Masquerade Hotel, a 20-year screen couple by Kimura and Matsumoto

 Masquerade Hotel, a 20-year screen couple by Kimura and Matsumoto

Kouya Kimura plays the role of police officer Xintian who pursues the case. He disguises himself as a waiter to investigate secretly and takes the capture of the murderer as his first priority. The incident is complicated and confusing, and the police only have information on the location of the crime. Unknown targets and suspects, so Xintian police officer must be alert to everyone in the hotel. Under the background that everyone is suspected, the hotel guest played by Matsumoto has become one of the targets of Xintians attention. All the guests in the hotel wear invisible masks. What is Matsumotos mask is intriguing.

24 years of high sweet national couple deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

Kimuras on-screen relationship with Matsumura dates back to 24 years. In 1996, the shooting of Japanese drama long vacation started. In the play, Takeya Kimura played the pianist SEI mingxiujun, and Matsumura played Ozawa Liangzi, who was regarded as the existence of the first snow by pianists. This is the first meeting between Kimura, as a dream of hundreds of millions of girls, and Matsumura, a prominent Lady of the family, Matsumura. The next year, the two co starred in the Japanese drama love century, and in the play sugar is very high, the tacit understanding of the performance made many audiences believe it. In 2001, hero, starred by the two, broke the ratings record of Japanese dramas, and the group of CP fans outside the drama continued to grow. Actress rimei Ishihara has publicly said that she is the CP powder of the two. She has always hoped that the two can get married off the stage, and even said her wish in front of the parties. This combination of golden boy and jade girl can really be called national CP, which has been highly popular so far.

The film masquerade Hotel was imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by China Film Corporation Limited, and translated by China Film Corporation Limited. It was released nationwide on September 4.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020