Xi Jinpings youth growth story

 Xi Jinpings youth growth story

The vast number of young people in China should firmly adhere to their ideals and beliefs, cultivate their noble character, develop excellent skills, have the courage to innovate and create, be determined to work hard, and, together with hundreds of millions of people, compose the song of youth in the new era through determined struggle. From the ravine of the Northern Shaanxi plateau, Xi Jinping, general secretary, is well aware of the aspirations of the youth and is especially concerned about the growth of young people.

Some young people lamented: the general secretary is our learning example and life mentor, his personal growth experience has brought endless power to our learning and growth.

Today, we review and study together.

Facing the difficulties, the more setbacks, the more brave

January 13, 1969, Beijing railway station, a sea of people. Educated youths, family members who came to see them off, policemen, soldiers and station staff who kept order crowded the platform.

After a day and a night on the train, I took a truck in the rolling loess, and then walked 10 Li mountain road The last thing to come into view is the backwoods.

Some educated youths admitted that they were very lost at that time and could not connect the present situation with their own future.

When I first came to the countryside, Xi Jinping was also at a loss: leaving the capital and putting into a strange environment, I was surrounded by distrust. I was very lonely at the age of 15.

In 1972, Xi Jinping jumped to Beijing to visit his relatives.

He was assigned to the liangjiahe brigade.

I cant stand fleas when I go. Xi Jinping hardly wished to live. The pain is like a red envelope, he said. The red envelope will turn into a blister.

And countless farm work. At that time, we learned how to plow. Although it was easy to look at, people passed by in a straight line, but when we made it, it was very crooked. Wang Yansheng, an educated youth, recalled, at first, like us, Jinping was very unskilled in farming.

In addition, my father is still under supervision, and there is no clear conclusion. It is always like a cloud hanging on the top

Hard life, unfortunate circumstances, completely unfamiliar environment, for a teenager, his inner pressure can be imagined.

At first, Xi Jinping could not adjust his mindset completely. When others go down to work in the mountains every day, I am very casual, and the common people have a bad impression on me.

After a period of hesitation and perplexity. The words of his aunt and uncle who had participated in the revolution had a great influence on him: we all looked for opportunities to drill into the masses at that time. Who do you rely on now? Of course, it depends on the masses!

Click into place to make great teaching of Xi Jinpings original confusion.

He began to work without black or white, cutting grass in the cave in the wind and rain, and in the barn, learning the same. Before long, Xi Jinping had even passed several customs, not afraid of biting, what ate everything, all the things in this life will be cooked by myself and become the most powerful labor force.

In 1975, he was then the Secretary of the Party branch of Liang Jia River brigade Xi Jinping (the right rear row three) and Beijing and local educated youth.

As for the pursuit of faith, Xi Jinping also came up with the toughness of facing difficulties.

In order to join the Communist Youth League of China, he wrote eight applications; in order to join the Communist Party of China, he wrote 10 applications successively.

For the first time, the Secretary of the commune resolutely disagreed with Xi Jinpings application.

But Xi Jinping was not discouraged. Im a young man. Whats wrong with me A few days later, he wrote two more applications. He asked for a letter to be sent to him again. In this way, he wrote to the eighth.

Xi Jinping later recalled that at that time there was no sense of sadness or inferiority complex in his mind. Undoubtedly, supporting him is his firm belief in communism and his valuable quality of bravery in the face of difficulties.

Xi Jinping still persists in learning after heavy labour.

In order to make the most efficient use of time, he multi thread operation: working in the daytime, reading books during labor and rest, reading on the loess plateau when sheep grazing, and studying hard under the kerosene lamp at night.

Setbacks are not short of ambition, adversity is also nirvana.

Jin Ping is more calm and has a strong ability to resist pressure. Dai Ming, an educated youth who once lived in a cave, said, he never complains with us, let alone complain about anything.

Xi Jinping himself summed up this: difficulties and hardships can temper ones will. Seven years of hard life in the mountains and the countryside has given me a lot of exercise. If I encounter any difficulties later, I remember that I could still do something under such difficult conditions. Why not do it now? Youre not as hard as that.

