Why do boys like to do painless colonoscopy?

 Why do boys like to do painless colonoscopy?

About the year before last, I have had diarrhea for two years.

So as long as I work hard enough,

One day in the future, I may become a master of diarrhea, and maybe I will puff Chi.

Unfortunately, it didnt work out,

My wife was worried that I would not be able to repay my mortgage after I died,

So make sure I check the nurse.

Registered Department of Gastroenterology.

After all, illness doesnt let you off because its a weekend holiday.

Whats your right to complain about 996?

Two hours later, I finally met the doctor.

Ive never tried to wait for someone so long,

Ive never tried to wait for a person for such a long time to start chatting with her about defecation.

Maybe doctors are used to it,

She listened to me talking about defecation four times a day,

She listened to me talking about the dream of a diarrhea master,

Out of fear of life and fear of death,

And anyway, if there is medical insurance, I will accept everything according to the order.

Then I went downstairs and took six or eight tubes of blood and measured the blood pressure,

I took the lotion from the pharmacy,

I went back to the doctor again and wanted to continue the unfinished topic with her.

She just smiles and nods and tells me to go home and have a colonoscopy tomorrow.

That night, I bid farewell to alcohol and slept soundly.

I dream that chrysanthemum has five fingers.

Ready for a big fight.

I used to experience anesthesia when I pulled wisdom teeth, and I couldnt get high on the spot,

I think people all over the world are fools, including me.

So this painless general anesthesia will definitely allow me to enter the pure land of ecstasy.

There are so many people who do colonoscopy.

At that moment, I thought of the Panther,

As if to see hundreds of people with diarrhea.

When I was in line for half an hour at the colonoscopy triage,

The nurse just smiles and nods and asks me to go to the anesthesia clinic for confirmation.

Then I went to the anesthesia triage,

The nurse just smiles and nods to let me register.

Would you like to confirm it?

So I queued up to register again.

Anesthesiologists may be lonely,

Ask me where I work, how many people in the company, and how much income I get,

The anesthesiologist, with a lucky smile, asked me to sign.

After that, I thought he was supposed to test my mental health,

Maybe in his career, someone did colonoscopy to experience the pleasure of anesthesia.

Take the list and go back to the center of the colonoscopy again,

At that moment, my chrysanthemum withered.

Chrysanthemum asked me repeatedly,

Why did you tell me to go to the anesthesiology department after queuing today?

Why did you go to the anesthesiology department and tell me to register?

Why do I have to come back in three days after I sign?

Why is this process like Barcelonas constant collapse?

Why not run at most once?

Looking back, there are people going in and people coming out.

There are probably patients like me,

Life is consumed in endless waiting and going up and down stairs and registration and payment.

But Im lucky for the moment.

In the afternoon when I was holding back the feeling of wanting medical trouble,

After graduation for many years, it seems that I have only seen the sloppy side in a certain class meeting,

I cant remember what common memories we had when we were still classmates.

I often worry about what I have.

It turns out that this worry is superfluous,

Because after drawing blood, I found that I was really sick,

Ah, I dont know what kind of adventure is waiting for me.

If I fail, I dont have to go to my funeral,

Just send an R.I.P. from your circle of friends.

Besides, Im afraid the firecrackers are too loud and the gongs and drums are too noisy,

Wish you all good health in advance.

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