Wang revealed that Guan Xiaotong had a half sister who died four years ago

 Wang revealed that Guan Xiaotong had a half sister who died four years ago

Guan Xiaotong and Lu Han were in public contact three years ago. For more than three years, they often broke up, but they always used actions to break the rumors. Yang Tiantian, a well-known agent, was interviewed recently. Talking about this case, she said that she would oppose artists open love affairs from her standpoint, because all the people would participate in it, which would not be good for the relationship. The star girl Zhang Yuqi strongly supported Lu Han and refuted in an article: isnt it necessary to be happy to fall in love? If you dont kiss me in the sun, why should I die and die? Some friends are doing well!

According to reports, Guan Xiaotongs father, Guan Shaozeng, was previously interviewed and revealed that Guan Xiaotong is his only daughter, so his family favors her. In fact, Guan Xiaotong has a half sister Guan Xiaodan, and they have been on an interview program on Beijing Art TV. However, Guans Micro blog post stopped four years ago, and it is said that she died of illness as early as 2016.

A friend who is suspected to know Guan Xiaodan said that Guan Xiaodan died of sudden heart disease at that time. He usually has no contact with Guan Xiaotong. He often praises Guan Xiaotongs microblog. His feelings are OK. Guan Xiaodans appearance is relatively neutral. Seeing this, other netizens say: even if there is a half sister, she is also an only child. OK, it is another family after all Its easy to say, is there anything wrong with the only daughter? Their husband and wife have nothing to blame for this one daughter. They dont know why they dont pay attention to the eldest daughter, but there may be something we cant see in private, so dont criticize too much.

At the beginning of 2016, Guan Xiaotongs elder sister died suddenly, according to the news of Guan Xiaotongs elder sisters death at the beginning of 2016.

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