Decades later, Xi Jinping encouraged young people in this way: youth will gain success and joy in their growth and struggle, and will also face difficulties and pressures. We should correctly deal with the gains and losses of the moment. We should be good without respect and frustrated without shortsightedness of ambition. We should make both prosperity and adversity the wealth of life rather than the burden of life. The words from the heart stem from understanding, but also from life.

Bold exploration and innovation

One morning in the deep winter of 1984, Zhengding railway station. The crowd who was waiting for the cattle on the platform suddenly became lively: its really big.

In 1983, Xi Jinping, who was then Secretary of the Zhengding County Party committee, talked with the masses of Zhao village.

What should we do if we engage in egalitarianism in distribution, members failure to work and low production efficiency? Xi Jinping pushed ahead with rural reform. Under the advocacy of Xi Jinping, in January 1983, Zhengding set a precedent in Hebei and implemented the system of responsibility for contracted responsibility. In two or three years, the total agricultural income of the county has nearly quadrupled.

Relying on the city, serving the city, engaging in agriculture, industry and commerce, changing farmers into workers, leaving the land and not leaving their hometown. We plant what the city needs; we process what the city needs. Xi Jinping find everything fresh and new for the semi suburb economic development, and let Zhengding achieve the city of rich land.

A secretary of the county Party committee of Shanxi Province visited Zhengding. Before leaving, he said with emotion: here, no one can hear anyone calling for reform, but reform is everywhere.

This is a description of a newsletter in the first issue of China Youth in 1985. It is reported that it is the new face of high-yield poor county under the leadership of Xi Jinping, Secretary of the county Party committee.

At that time, Xi Jinping just passed thirty years of age.

More than two years ago, Xi Jinping gave up the favorable conditions of Beijing to come to Zhengding, successively the Deputy Secretary of the Renxian County Committee and the Secretary of the county Party committee.

When I first came, Zhengding wore the hat of high-yield grain county, but I didnt even have enough food and clothing.

The yield per mu is more than 1000 Jin, but the farmers are still not enough to eat, so they secretly go to other counties to exchange for dried sweet potatoes. Do you understand these things? Shortly after taking office, Xi Jinping, who returned from the investigation of triangular village, asked Cheng Baohuai, who was Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee.

I understand. Cheng baohuai replied.

Xi Jinping nodded his head and continued to analyze: I think the current situation of Zhengding is that agriculture can be used alone and agricultural grain can be used alone. The more grain we hand in, the lower the income of the masses. In fact, we are a high-yield and poor county.

We should report to our superiors and try to reduce part of the purchase. Xi Jinping said solemnly.

Soon after, the good news came that the county grain purchase task reduced by 28 million jin!

Xi Jinping, who is modest and easy-going, has always been decisive and resolute in reform.

Vice Mayor Xi dare to be responsible and responsible!

Good! Xi Jinping promised very simply.

After turning around the courtyard, Gong Jie said, there are still upstairs..

I know what you mean. Xi Jinping knew, with the creaking sound of the old floor, climbing up the stairs, and the main reason was the brown yellow trail of the roofs long water leakage.

How much is missing? Xi Jinping asked as he walked.

300000 yuan. Gong Jie replied.

Come and get it tomorrow. Xi Jinping said.

Xi Jinping, deputy mayor of Xiamen, Fujian, visited abroad.

One year, Xiamen experienced a 100 day drought that had not been seen in more than 30 years. In the paddy field, the rice which should have been heading and flowering died in large area. Xi Jinping frowned at the edge of the paddy field.

Cant wait! Tractors, electric irrigation and pumping machines, diesel oil and chemical fertilizer are all quickly deployed. Xi Jinping clap on the spot and urged the departments concerned to implement them as soon as possible. After that, he led a team to the field, stood on the front line of drought resistance, and solved practical problems in time

Because of the timely drought relief, the per capita income of farmers in that year not only did not decrease, but also increased by 20 yuan.

Vice Mayor Xi dare to be responsible and responsible! The local people were full of praise.

Facing the adversity and setback with the courage of the strong, facing the difficulties and the more setbacks, the more courageous; breaking through the barriers with the determination of pioneers, making progress actively; based on their own duties with the attitude of doers, and brave to take responsibility. This is Xi Jinpings example for the majority of young people.