We owe Yunnan people 10 hot spots

 We owe Yunnan people 10 hot spots

Or the big red dress taken by tourists in Lijiang?

u2014u2014If this is all Yunnan people have,

Then I would like to represent the mushrooms all over the mountains and fields to refuse!

Today, Xie Maomao was cheated to Yunnan with suspicion,

Planning green flower design cat 11

Looking at the people in the clinic who reach for the stars,

Xie Maomao felt that it was like

I went into a 4D studio without 4D glasses.

But it is still itching to poke Yunnan friends.

It happened that my friend was on the train carrying a bag of matsutake and chicken fir.

Before tasting the fungus,

You have to fully understand every ingredient.

Every fungus has its own spleen and temperament,

If you fully understand it, you can achieve the cooperation of taste buds happily

In short,

If you want to eat fungus, remember to come to Yunnan every July and August,

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