Its inevitable to be vulgar and romantic until death

 Its inevitable to be vulgar and romantic until death

Naturally, for about half a month, after my return to Beijing, the frequency of contact between the two of us became a cliff like landslide.

Both of us should be busy with our own business and get enough sleep. There are very few parts that can communicate with each other every day. We may hang up after saying one or two words in the video.

I was ready to go to bed this evening when I got a call from Xiao Song.

Anyway, its just chatting. It happens that 628 happened a big event recently. Some people are going to get married, so we keep on nagging.

I asked him, what is relaxation.

I agree with you. In fact, from a certain node, that is, recently, I suddenly had a great change in my mind. May also be a wake-up call from someone, young do not engage in money, do you want to work hard after old?

Of course not.

Therefore, for some couples who may be in the graduation season, it is unnecessary to live in a city. Now strive for a stable future, is the guarantee of your happy life together. Otherwise, even if we are together, we will have a lot of troubles and troubles every day.

The two of us also talked about this issue a few days ago. The reason is that he got an interview opportunity from a company in Wuhan. It was a written test. I dont remember.

Xiao Song asked me what I thought if he went to work in Wuhan.

I have no problem. I said to him, Wuhan? It is said that the duck neck in that place is very good. If you go to work in Wuhan, you will mail me some local duck neck and duck head regularly. I will be very satisfied.

I said that if you go to Chongqing, Chengdu and send me back some hot pot seasonings, Liuzhou snail powder is also what I want. It doesnt matter which city you work in, as long as the city has delicious food

In fact, the conversation ended here. Although it was in a joking way, we said it was true. Just like Xiao Song, who accompanied me to move without complaint every time I tossed about my work, I also supported any decision he made.

I really feel that at the age of money, there is no need to worry about whether we can meet or not, whether we can love each other. Of course, it is best to be together.

Because in comparison, my self-care ability is a bit poor. Without Xiao Song around me, I can imagine that every meal I eat is frozen wonton.

If Xiao Song is around, I can have hot pot, boiled pork slices, kung pao chicken diced chicken, spicy fried shrimp tail and all the home cooked dishes I want. Of course, this is a digression.

Then I talked about my recent interview. I was asked by the interviewer many times whether I had plans to get married.

Regardless of whether the answers to the interviewers are deceptive, at least in my life planning, I have no intention of getting married in recent years.

Xiao Song agreed.

I said that although I have not yet reached the age of marriage, I have begun to fear marriage and pregnancy.

Is it because you are afraid of having children?

Part of the reason is, because Im still a child myself. Its just as difficult for me to raise a child as it is for me to go to heaven.

But its not just that. Maybe at this stage, I didnt put marriage in my life plan at all.

If we go on like this, it doesnt matter to me whether or not to get married, because marriage involves the combination of two families and the birth of a new family. Its too troublesome.

Xiao Song replied: according to my personal wishes, we will live like this for a lifetime. What can we do if we get married or not.

But I was also moved by Xiao Songs respect for me.

I said yes, I accepted the challenge.

Xiao Song also said that in the future, in addition to taking care of the family, I will take care of the rest.

Then there is a party or something, whatever I want to buy, just tell me directly.

After all, how can a man like me, who pursues romance and ritual, allow such absurd things to happen.

Some get married, some take the postgraduate entrance examination, some buy a house or a car, and some are penniless.

I changed from the beloved Princess of the Jiang family to one of the thousands of northern drifters. I dont know what the future will be like, but I bet.

In fact, I cant guarantee the future of the two of us. No matter what the outcome is, I hope we will not only complete the transformation of our identity, but also reshape our ideological cognition and strive to be an excellent person.

When we dont show our love, we are living a good life.

I hope you can live as you want

Vulgarity is inevitable, and romance will last forever.

Wish you and me.