Japanese reality TV shows another tragedy

 Japanese reality TV shows another tragedy

According to relevant police sources, the program team could not contact Malia Hamasaki, and was very worried. When she arrived at her residence, she was found dead. According to the preliminary judgment of the scene, she committed suicide, and no suicide note was found at the scene. The filming of the newlywed life experience has been going well, but before the final choice, Maria Hamasaki suddenly died, so the program cant be broadcast, according to the program The police said that they would carefully investigate what happened during this period. On August 30, the police determined that the cause of death was poisoning caused by excessive intake of drugs, and the possibility of suicide was high.

The news shocked netizens, and many people left messages: true or false? What happened? She looks lovely, and I always support her... It wont be cyber violence again? If you say you want children, how can you? Died at such a young age. the people on the show must be very sad, arent they? Its a reality show and so on. Many netizens are worried about Guiyou, hoping that he will not force himself or blame himself too much.

Other people who participated in the flash marriage also mourned for Malia Hamasaki. Fujimori wrote on the social networking site: I cant accept it at the moment. I saw many netizens worried about Kei woo, and I hope I can help him as much as possible. I was shocked to see the news of Malia Hamasaki who cooperated with flash marriage . I dont know what to say. I just hope that she will go well all the way Im still in a bad mood. I hope you dont speculate on it, he wrote

Kimura, a 22-year-old actress in the reality show two story apartment, committed suicide in May when she couldnt bear repeated attacks from netizens and committed suicide under cyber violence. Her mother was also very moved when she learned about the death of Malia Hamasaki, and wrote on Twitter: all the people who participate in the reality show are real people. There are so many victims. Reality show Festival. Is it necessary for the eyes to exist?

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788