The Ministry of foreign affairs responded to pompeios accusation that China has stolen information: people should have a sense of shame

 The Ministry of foreign affairs responded to pompeios accusation that China has stolen information: people should have a sense of shame

(CCTV reporter Shen Yang Jin Danni)

On August 31, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio attacked China again in an interview with U.S. radio programs, claiming that it would make every effort to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from obtaining data from hundreds of millions of American citizens. Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying refuted it with detailed examples at a regular press conference today (1).

In response to the foreign ministrys regular press conference on September 1, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that for some time, Secretary of state pompeio has indeed carried out his words in his speech at the University of Texas: we lie, we cheat, we steal. He is a good case in point. Hes lying every day about cyber security.

We all know, needless to say, that we all dont understand why tiktok, a social media software that young people like to upload some relaxed, dancing and singing videos, how can it pose a threat to the national security of the United States? But lets take a look at the United States. On the issue that the United States has been lobbying the world to guard against Chinas threat and Chinas theft of user data, how do Americans do it?

Hua Chunying pointed out that we all know that the United States has launched the so-called clean network plan, but the United States has always been the worlds number one telecom thief. The director of national security has forced at & T and other operators to provide data to the national security agency. As early as more than ten years ago, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has used the dirty box pseudo base station in eavesdropping projects such as the borderless informer program to simulate the signal of mobile phone base station, access the mobile phone secretly and steal data. In this regard, French Le Monde has reported that the United States has stolen at least 62.5 million mobile phone data in France through dirty box

As for applications, pompeio repeatedly slandered tiktok and wechat as penetration tools of the Chinese government, but he did not tell the world that the United States is the habitual criminal who manipulates mobile phone apps to steal secrets. According to the information disclosed in the prism gate incident, the director of national security of the United States regards the application as a data vault. Over the years, it has wasted a lot of money in this field. Twitter, Facebook, youtube, Skype, Google maps, and even the mobile game angry birds are forced to cooperate with them u3002

In addition, the U.S. intelligence agency has a pioneering initiative of using mobile app stores to steal secrets. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the national security agency of the United States and the intelligence agencies of other members of the five eyes alliance have launched the so-called angry corner project, that is, using Googles app store playstore to implant spyware into mobile phones or crack program vulnerabilities. It is by this means that the five eye alliance has successfully stolen massive amounts of information.

There is also the issue of so-called cloud theft. Then the real big thieves of cloud theft can only be found in the United States. The Washington Post has also disclosed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has cooperated with the British government communications headquarters to launch the robust plan, frequently invading Googles and Yahoos cloud servers, and even directly draining the data to its own database, thus collecting hundreds of millions of private information.

In addition, according to the New Zealand Herald, the United States once collaborated with New Zealands intelligence agencies to steal the data connection lines of the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland. In order to steal and spy on privacy, the United States has not let go of one of the network cables of the Chinese Embassy and consulate. How can it not point to the intelligence rich mine of submarine communication cable?

In recent years, Der Spiegel Weekly has exposed the US National Security Agencys invasion of the largest submarine optical cable between Europe and Asia. The Washington Post has disclosed that the US National Security Agency has launched a number of cable theft projects code named oakstar, stormtree, blarney and Fairview. The associated press has reported that the U.S. Navy has spared no effort to upgrade and transform the Jimmy Carter submarine, which is to facilitate the theft of optical cables.

In addition, the four-year intelligence assessment report disclosed by the media also clearly states that the US intelligence agencies should take all means such as network action to attack the technology patent agencies of other countries so as to improve the competitive advantage of American enterprises. Snowdens exposure of the U.S. first class cabin project also shows that the United States has installed eavesdropping and monitoring equipment in nearly 100 foreign embassies and consulates to steal secrets from the countries stationed.

The intercept website in the United States recently published an article called Americas go to China type of clean network dirty and hypocritical. This article points out that the clean network conceived by the United States is not a network without China. This statement with racial exclusion is absurd and hypocritical, and only says one truth: only the United States can monitor the world.

In addition, we all know that the Swiss kripito Ag encryption equipment company, which has been operating for half a century, has been proved to be a puppet of the CIA of the United States. This company sells encryption devices in more than 120 countries, but it has always been a secret stealing machine.

People should have at least integrity and sense of shame. So I want to face such an iron fact that we hope some senior officials in the United States will stop discrediting China.

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