At the age of 97, Yang Zhenning is in a good state, Weng fan is fat and gaunt, and he is quite old

 At the age of 97, Yang Zhenning is in a good state, Weng fan is fat and gaunt, and he is quite old

It is reported that Weng fan and Yang Zhenning met in 1995, when Shantou University held an overseas Chinese Physics Conference. Weng fan was still a freshman and was responsible for receiving Yang Zhenning and his wife. Yang and Weng got married in 2004, and the difference between them was 54 years old. Weng fan married Yang Zhenning, 82, at the age of 28. Their marriage was controversial because of the huge age difference. However, Weng fan did not pursue a rich and luxurious life after she married Yang Zhenning. Instead, she donated nearly $2 million of the couples savings to Tsinghua University, which also changed many peoples views on Weng fan.

Perhaps it is the relationship between old and young love, Yang Zhenning and his wife Weng fan often spread the news of divorce. In early 2019, several netizens posted a screenshot of a report saying that Yang Zhenning and Weng fan had divorced. The reason for the divorce was that Weng fan was cheating and had a 5-year-old illegitimate child. There are also reports that Weng fan did not share any property after their divorce.

Despite this, the two have been married for 16 years and their relationship has been very stable. Yang Zhenning is accompanied by Weng fan every time he goes out to participate in activities. Although there is a big age gap, the two have always been very loving. Weng fan and Yang Zhenning have received many interviews, and once Yang Zhenning said that it was Weng fans appearance that extended his life.

Yang Zhenning is hale and hearty and appears with his wife. Weng fan, 44, is plump and emaciated. At 97, Yang Zhenning and her 44 year old Weng fan attended the event. They are in good health and in good spirits. Their wife is fat and old. This article is from Netease Entertainment. Editor in charge: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395