Wang Qianyuan and Lu Han fight against each other

 Wang Qianyuan and Lu Han fight against each other

In addition to the high-concept plot setting, the new release released more key information: Zhang Haifeng (played by Wang Qianyuan) lost his wife (Wu Yue) and daughter more than once. On the one hand, he searched for the truth in the cycle of time, trying to change his life against the sky, while on the other hand, he was pursued by the mysterious man Zhao Binbin (Lu Han), Trying to make waves again, Zhao Min (Qi Xi), sun Xiaomeng (Qiao Xin), Liu Yuqi (Zhang Haoran) are in trouble.

In the time vortex poster released together, the six stars seemed to fall into the time vortex, suspended in the air, or confronted with guns, or reached out to touch, which was thought-provoking. It is reported that in the first season of doomed, Wang Qianyuan plays the captain of the criminal police who lives in a muddle because of his daughters accidental death. Unexpectedly, he is involved in a series of homicide cases and encounters a death warning from the mysterious killer played by Lu Han. It seems that everything has been premeditated.

It is reported that in domestic suspense dramas, most of the stories are adapted from literary works or real stories, while original plots are rare. In addition to paying attention to the high quality requirements of film and television works, the doomed created by the five yuan culture tries to create original stories of high concept suspense type, striving to meet the audiences high demand for suspense drama with the characteristics of strong rhythm, strong drama and strong sensory impact.

The first season of doomed is the 11th work of Arc Light Alliance. It will be officially launched into iqiyi misty theater tomorrow night in a brand-new mode of 12 episodes and 30 minutes of high-quality short plays. Wang Qianyuan, Lu Han, Qixi, Qiao Xin, Wu Yue, Zhang Haoran and other powerful, versatile and popular actors will join in.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020