeal to meet the difficulties, and strive to explore ways to deal with the epidemic. As early as in the book of Han Dynasty, it has been recorded that the people who suffer from diseases should leave their homes empty to buy medicine. It is proposed that isolation is an important measure for epidemic prevention. In this years novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, we can constructively use the strategy of shelter hospital to control the epidemic quickly and effectively. It is precisely because of the accumulated experience and continuous scientific exploration of the ancestors who fought against the disease for thousands of years. As Zhang Boli said in the program, our Chinese nation is a heroic nation, it grew up in tribulation.

Mao Qing: I dont think its retrograde, I think its a kind of charge!

In the program, the appearance of Mao Qing, director of the infectious diseases department of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Military Medical University and an expert of the military support Hubei medical team, made Zhang Dingyus face bloom with a smile. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, two people did not hug or shake hands, but smiled and stretched out their arms to strike each others elbow. They expressed the joy of reunion with the most commonly seen greetings during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. When talking about how to view the anti epidemic action, Mao Qing said: this is not a retrograde, but a charge. Wuhan is the battlefield we should go to! During the whole 84 days in Wuhan from entering Jinyintan hospital, transferring to huoshenshan hospital and evacuating after the completion of the task, the PLA assisted medical team of Hubei Province achieved the predetermined goal of winning the battle and zero infection.

Xie Jun: looking up at the stars, the Big Dipper is bright. Down to earth, steady and far-reaching.

In the distant space that we cant see with our naked eyes, Beidou is also escorting the war epidemic. On July 31, the beidou-3 global navigation satellite system was officially opened, which means that China has become the third country in the world with independent global satellite navigation system. During the epidemic period, during the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals, Beidou high-precision positioning equipment rushed to help, ensuring that most of the site setting out survey was completed at one time, achieving high-precision positioning and accurate plotting, and showing the world the Chinese power of the feat of building a hospital in ten days. Looking up at the starry sky, the Big Dipper is bright. Down to earth, steady and far-reaching. Xie Jun, deputy chief designer of beidou-3 project and chief chief designer of beidou-3 navigation satellite, No.5 Academy of Aerospace Science and technology group, appeared in the class of the first class of school, telling about Beidous important role in the prevention and control of Xinguan epidemic situation and in daily life, so as to encourage students to study for the rise of China.

Zhang Wenhong: healthy growth is more important than achievement.

Wu Zunyou: big data provides us with a very important new technology for timely prevention and control of the epidemic.

Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemic prevention and control, will focus on the first class of epidemiology in Beijing. He mentioned that Lord Xicheng played a very important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The patient recalled 23 places he had visited in 14 days, which provided effective data for disease control personnel. By collecting environmental samples, they identified the source of the virus as the new market within 24 hours. At the same time, Wu Zunyou also told the students that the application of health treasure and big data provided us with very important new technologies for timely prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and provided scientific and technological guarantee for safe production and return to work and school.

2020 is an unforgettable and special year. Since the outbreak of the outbreak, the Central Committee of the CPC has attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping has personally deployed and personally directed the work, and has comprehensively strengthened the centralized and unified leadership. He stressed that putting peoples life safety and health in the first place, and strengthening confidence, cohesion and direction for the Chinese people to fight against the epidemic. Million people united as one man fought against novel coronavirus pneumonia our wills unite like a fortress. The general secretary of the CPC pointed out that in the struggle of the whole nation to fight against the new crown pneumonia, the children and adolescents also went through a special period. Not only did they witness the great deeds of the Chinese people, but also listened to the call of the party and government and supported the epidemic struggle with practical action, which showed the good mental outlook of our children in Xi Jinping.

This year, the theme of the first lesson of the beginning of school has its profound and unique significance. It not only refers to the strength and growth of Chinese children in the fight against epidemic prevention and control, but also expresses a bright prospect for the future construction of the motherland. The program is closely focused on the current stage, the speaker is awesome, the content is fresh and full of moving, and every character story and knowledge point is carefully planned and meticulously polished.

Lets look forward to watching the first lesson of school in 2020 and listen to an unforgettable anti epidemic story!