Qualcomm, Casa systems and Ericsson realize the worlds first extended range millimeter wave 5g NR data call

 Qualcomm, Casa systems and Ericsson realize the worlds first extended range millimeter wave 5g NR data call

The extended range data call applies the extended range software to Ericsson commercial hardware (including air5121 and baseband 6630), and is based on the qcomm? Snapdragon? X555g modem equipped with integrated qcomm? Qtm527 millimeter wave antenna module and 5gcpe terminal of RF system.

QualcommTechnologies, Gautam shearan, senior director of product management at Inc., said: with the introduction of the qcommqtm527 millimeter wave antenna module in the snapdragon x555g modem and RF system, we are supporting operators and terminal manufacturers to provide their customers with high-performance, thousands of megabits of extended 5g bandwidth - making full use of the existing 5g network infrastructure, increasing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. This important milestone is the first step in the use of millimeter wave for extended range 5g data transmission, and our cooperation with CASA systems and Ericsson is paving the way for the deployment of a wider range of fixed broadband services in cities, suburbs and rural areas.

Operators want to narrow the digital divide and extend broadband services to urban, suburban and rural areas, said Steve Collins, senior vice president of access terminals at Casa systems. The technology used in this data connection highlights the key role that millimeter wave will play in the spread of 5g networks around the world. Our collaboration with Qualcomm technologies and Ericsson is a milestone in the industry, enabling operators to provide thousands of megabits of wireless broadband services, a new high-quality solution for deploying broadband using millimeter wave spectrum. At the same time, we look forward to the launch of innovative CPE terminals to further enable the global broadband delivery ecosystem.

From 3G, 4G and todays 5g, Ericsson has been working on extended range technology in the past generations of mobile technologies, said pernarvinger, Ericssons regional network product director. By working with leading industry partners such as Qualcomm technologies and Casas systems, we will benefit everyone from the transformational advantages of 5g connectivity. This achievement will open up a wide range of opportunities for global communication service providers and more possibilities for them to use millimeter wave spectrum to support long-distance communication use cases.

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