Zhu Dan: step theory followed by childlike innocence theory, men can be naive, women can not be angry

 Zhu Dan: step theory followed by childlike innocence theory, men can be naive, women can not be angry


Therefore, people say that Zhu Dan is humble. This humble, I think, is more of the illusion created by Zhu Dan. The meaning of this illusion is that Zhu Dan worships Zhou Yiwei, and Zhou Yiwei is very important in Zhu Dans mind. In other words, their husband and wife are very affectionate. Even flirting with you with the most alternative envy. During her pregnancy, Zhu Dan ate wonton from Zhou Yiwei, and she could say: many mothers are pregnant, so my husband cant take care of her. Zhu Dan can also smile and say step theory, that trace of satisfaction. Well, just like it.


Zhu Dan was moved by herself, she was totally immersed in her own happy atmosphere. Even think that many pregnant mothers are not taken care of by their husbands. Yeah? Is the status of women so low and so low in her eyes? Anyway, the second issue of the man who does housework is coming again. Why is Zhu Dan still the topic? Zhu Dan once again make complaints about childlike innocence. What is this? In the program, Zheng Kai goes to Wang Zulan and Li Yas family. On that day, Li Yanan was responsible for taking care of his daughter. Wang Zulan, who was in charge of cooking, prepared to make flying cakes with Zheng Kai.


Look at that posture. Zheng Kai and Wang Zulan dont usually go to the kitchen. Its taken a long time to prepare the dishes, and finally were ready to make flying cakes! These two big boys, let go of themselves. Zheng Kai almost threw the noodles out of the sky. In this way, the dough fell to the ground without warning. Wang Zulan continued to make trouble and danced vigorously with the dough. It never occurred to me that he was in charge of cooking. Li Yanan was embarrassed at the scene, and Zhu Dan had a new idea. If some men play like this at home, many wives will be angry, she said


Thats true. Cook well. The result is still troubling, how can we waste time? The wife is angry, this is also human nature. Then, Zhu Dans theory of childlike innocence came on the stage! In fact, I think mens childlike innocence is very precious, but some women, because of the pressure or something, will forget to protect this childlike innocence, and then the man more and more do not want to show those lovely in front of you. I beg your pardon? Men usually do not do housework, do housework in trouble. Dont get angry and protect his childlike innocence?


If you do not protect this childlike innocence, he will not continue to be cute? Zhu Dan, is there something wrong with your eyes? This is also called childlike innocence, also called cute. The image of your virgin and the previous humble image makes you smile more honey than the Mona Lisa. Its precious that men occasionally help with housework. If you make trouble at home, you will be full of childlike innocence. Is there at least a principle for your tolerance? Zhu Dan always said that he was not humble, but how could you explain your words and deeds? Netizens are angry: who will protect the childlike innocence of women? What do you need to be childlike when you are old


Li Yanan thinks: can moderately let the husband play freely, does not let him lose interest in housework and lose curiosity. Thats the solution, isnt it?